How To Create A Facebook List & Categorize Your Friends
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How To Create A Facebook List & Categorize Your Friends

hey guys what’s going on it’s Nathan
Lucas here and in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you guys how to create a
Facebook list right now here’s where this is really important and I hope you
guys see some value in this is if your network marketer for your internet
marketers small business owner if you use Facebook for business in any way
this is really going to help you guys need to be making less because you will
see in this video why it’s so important right so let’s say
you have never made a list of foreign this your first ones all you do is you
come to your home page you’re gonna scroll down at the bottom left two words
as friends you’re going to click more right now what I want to show you here
is that I made what a test and let’s just say I called it network marketing
if your network marketing company and you only want to directly talk to
specific friends you wanna make post and only that people within your company
maybe you want to see it all you do is you click on the list and now look if I
start posting here and I post this only people that are in this list are going
to see this post I i don’t know if you can tell but this can be used in a
powerful way to communicate only with specific people and if I come down this
news feed this is only people who I put in this list so it helps you target your
interaction with specific people in a specific company or group now with that
being said I want to show you one more thing and I’m gonna do a walk-through so
go back here and click on more and this is if you want to create a list of you
never have before I’m gonna create a new list and I’m gonna just called this one mastermind group right let’s say that
you created your own group and I call it mastermind group now here’s what I can
do on that last screen you can actually start typing people’s names you want to
add to the list let’s say you don’t know when you wanna go through your friends
and add them because they’re in your mastermind group you’re click Add
friends to list and then you just start going through here and start adding
people who you want to be on this list now guys don’t go through here and
follow my friends or friends my friends you’re seeing here I’m doing this to
help you guys out so don’t go through here and you know bother all the friends
I have on here so click finest a refresh of the top here and then look what
happens now have a mastermind group and I can start communicating only with the
people that you know are in this group or fight only want to interact this is where it’s really important is I
can now interact with the people who are on this specific group so I hope you
guys see how powerful this is now let’s just say you’re at your homepage right
and let’s put this back to public right this is what it’s going to look like
you’re you’re gonna come in here and blah blah blah you’ll start typing and
let’s say that oh shoot you wanted this to be shared with a specific list and
you already typed out you know a really nice post if you added a picture now you
still want to be in the list you can do that no worries all you do is click
public and you’re going to school down to more options in now look what I can
do or you can do you can actually share this in when you hit postal go to that
specific list so I hope you guys got some value added this video its you know
this is a really powerful way to interact with specific people on
Facebook and to manage business contacts or friends that you are using or having a specific group or niche so
it’s a really powerful tool to use this so I hope you guys got some value out of
it if you know anybody who will benefit from this video go ahead share this
Video around and if you got value out of it go ahead click that LIKE button below it
really helps me out so I will see you guys on the next video take care for now

24 thoughts on “How To Create A Facebook List & Categorize Your Friends

  1. You explained in less than two minutes what I have viewed several other videos trying to find out. Thank you! "Posting to a friends list that only those on the list will see."

  2. I see how the contents of a particular list can be placed in alphabetical order, but what about the actual group of a list.

    How can we organize the list in alphabetical order?

    Let's say I have 25 different lists and they are displayed in a random order.

    How do I get those in alphabetical order.?

    Of the list, that I have created and have added to none of them are populating a feed?

  3. Great video! Question: once the list is segmented how do we invite a specific list to like a fanpage?

  4. can you share with more the one list a post. like do 2 or 3 lists that you want the post to go to?

  5. Ok, so I made my prospect list, went back to a post I made a few days ago, edited the post and followed your instructions by clicking on public and using the custom drop to select my prospect list and saved it. When we change from public to a list we've created will that post only be seen by the people on that list or will it still be public as well?

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