How To Create A Facebook Group (2019)
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How To Create A Facebook Group (2019)

– Need to know how to
create a Facebook group? It is one of the best ways to reach people and engage with them on
social media right now and we’ll run through how
to set one up the right way. All right, let’s get into it. (upbeat music) What’s up busy people, welcome
to Five Minute Social Media. If you have struggled with
your social media marketing, feel like you’re putting
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quick helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter and
today we’re gonna talk about how to create a Facebook group. Facebook groups are huge
and only getting bigger, especially with Facebook’s focus on increased personal privacy. Today I’ll show you not
only how to set up a group, but also the questions to ask so that you get the right people in there and we’ll cover the different privacy levels for Facebook groups. A few ways you can start the process and I like to show them all just in case Facebook changes them over time. Up here at the top, on
my homepage I can click Create,
create a group from there. I can also click Groups
over here on the left, click the green button here
that says Create Group, or if you want to create a
group as your business page, right underneath your cover photo you can click these three dots and choose Create Group from there. I’m gonna start here, Create Group. It’s gonna ask me to name the group. Let’s call the group Young Retirees. One of my fantasies is to not
have to work until I’m 67, or whatever it might be. No I don’t, I like my work,
so I may not mind working, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to work. If you wanna add some people right away, you can enter names or email addresses to kind of invite them immediately and then you need to choose
the privacy for your group. So Public means anyone can find the group, they can see who’s in
it and what they post. So what this means is someone can go and read all the stuff in your group without ever having to join. I suggest avoiding this one
unless you’re just trying to create a massive group, maybe like a local
sales group for selling, buy, sell groups, those kind of things, but for most groups I
think you’re gonna want at least closed and what closed means is that you can have
the group on Facebook. Anyone can find it through search which is great for discoverability, but only members can
actually see who’s in it and see the posts that are inside and then the third option
is the secret group and that means that you can’t
even find the group in search so you’d actually have to invite people or send them the link, maybe
via email, or messenger for them to even know that it exists. Now think this decision through, because once you set it you can only change it once every 28 days and once your group
gets to a certain size, for example, if your group
gets to be over 5,000 people, you can’t change this to be more public. So if you started closed,
you got 5,000 people, you can’t go to public because
you already got 5,000 people who’ve understood that this
is a sort of private group, if that makes sense. When I’m ready I hit create and now my group has been created. Now let’s go through
and set up a few things. First let’s add a photo to the top. So I’m gonna go ahead
and click Upload Photo. Here’s my young retirees photo I selected. Oh yes, drink on the beach. While you can just put a
photo up here like this, you can also use this as a
call to action in your group or to advertise something. For example, in my Five
Minute social media group, as in this recording, I’m
doing a free five day training, says click for details. You can click on it and get
the details for what this is. So maybe you have a lead magnet, or whatever it might be
this is a great place to promote it in your group. If you are gonna do a custom cover photo it’s a weird size, it’s
1640 pixels by 856 pixels and that looks good on most devices. I would check it on
both a desktop computer and on a mobile phone afterword, just to make sure nothing
too close to the edges gets chopped off. So once you have a cover photo in place you can click on it, just
like any image on Facebook and then you can add a description or a call to action, whatever, a link, whatever you wanted to be there. If this is your group, I strongly suggest you
click on notifications and decide how many posts
you want to be notified for. Now if this is indeed your group and you’re wanting to
engage with everybody then you’re gonna wanna choose
All Posts there at the top and then a couple things to
show you in the group settings. Facebook has simplified the group types, so most groups are gonna be general, but you can certainly click on that and see if one of these
other ones makes more sense. Add a description, because
if your group isn’t public people won’t even know what it’s about, so that can go here. If it’s a local group
you can add a location, go through, click customize address, and that way you can decide what you want your groups address to be. Then the last set of settings that I want you to make
sure to look closely at are the ones that decide how
people get into the group. So you can say, basically anyone in the group
can approve other people or only admins and moderators and finally you can ask
question, up to three questions for people before they join your group. I strongly recommend this as well. I know sometimes we’ll
see people on Facebook bragging like yeah I’ve got a group and it’s got 50,000 members, and sometimes that’s a bad thing, sometimes you lose the
intimacy and the community. So really think about
getting people in there that you want to be there. So you can click Ask
Questions, Add Question, and then you can go through and now you can have
multiple choice checks boxes, or a written answer for your questions. You can do up to three questions. So for my Five Minute Social Media group these are the questions that I ask. The first one is, hey what’s
your biggest struggle? I just wanna make sure that
they are in the right place. There are a lot of people that are just trying to join groups so they can spam people and I don’t want them in my group. So that’s the first one. Second one is how did you
hear about this group? This is just one that
I like to have on there because I like to know
where people came from and I actually did a multiple
choice option for that one and the the third one, you’ll notice I have Required and then Optional. This is just to add
people to my email list. Some groups will say an email list is required to join this group and you can take that
approach if you would like. I simply make it optional,
but I offer them something and I say, hey, I’ve got
this five step system to a profitable social media plan. If you’d like a copy, give
me your best email address and I would say about
60% to 70% of the people go ahead and put that in and it helps me grow my email list with the right kind of people. Wanna see a Facebook group in action? Just search for ours, search Five Minute
Social Media on Facebook. We’d love to have you join us there for more social media marketing support. All right, thank you so
much for watching today. If this was helpful,
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  2. I have a question :
    If you create a group are your friends in facebook will know about it, like they will get a notification or something like this ?

  3. Thanks for the video. How do you add people to a new group. I know how to invite people to a group, but I can't seem to find the option to just add them. Any help would be great, thanks.

  4. Hello
    I found your video very helpful: thank you. The problem I have is that I am the only one in the group and I don't know anyone who is interested in the same subject to invite to join!
    So the group is not coming up when I do a search for words in the title: if no-one knows it's there; then they can't request to join.
    Can you suggest anything to resolve this impasse please?

  5. I have one gruop how to active bagges in my page bages is not show my gruop is new only 10 members now plz give information

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