How To Create a Facebook Business Page 2020 Tutorial
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How To Create a Facebook Business Page 2020 Tutorial

If you’re thinking of creating a Facebook
page for your business, you’re in the right place because in this video I’ll be going
through the step by step process of not only creating a Facebook page for scratch, but
also showing you everything you need to have on the page to make sure it’s optimised and
set up for success. Stay tuned. I’m Alex from Brilliant Digital. We teach
business owners and entrepreneurs how to get more out of their websites and how to leverage
digital marketing in their business. If you’re new here, consider subscribing and clicking
the bell icon next to it to make sure you don’t miss any of our future videos and tips
we have to share. We are in 2020, Facebook is the most popular social media platform
out there. Whether you like it or not, majority of your potential customers are on Facebook
and that’s why you should be there too. Even though the creation of the actual page
is fairly simple, I’ve seen so many pages out there that are incomplete. Therefore,
they don’t take full advantage of what Facebook has to offer. Whether the business owners
thought it’s not important to complete everything or perhaps they just didn’t know how to, that’s
one of the reasons I’ve created this tutorial. To show you step-by-step what you need to
do. Stay tuned, follow along and why not actually take this opportunity to create or update
your own Facebook business page as we go through the different steps. If you have any questions
anytime during this video, please post it in the comments section below and I’ll do
my best to answer them all. Let’s jump straight into it. The first step is to head to
and if you don’t already have an account, you will need to create one. You cannot create
a Facebook page without a personal account first. Once you’ve created your account and
logged in, go to the top right hand corner and click on create and then choose page.
This is where you’ll have the option of selecting the type of page you want to create. The options
are pretty self explanatory. If you’re a business, any type of business, small, medium size,
or bigger organisation, you would choose the option on the left. If you’re a public figure,
actor, singer, writer, or a local community church, you would choose the option on the
right. In this step, we’ll focus on the first option, creating a page for your business. However, if you’re interested in the second
option, you can still follow along. That’s pretty much all the steps are very similar,
if not actually the same. Let’s click on the get started button under business or brands.
Now you have to choose a page name. This will be your business name. For the purposes of
this, I will create a fictitious business and let’s call it Brilliant Photography and
we need to choose a category. Just start by searching for something that is relevant to
your business and choose the best option. Add your address, city, postcode. Optionally,
you can also add your phone number. I suggest you do so, especially if you’re a business.
And the last thing, if let’s say you’re a sole trader, you don’t have an office, you
don’t want people to know where you live, you can check the option not to show your
address. Once you’re done, click continue. This us to step number two. Adding your branding.
The first part is to upload the picture. This is where you want to upload your business
logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can actually skip this step for now. However,
I don’t suggest leaving your page without a profile picture. Can either hire a professional
graphic designer to help you with that. Or if you want to create something yourself really
fast, you can try using an online tool like The recommended picture size for
a Facebook profile picture is 360×360 pixels. If your image is bigger than that, that’s
no problem. Facebook will automatically resize it. Let’s click on the upload profile picture
button and then choose our logo. The second part is to choose a cover photo.
Having a cover photo, it’s a very important part of any Facebook page as that’s the main
thing people notice when they land on your page. Your cover photo is not just a branding
opportunity, it’s your way to showcase what you do. So its needs to be something that
represents your business for ideas and inspirations. You can use Google. can also help
you create a cover photo and they even have some templates to get you started. Once you’ve
got your cover photo created, same as before, we click on the upload cover photo button
and we choose our file and click open. Well done if you made it so far. Now your
Facebook page is up and running but we don’t want to stop here do we? We want to make sure
that the page is fully completed so we can make the most out of it. The first thing we
want to do is set a username for our page, a username which will also define the URL
of our page. Instead of having this long link, we can have a shorter one, much easier to
remember. All you have to do, click here under the page name or it says create page username
and try to find a username that is relevant to your business. Usernames are unique, so
if the username you like has already been taken, you’ll need to try to find a different
variation. Once you see the green check mark, it means
that the user name is available so you can finish the process by clicking the create
username button. As you can see now Facebook is giving us an easy to remember link that
we can use for our Facebook page and also the main link of the page has also changed.
Now let’s jump in the About section of the page and fill old information there. If you
don’t see the about section, click on see more and that will show you the rest of the
sections. Once you’re on the about page, click on Edit Page info. This is where you want
to add as much information as possible about your business. Starting with a short description
about your business, you have 255 character, so be short and straight to the point. A good
template for that is to write about who you are and what you do. Category. We have our main category selected,
but now we can find others that might be relevant to our business. Fill in your phone number
if you haven’t done so already. Add your website, add your email address, and of course as you
go through all these steps, click the Save Changes button to make sure you’re saving
everything. If you’re the kind of business that offers
their service in certain areas, this is basically where you can add those areas, so we might
be your local city. Very important to add your opening hours and also make sure they
match to your Google My Business profile. If you don’t know what Google My Business
is, check out our video on how to create your business profile there. I will put a link
in the description below. Impression. We can skip price range. Just
think about the service you’re offering. If you focus on being the most affordable, you
might select the first option. Focus on offering your services to high end clients you might
select a last option and once you finished with that, you can just click the X button
to go back to the About page. You’ll notice that there are still a few things which are
not fully completed just yet, so let’s do those as well. Let’s start with the business
start date. This is something optional, but if you want to add a date and year when you’ve
started your business, you can. Next we want to go to additional contact details and click
on Edit Other Accounts. This is basically where you can add your oddest social media
accounts. For example, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Now, by all means, if you want, you can go
through all the other options like Edit, Affiliation, Impression Biography, Awards and so on, so
you can add all your information there. However, those are probably not that important depending
on what kind of business you are. The only other option which I highly suggest doing
so is on the right hand side, the Story. This is a great place to write a few more lines
about your business, whereas in the short description you were limited to only 255 characters
here you can write a lot more and even add a cover photo to your story. Once you’re done, click Publish or Save. Right,
that’s pretty much everything in terms of information about your business. Now let’s
move on into something that is very important to have on every single website as well as
on every single Facebook page and that is a call to action. Facebook allows us to add
a button to our page to stand in as a call to action. So let’s click on the Add button,
under cover photo and look at our options. If you want people to make an appointment
with you, you can select the first option, the first section. If you want people to get
in touch with you, you can select the second tab and this is where you’ll have also multiple
options. We are quite active on Facebook and more than happy to answer any inquiries via
the Facebook chat. We’ll select send message and then click Next choose where we would
like this button to send people to. Obviously Messenger, that’s only option and
then click Finish. That’s the call to action. All done. We’re almost there. I hope you enjoyed
this so far. If you do have any questions, please post in the comment section below and
don’t forget to like and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any for future videos.
Now let’s talk about the left hand side menu with the different sections. As you can see
you have a section for Events, you have a section for Reviews, you have a section for
for Groups. What if you don’t eat everything that is there or you might want to rearrange
things a little bit. We can do that. For this, we need to go to the Settings tab in the top
right hand corner and then click on Templates and Tabs. These are the same tabs from the
main page. Here, we can reorder them if we wish. I like to have my About section higher up,
right next with the posts and you can also settings next to any of the tabs and deactivate
them if you wish. In this case I will deactivate Events and Groups as they are not really relevant
to my business. If you want to add any other tabs, you can do that as well. One very important
tab, which I always like to add is Services. So we click on the Other button. This is where
we can see all the available options. We click Add Tab next to Services and that’s all done.
Now we can drag and drop Services higher up next to About perhaps. To configure the actual
service, we need to go back to the main page. So we can just click on the Page button in
the top left hand corner. And now from the main menu or the sections on the left hand
side, we click See More and we go to Services. Same as with you’re About info for this spot
is crucial to your business. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know what you’re
offering, so it’s best to complete this in as much detail as possible and add all your
services. If you’ve made it so far, well done, you’re now probably in the top 20% of people
who went the extra mile to complete your Facebook business page. Rest assured, this will help
you stand out from the competition and have a positive impact on your business. We’re
almost there, I promise a topic which is very hot these day switch I had to make sure I
include in this video is the Facebook Messenger. How do you use it and how do you set up an
autoresponder? If you’ve received any messages, you can click on the inbox tab and this is
where you’ll see all the conversations. Now let’s jump into Settings and look to some
of the options we have available as a page. So we click on the settings tab and now let’s
go to Messaging. One thing you can do here is show a greeting when someone is visiting
a page before they even send you any messages, you can activate this option by flipping the
On Off switch and now you can see an example of the default message. Should you want to
change, you can click on the Change button, edit your message, and then click Save. The
other thing I want to briefly mention while we’re here, it’s setting up automated responses.
I won’t go into much details, otherwise we’ll be here for another hour, but here are a few
things we can do in here. So let’s click on setting up auto responses. And the first thing
we have is an away message. If you’re on holiday or during out of work
hours, you can click on Edit to add your away time and customise the message. Instant reply,
it’s similar as above, but this time you’re showing a message during your working hours.
And again, you have the option of editing the message if you want. And once you finish,
clicking on the Save button and by all means, feel free to explore the odd options out there.
You can set up some frequently asked questions, you can set up an automated message when someone
recommends your page or actually when someone didn’t recommend your page so you can see
here, hello, we’re sorry that you had a bad experience. Please let us know how we can
improve. So these things are quite great. That’s pretty much it in terms of Messenger,
obviously just remember to be active in reply to any incoming messages you might receive. You can actually receive badges if you’re
being very responsive and this on its own can influence some people to contact you or
not. Now that we have everything set up, it’s time to go back to the main page. So we click
on the page button on the top left hand corner. And it’s time to create your first few posts.
Because your page is new, I recommend adding a few posts straight away, perhaps a video
about your business, some pictures or if you have any blogs on your website you can share
them here. This is just so someone does decide to look at your page. At least you have a
few things to showcase. And more importantly, don’t stop there. You
need to be posting updates on a regular basis. Same as with a TV show. You need to give people
a reason to follow and like a page and that’s where your content comes in. And the last tip you want to share and get
people to like your page, show everyone what your business is all about. To start where
you can do this in two different ways. Number one, you can either invite one of your friends
to like your page so you have this section on the right hand side event. Invite friends
to like your page and you can just click the invite button next to each one of them if
you think they’re relevant to what your business has to offer. Or the second option, right
below the cover photo, you have a share button. This is where you can write the compelling
message as to why someone should like your page. Now, the only thing to remember is that
this will be shared on your personal profile. Right guys, I hope you enjoyed this. Do me
a favour and hit the like button, subscribe and obviously hit the bell notification icon
to make sure you don’t miss any of our future videos we have to share. If you do have any
questions, feel free to use the comment section below. Have a great day and I’ll see you in
our next video.

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