How To Create A Custom Facebook Landing Page For Your (Business) Profile in Timeline
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How To Create A Custom Facebook Landing Page For Your (Business) Profile in Timeline

Hi, it’s Brandon from
and I want to show you how to make a Facebook landing page. Hey everybody , it’s Brandon with
and I am going to show you how to set up a custom landing page on your Facebook profile. You can use these custom landing pages in
a number of different ways. You can use them to show videos, you can use them to host opt-in
forms, try to gain more leads, you can use them to gain more likes and followers to your
Facebook profile, you can use them to promote products that show of your products to try
to even sell product, or even get people to go over to your website. There’s a lot of
different ways you can use them and all you need to do is a HTML and some CSS or even
java code! And you’re all set! So let’s just get right into it. So the first thing we need to do is install
the static And to do that you can just go to the search bar and type
in static HTML.iframe.tabs. And you’ll see it right here with the star icon. Go ahead
and click on that and it will pull up the static HTML page. So all you do is click the button that says
‘add static HTML. to a page’ and we’ll click it. This next page will appear and you have
the option of adding that to any page you are an admin on. So I’m on several of them
here, so I’m going to choose and then we are going to click on the add
static HTML.iframe’s tab. So now it should be added to our tabs bar
but as you can see I already have four tabs here. Taking up all four available spots for
the first row. So what is going to happen is his Facebook is going to put it on the
bottom row of the last available spot which you can see here and you can change it at
any time. So if you wanted, go ahead and move it around. You can click on the pencil icon…
you choose ‘ swap with’ as you can see here ‘ swap with’ and you choose the app you want
to switch it with. So, let’s just switch it with my discount code app. And as you can
see it switched it. So you can move them around anyway you want. So, I’m going to go ahead
and move it back just so… Just for these testing purposes.
Okay. So the first thing you want to do is change out the thumbnail and the tab name.
So what we are going to do is hover over the icon and we are going to hit that pencil icon
and we are going to choose ‘ edit settings’. So the first thing we want to change is the
tab image. We’re going to hit ‘change’. It’s going to open up a new window. This will I
allow us to add in any image that we want in place of their star thumbnail. The image
size is going to be 111 x 74 pixels. That’s your maximum size. If you go bigger it will
resize it and convert down. I recommend using 111 pixels by 74 pixels. So I’ve already had
one premade. So we hit ‘choose file’. Choose my thumbnail and upload it. Now I’m going
to close that page. And I’m going to hit ‘ok’ and as you can see – it changed that for us. So, now we have our custom image in there.
So now we’re going to change the icon name. So we’re going to go back over. Hit the ‘pencil’
icon, go to ‘edit settings’ and as you can see right here… It says ‘ custom tab name’.
All you need to do fill in the custom name you want. Then click ‘save’ and ‘ok’. So let’s
just put in ‘ custom name’. We’re going to save. We’re going to hit okay. Boom, you’re
done! The custom Facebook landing page and the custom name have been switched out.
Now we’re going to move to the most important step, which is adding in the code for the
custom page. To do this, all you need to do is click on the image. You’ll be brought to
the edit page. On the edit page, you’ll be able to add in ‘ public content’ and even
fans only content. So what’s going to happen here is that public content is going to be
the page everyone sees. Fans or non-fans. You have the option of adding in content that’s
only your fans will see and there is a benefit to this. If you create a landing page, you
have the option of telling people to ‘like’ your page. Or if already are fans of your
page, to see certain content. So, I’m going to show you guys an example
on how I use this on our site. So as you can see here – I have an icon
to get a discount on your next order. I’m going to have people click it and tell them
here if they want to get a discount on their next order… All you need to do is like our
page, with an arrow pointing up to the ‘like’. So, they are going to go ahead and like the
page and when they do they are redirected to a page that only our fans see. So now it
says ‘thanks for liking our page, you can get a discount on our orders here’. Now you
can come in here and get a discount on our order. So, any time a non-fan goes to our
page, we give them an incentive to like our page and when they do, they are rewarded with
a discount code. Now if someone goes to the page and is already a fan, they are just automatically
brought to our page. Then get the discount code. So you have the option here with this
static HTML. App. You don’t need to do it that way. You can have one page that everyone
sees, like if you’re trying to promote a product or you have an opt in-form, or something like
that… You can just… All you need to do is just add your code to the public top content.
So what I am going to do first, is actually go to a page I have on my website. It’s a
landing form that I have on my website and I’m just going to take the HTML code from
that and put it into the public content just to save on time so I don’t have to custom
code this. So, I’m going to grab my code and I’m actually just going to go back right into
public content and I’m going to paste all of my HTML code. As you can see right there. Now the important thing is if you’re just
going to do what I did and grab code off your site… Make sure all of the URLs are full
URLs. Sometimes you might get at URL that looks like that. You don’t want that. You
want to make sure that it entire URL is pasted in there. So, now that our code is posted
in there… We can hit preview, to see a sample of what it is going to look like. So as you
can see, we have a video that plays and an optin-form to try to collect leads and get
people to sign up for our newsletter. So now what we are going to do, is go back to the
edit tab and you can hit ‘save’ and ‘publish’ and now our landing page should be live. So what we are going to do is go to the
Facebook page. We are going to hit the tab and we are going to custom landing page…
And boom! We have a custom landing page, using an optin-form to try to get leads off of Facebook.
And now we can set up and ad on Facebook targeting business owners and have them redirected to
this page and then collect all the leads that come from the opt in form. You can do the
same! You can use these pages to promote products. So you can run an ad promoting a product and
bring them to a custom landing page similar to this. You can create almost any type of
landing page you want! So let’s go back to the edit page. This static HTML app. Facebook
actually has a few tools that you can use to custom create this – if you’re not familiar
with HTML code. You can also upload an image. So if you have a JPEG or PNG or GIF file,
you can actually upload it there and have the image displayed to all the people that
are visiting landing page. You are also able to add in more tabs. So if you want to add
in a few more custom tabs, use the ‘add tabs’ button here. You can add in a second, third,
fourth… As many as you want! And then you have the option to add in more settings. So you can go in here and add in more settings,
if you like. You can add in Google analytics, or you just put in your analytics code to
get analytics on how people are getting to your site. Who was there? How much time is
spent on it etc. They also have a bunch of ‘How to tutorials’ for you to go through if
you run into any problems. They also have a drag-and-drop feature to custom design the
tab which will help you out. And… Scroll down here. They also have the area here for
your fans content – you can have non-fan and fan content – like I showed you earlier. If
you’re not putting any content in the ‘fans only content’ box, everyone visiting your
landing page will see the page that you have listed here. So that is our tutorial on how
to set up a custom landing page on your Facebook profile. Thanks for watching our tutorial! And if you
find this information useful, you should join our newsletter at and
you can see the signup form, about halfway down the page. I will send you more marketing
information, like how to get a video ranked in Google, how to get more exposure and YouTube
and even hide to get mobile versions of all of your videos! And if you have a friend that
is not taking advantage of custom landing pages on Facebook… Send them this video!
Copy the URL and send it on Facebook, Pintrest, twitter, Google+ or even just e-mailed it
to them. If you liked this video let us know. Leave us a comment underneath or slam that
‘like’ button down! And make sure you don’t miss out on any of our future videos. All
you have to do is hit this subscribe button here and you’ll be notified when our next
videos are ready. Thanks again for watching! This is Brandon from
signing out!

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