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How to Contact Facebook

How to Contact Facebook? Open your favorite Browser. Go to Login to your Facebook account with your user name and password. Click on the Gear icon at the top right hand side of your home page Click on “help”. Now, Click on the “Visit the Help Center” link. Click “Report an Issue.” This will be one of the six options you will see. On this page, you’ll find several links to report. Select any one of the option, for the demo purpose i will select “Give us Feedback” option. Offer your thoughts by filling out a short form. This can help address the issue you have in mind. You can also use the community forum to Report an Issue or find a solution. To visit the community forum, Go back to the help centre. Scroll Down and Select Community Forum. You can browse the already answered questions to find a solution for your problem. Or you can “Ask a Question” in the community to get help. This is How You can Contact Facebook.

53 thoughts on “How to Contact Facebook

  1. I have had 10 text boxes back and forth with FB and they give general format responses that does not answer specific questions when a person has already given details on what FB asked and people have followed the guidelines.

    I sent government and non-government ID's, which they REQUIRED and only to be asked to send them again! They give no help whatsoever compared to Skype, Google, and other major companies. FACEBOOK is the worse in the world for mega large corporations of all times in quality care (even when I paid for their service for advertisement!) HORRIBLE customer service.

  2. Please note that there are few fake FB names are gangs and blackmailing people after filming them, they start threatening to pay or will publish the clip.. they are under the name of

    1- Yakinn sooltanii
    2- abdulhakeem almahmood
    3- gaddour abdou abdou
    4- more names are also part of these gangs.. see there connected friends

    Please block these FB sites as fast as possible..
    For example, yakinn sooltanii are 2 ladies attracting people and filming them.. they have 100s of friends or victims waiting to be balckmailed.. please help..

  3. Not trying to apply fir a job to be a president. I have to go thru all this just to tell them to stop sending me memories????? It's just a trashy app I use only to sell art sometimes.
    There's a reason why I deleted people also. Why are they sending me memories of people I'm no longer friends with.
    And you tube is even trasher.
    They're allowing this gay closet case promoting killing hats to stop aids and he's a preacher?
    How do straight people get aids ? Its not a gay disease.
    If a foreign person did that video the cops would be at their door within hours.

  4. Facebook customer service helpline toll-free phone number for technical help.Contact this phone number they will surely help you.

  5. facebook keep blocking facebook just block me for 8 days,. the last word stops it facebook help chat to support team I live in Australia,. my god facebook blocking me for no reason ????????yes facebook stop it how to fix this blocking 9 time I been blocked for 8 days at a time,. facebook facebook facebook

  6. i it one of my accounts got disable and because I got identification I cannot get it back facebook is playing games,. the end

  7. facebook customer service helpline toll-free phone number for technical support is +1-833-663-6600 for united state and other city

  8. Facebook customer service +1 833 663 6600 toll-free helpline customer contact service helpline phone number for technical helpdesk for united state and other countries.

  9. I've been hacked I forgot my Gmail I can't access it nor do I have the password to my Gmail I don't have nor remember my password for Facebook so how the hell can I report anyting if there's no customer service I can't get into my Facebook how the f*** am I supposed to do this s***

  10. Sir mera name change ni ho rha maine 2017 m 2 baar change kiya tha ab ni ho rha please help me mera no.9728783046 h please sir contact me please sir

    facebook helpline
    I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

  12. I live Delhi..

    I do. Many methods for Unblock my FB disable account..

    But my account not unblock.

    Please tell me Costume service phone number.. in

  13. I can't login …… how do you contact these geeks, or contact "help center link" if you can't login ????

  14. Any Pr0bIem just C0ntact Faceb00k-Cust0mer-Care. They wiII heIp you .

    +1-888-349-1777 ( T0ll-FREE!!)

  15. Pointless bloody video as Facebook don’t want to deal with any complaints. They deleted a post I made, then admitted that they shouldn’t have done, but they still wont let me post. In other words I’ve done nothing wrong, Facebook agree that I’ve done nothing wrong, but they are going to punish me anyway.

  16. Hi, I have lost my Facebook book ID, few days ago I have deactivated my Facebook account, now I want to login but it shows " the mail address that you have entered does not match any account. Why it's happening?

  17. Watch it Only If you are 18 + :-

  18. Has anyone noticed how Facebook loves to post horrible racist acts by white people against Black people, but when you post a comment about it l, they want you to say only nice things and be respectful, this is another racist white owned business who loved to target Black people and limit their speech. Is there anything in this world owned by whites that isn't racist!

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