How to connect your smart home plug to Google Home
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How to connect your smart home plug to Google Home

hey guys today I have a smart plug to test out this is Wi-Fi enabled so you can plug this in to an outlet set it up and we’re today we’re going to try and get it on to the Google home the directions that it comes with is actually for setting it up on the Alexa which is fairly common but today we’re going to set this up on the Google Holman assistant so let’s go ahead and try that out and see how it goes so the first thing you do with this is you want to make sure it’s plugged in right so we plug it in and then we want this to be flashing just like that alright so now once it’s like that you can go to your phone and we will set it up from there so according to the directions here we want to use the – yes smart app from the App Store or Google Play Store it is actually not available on for compatibility wise on the Google assistant so we’re gonna go ahead and try and use a different app called the smart life okay so we I had to create an account but I already have one created so I’m going to add a new device and so we’re going to confirm that I was blinking before right you confirm your Wi-Fi password and now it’s going to set up any account that is in the searching mode okay so it’s done and it actually added a device so I’m going to call this one because I need this one in my dining room so I’m gonna call this dining room alright so I just named this dining room and now remember I was using this in the smart smart life app smart life right up here okay and this is actually something that we can use for our Google home so you’ll go into the Google home app so we are in home control and now we are going to add a suit at a device now we’re gonna go scroll all the way down and going to look smart life because if you see if we followed the directions here there is actually notes to your smart app here in the selection so we are going to use smart life and so I’m going to authenticate everything alright okay so I’m gonna put in my password username and password and then once you oughta Kate your account in the Google home app you will have this smart life option now in your home controlled devices so now it will show all of your devices right here especially our dining room which we just added and now we can tell Google to turn on the dining room and it will turn on that light alright thanks everyone for watching I hope this was helpful

65 thoughts on “How to connect your smart home plug to Google Home

  1. Thanks for the video and the info. Just doing Black Friday 2017 research found your video i am getting a google home. ^^ Maybe next time show us the lights turning off and on otherwise very good video!

  2. I setup one smart plug, it works great. When I try to setup my second plug in the family room it won't link to Google home. I go to home control to add a device and smart life is already added it will only let me unlink the account. Can you please help thank you.

  3. I've done all everything you described but I was trying to add another receptacle and I have no problem adding it to the Smart Life app. but when I try to add it to the Google home control inside the app when I tap on the plus button and I tap on Smart Life app. Which is at the top of the page now. it wants to unlink the account. Do I need to unlink the account and relink it to add a receptacle to the voice commands for Google each time. Hopefully I explain that good enough thanks for any help

  4. I am trying your way to add Eques Elf to Smart Life then link Smart Life to Google Home(since I try to link Eques Elf app to Google home but not successful), but Smart Life couldn't find any Elf plug.

  5. I cant even get my plug to connect to my phone. I did everything the exactbsame way youve done but it just wont connect. Any ideas?

  6. My smart life link on the Google home app doesn't seem to work meaning I can't use my smart light bulb with Google home .

  7. The Smart Life app under "Add Devices" of Google Home does not allow me to login. I have changed the password on the Smart Life app and still no luck. Has anyone has this issue and managed to resolve it? Thanks.

  8. Ive done all this. It works fine and ive gotten to the stage u are. But when I voice command Google it says the lights havent been set up. At the stage you end your video at are u saying u can say "hey google turn on dining room" and it works? Cause mine does not and I jave it identicly to yours With smart life plug

  9. No matter what I do, when I click "add device" it says "your device has setup a wi-fi network, blah blah" and doesn't allow me to see that screen of all the brand names you have.

    I think they released an update in the past few months that prevents users from setting up devices. Even when I have my chromecast completely removed from my account, and unplugged, it still just directs me to the "your device has set up a wifi network" and you're not allowed to do anything else. I've clicked ever single combination of buttons.

    Hoping someone out there knows the answer! (I'm on iOS)

  10. Con el google home (por lo menos en españa y a dia de hoy 18/05/18) no se puede acceder a Home Control y por lo tanto no es compatible. Si alguien tiene alguna solucion y puede ayudarme se lo agradeceria

  11. When I go to google home it doesn’t have that list of options to choose from. I get as far as getting my devices loaded on smart life. Any ideas?

  12. Tried, like, four times to get my device to sync up with the app. Completely forgot that I need to be joined to the 2.4 Ghz network, not the 5.0 Ghz network, lol. Thanks so much for this video, and for the people in the comments below that have had this problem before me!

  13. Hello can you tell me how can I contact you? I have some smart plugs which need professional introduction like what you did. Would you mind giving me a chance to cooperate with you? Thank you

  14. What is not clear, for this to work you must have the Google home device AND the app. It took me several hours to figure out If you are trying to control it without the added device you can do so with the Smart Life App and Google Assistant. for instructions go here.

  15. Your a life saver! Thank you so much for this! I was trying to get Google assistant to work but the device option wasn't showing up, smart life worked great ♥

  16. Thanks for the tips because it wasn't connecting with Google Home but I think it is also because the sockets only supporte 2.5 GHZ and not 5.0. I only realized this because the the Smart Life App reminded me of this. Once that was corrected with Smart Life it was easy.

  17. I have CNCT smart plug, works with CNCT app but can not see device even after linking CNCT account to Google home. Also Smart Life can not pick up this device

  18. Smart Mini Electric Power EU plug socket, Wireless timer Outlet support Alexa Google Home IFTT voice APP remote control, buy from below links:

  19. Followed exactly but the Google Home app doesn't show ANY options when I click on the + to add a device. 😖 It's this exact plug and app, and the plug IS controllable using my phone but NOT with Google Home. Any ideas?? Have tried multiple times but Google Home app apparently can't "see" this device.

  20. hi have you found any temperature-humidity sensor that is compatible with smart life? i want to switch on a socket only when the temperature is low, but its very difficult to find devices that are compatible with smartlife and i dont want to have 5 different apps for 5 different sensors/sockets/switches

  21. say u have TWO different plugs how do voice command light1 vs light2? it only allows me to link one bulb per company brand? NM: u just gotta unlink and link it again to get it to work with more then one lights

  22. thanks for your tutorial . very easy to follow. however, i couldn't sync my smart life app with my google home. i kept getting msg "incorrect user or pw" when i tried to log in to smart life via google home. then i read somewhere that on smart life, pws with characters such as &?!, etc., didn't work, so i took a character out of my pw and voila! now it works!

  23. When I tried registering my Gosund plug with the SmartLife app, the light on the plug changed from blinking blue to solid red. Now it's solid red and won't work. I'm on a 2.4 GHz network.

  24. Thank you! The instructions that came with this, and the app they make you use (which comes with security warnings from my phone) sucked, and left me frustrated. Great job!

  25. I have everything connected. I can turn light off and on from phone within Google Home app. But, when I say, “Okay Google, turn off lights” it says device not found.

  26. Can you plug anything to do for this for example if I wanted to plug my Nintendo switch into this and say turn off Nintendo or turn on Nintendo or maybe I want to plug my AC unit into it I can say turn on AC turn off AC as long as I named it that way?

  27. I recently got one, and everything works! But after a day of being unused, my google home says that
    "the smart plug isn't available right now". Help would be appreciated, thanks!

  28. All these dumbasses saying it doesn’t work just don’t know how to use basic technology. I’m surprised they’re surviving out there. Idiots. It works perfectly, couldn’t be simpler

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