How To Connect your Channel to a New Google+ Page (2015)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Tuesday,
which means it’s time to take a look at some
of the online video news updates from last week, and
talk about what it means for us as creators
who are developing our platform and our
audiences here on YouTube. I got a couple things I want
to talk to you guys about. But the number one
main thing is something that you guys ask
me all the time. And it’s Tim, I connected my
YouTube channel to my Google+ profile, but now I want
to connect to my page– Google+ page– because I don’t
want to have my name on it, or I need to invite other
people to be managers, or something on it. Or, I connected it to a page. But now I want to change
my YouTube channel to be connected to my profile. Or I want to mix stuff around. How do I do that? In the past it’s been a
pretty lengthy and complicated process. But thankfully,
YouTube has fixed that. And there’s now a link under
the Advanced Account Settings on your YouTube channel
that lets you easily move your YouTube channel from
one Google+ page or profile to another Google+
page or profile. First, sign into the YouTube
channel that you want to move. And then go to your
Advanced Account Settings. Or you can just
take the short cut. Go to Then click on that
new link there. It’s called Move Channel to
a Different Google+ Profile or Page. And you’ll be prompted
to reenter your password. And after that you’ll see some
information about your channel and the Google+ page or profile
that it’s currently connected to. You can then check
how your channel will appear after moving. And when everything looks
good and you’re ready to go, click Confirm. And you can move ahead
with your channel. A couple things to consider
as you go through this though. Number one is that you can
only move your YouTube channel to connect to a Google+ page or
profile that you are currently the owner of. You can’t just be a manager
or a communications director, or something. You have to be the
owner of the page. Number two, you cannot link your
YouTube channel to a Google+ page or profile that is already
linked to a YouTube channel. So first, you must go disconnect
that YouTube channel from the Google+ profile or page that
you want to be made available for your other channel. And then once that is done,
then you can take your YouTube channel that you want to
move, and then only link it and connect it to the
Google+ page or profile. Number three is that not
everything will make that transition with you to your
new Google+ page or profile. Primarily comments
that have been made after November of 2013. A lot of private messages that
have been sent on YouTube. Those won’t transfer. As well as some of the
automated community filter settings that you have. That won’t transfer either. If you go through this process
and you’re having trouble with it, or you have some
sort of unique situation, there’s a link in the
description below this video that will put you directly in
touch with YouTube for support for exactly this issue
of linking Google+ pages and profiles with
YouTube channels. That link is down there below. You’re welcome. Another new YouTube
feature that’s coming that hasn’t
yet rolled out is that YouTube is releasing
some tools specifically for you guys who are
YouTube musicians. The tool that looks
most valuable to me is for you to see on a city
level where most of your views, where most
of your subscribers, where most of your
fans are located. Which would be great,
because as a musician, now you know now where to
plan your next tour, or where you’re going to
do concerts and shows. I hope it rolls out
for the rest of us, too, because it
would be valuable for us to know what time zones
are most of our viewers in, so we can know better when
to release a new video. Or if you’re doing paid
promotion on YouTube, it would help you know
which areas of the world you should focus most on
promoting your content. And even though I
am not a musician, I would still love to
know on a city level where you guys are from. So that let’s say
I want to do it a training conference or
in-person workshop somewhere. That would really
help me know where I should go in the
country where the highest concentration of you guys are. There’s more
information about that linked in the
description of this video if you want to check
out more about that. But I’d love to hear from you
guys in the comments below. Are you planning on switching
your YouTube channel to be connected to a different
Google+ profile or page. And if so, why? What issues have you run
into with your current setup? If this is your
first time here, I would love to have
you subscribe. Every Tuesday we look at the
updates happening on YouTube, talk about what it means
for us as creators. Tomorrow, on Wednesday,
we’ll give you guys some YouTube tips, advice,
ideas, suggestions, things like that. Then on Thursdays we
do some YouTube Q&A. And guys, I do all of
this because I really believe that a lot
of you guys have messages that need to spread,
and the world needs to hear. And I will do everything
I can to help you guys grow your YouTube
channels and your audience, so that the people who need
to hear what you have to say can easily and simply find
you, connect to your channel and your content
and your community, and hopefully have their lives
be changed by the message that you are spreading. So subscribe. And I will see you
guys again tomorrow. Bye.

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