How To Configure YouTube Channel Navigation And Connected Accounts
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How To Configure YouTube Channel Navigation And Connected Accounts

Welcome to DIY Marketing Online. In this tutorial
we are going to go over how to configure the YouTube channel navigation and connected accounts. Does your YouTube channel have a trailer?
Have you enabled it? Have you configured your privacy settings and connected accounts? We
are going to go over step-by-step to make sure you have set these up properly . Let’s begin by clicking the channel icon
in the upper right side of your YouTube Channel and click the gear to choose “YouTube settings”. On the left side menu click “Connected Accounts”. Here you can connect your Twitter account.
Just click “Connect” and sign into your Twitter account. At one time you could connect
your Facebook but that feature has been removed. This is great for sharing new videos, likes,
and playlists with your followers. I have found one negative side effect to this. Do
you find yourself making lots of edits and re-uploading your videos? If you check the
Google+ share button each time it could be considered annoying by some followers. Also
each time you delete the video it will show the YouTube video missing image on your Google+
home page. To avoid this I would suggest waiting to share until your video has been uploaded
and viewed one last time. Next click “feed settings on your channel”. This will take you to your “Channel Navigation”
view. The first section is “Browse”. This gives you the ability to change the look of
your channel. Let’s enable it and click save. This gives you the ability to add a trailer
to your YouTube channel home page. The trailer gives you an area to showcase your favorite
video or tell viewers about your YouTube channel the first time they visit. I personally think
it also gives your channel a more professional look. Next is “Feed”. This gives you the ability
to share different things with your subscribers. These setting are a personal preference. I’m
usually very conservative on what I share since my channels are usually business related.
If you aren’t worried about it then the default settings will be fine. Click “Account settings”. This lets you
adjust some of your security settings. Again I go with the default settings since
my accounts are usually company channels so I’m very conservative on what can be seen
or commented on without first editing it. The last section is “Discussion”. I always enable this so no one can post comments
to my channel until I have approved them. This is different from comments displayed
on individual videos. That has to be configured on each video and will be addressed later. That’s it your channel navigation and connected
accounts are configured.

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