How to check email on your phone
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How to check email on your phone

EDWARD: Checking email on your
phone is super handy for staying in touch
while on the go. How you do this depends on
which phone and email service you have, but I’ll show
you how to check Gmail on an Android phone. Launch the menu on the bottom
of the screen and scroll down until you find the Gmail app. Click on the Gmail
icon to open the app. You’ll be taken right to your
inbox where you can check your email for new messages. You can also check your email
via your mobile web browser. To get started, just type in in your phone’s browser and login. You can view unread emails
or respond to emails right from here too. Now you can check email
wherever you are as long as you have your phone.

30 thoughts on “How to check email on your phone

  1. I don't want to check my email only, shame on you google that I can't edit on the emails I want to forward while Apple users can do what ever they want, hope you improve email service on Android devices.

  2. @TheUndercard I know that I can forward, edit and send. But what I mean is that when I received an email that I want to forward I can't edit it and delete the sender name and email, also there is another problem that I can't zoom in/out while reading my email via Gmail application.

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