How to change Facebook background color , Font, Style etc.
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How to change Facebook background color , Font, Style etc.

Hi guys this is Harish Bali from Through this short tutorial I will explain
you how to change background of your facebook profile. You can add pictures to your profile page You can change your own background color Set the color of your top bar You can remove advertisements if you don’t
want to see them. You can expand your newsfeed and set a custom cursor and much more! Let’s go and see how this can be done. Open your chrome browser and click on setting
on the top right from settings go to tools and then extensions Go to get more extensions at the bottom there are many extensions that can do the
job but the one that I found the most reliable is fabulous. Click on the extension and install it. Add it on to your browser after this is done, the next thing that you
can do is check it out on your facebook page by login. This is my facebook page Can you see this F button which is the extension
fabulous click on it There are various things that you can do. You can block the ads by clicking here Choose the option whether you want to see
the ads or you want to hide them. You can change the color by going to this
option There are 4 options if you want to change the header color, click
on the color choice and this and your header changes. If you want to change the background the second
option is meant for background. It changes from gray to the color of your choice. Keep it lets say blue and it changes to blue. Third option is you can change the color of
the text So, let me change it to green So color of the text changes to green and the forth option is to change the color
of the links which is these links can be changed by clicking on this. then you can go and also change the fonts
style This is the option to change the font style There are many options you can choose the
one that you like the most then you can also change the fonts size of your choice you can try out notifications Sentry you can
try out Photo pop you can do another interesting thing by changing
the way profile appears on your newsfeed. Currently, it appears as a square. I can make this round by clicking here. Can you see the difference You can also go for sticky pad You can also try out how various cursor options
would look. This is how a chalkboard would look into the blue Triple Defender Okay I would also want to explain you how to deactivate
this option for which you can go back to your settings. From settings go to extensions and you can simply uncheck this box and delete
the extension if you want to delete the fabulous from your facebook. Remove the extension and if you refresh your
page now all those combinations have gone. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to this channel for more tech related
stuff. Thank you!

36 thoughts on “How to change Facebook background color , Font, Style etc.

  1. When you are explaining in initial shot..What 6 can be done.If at the same time you display pre and post change pics. That will immediately go in the memory of  viewer..Then lastly said word of first shot '' Much more'' What is that much more , you must tell few like… This video shall be interesting to many..who never thought of this.Well done Technofare.

  2. i am a facebook apps developper
    can you test my app that change facebook color
    thank you

  3. Link for change Facebook Colors, your welcome:

  4. I found one. it's called, Better Facebook. Works great. I even viewed page as visitor and it was the same. Same features as fabulous.

    Thanks for your video, couldn't have done it without you.

  5. Shit it took me more than 10 years to learn English now i have to learn how to listen to this , it's just hard for me .

  6. Hey I found how to change facebook Look/Interface change all colors and even the background
    Check my channel
    or click on this link:

  7. dude, this is a totally pointless tutorial, the changes you make are only visible to you and anyone with the extension installed

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