How to cancel your YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership
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How to cancel your YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership

If you feel
YouTube Premium isn’t right for you you can follow these steps
to cancel your membership. Visit Tap ‘Cancel memberships.’ If you’re billed by Apple
or by Google Play Music you’ll need to cancel
directly through those services. You’ll find those URLs
in the description below. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
for more YouTube tricks and tips.

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  3. What if you didn’t mean to buy it? After you cancel.. do you get your money back for paying for 1 month or you lose that money ?

  4. YouTube, it said on the app that you would charge me for YouTube premium renewal on the 22nd of April, but I have been charged today (21st) I was going to cancel the membership today so that I didn't get charged, is there a way that I can get a refund, the money came out if my Google play account anyway so it was already your money.

  5. So I sign up for Google Play music and then I read I'm automatically enrolled in Youtube music? I hate how Android and Youtube are integrated into Google when google is completely useless as a social media platform. Tossing away this brick when I'm done with my free membership.

  6. I am trying to cancel this subscription and you keep giving me another purchase.  You've also deducted a fraudulent subscription from my bank account on the 29th May 2019 which I did not subscribe to.  Please refund me asap, since you have my banking details???

  7. Anyone who has been conned into this, if you want out (YouTube won't let you..pricks) cancel your credit card/debit card, or whatever you used and get a new one.

  8. I need help I was trying to listen to music on YouTube music and I said no thanks to the premium and it still gave me the month trial if I don’t pay the trial will it automatically cancel the member ship I looked at my Apple ID and the web and its not giving me the opinion to cancel it with my email

  9. Be careful with this youtube premiun its almost impossible to disconnect your credit card until the test period ends I will never and ever sign this product again.

  10. So nobody knows how to get out of this? I hit the button by accident and it will not let me cancel. Its saying I have a free trial membership but it is also saying that I am not a member, so does youtube have to charge you before you can cancel??? I am very upset

  11. I have never even brought the product and it says “Your Music Premium preview is ending soon. Keep your add free music.” I’m not sure if that means that I did the subscription but I’m sure that I didnt and I don’t want to have it.

  12. youtube premium a été prélever sans que j'ai souscrit mais en plus j'ai regarder et je n'y est même pas accès , c'est une fraude , que dois-je faire ? porter peinte contre x ? et laisser faire la justice ? pour être rembourser ?

  13. Anyone know of a link for phone # for YT Premium as accidentally signed up but need need money back as cancelled right away.

  14. I tried the free YouTube premium and I canceled my membership but it still shows up tht I have ya premium. I don’t want it to steal my money 🥺 can anybody help me plzzz

  15. I did the you tube trial and loved it however, it said it would cost me .99 cents for 3 months and it's charged me $11.99 after only one month!😹

  16. My 17yro son has been ripped off by YouTube. He started using the free trial of Premium, which automatically withdrew mthly payments after the free trial. Problem is my son isn’t working, so it was a hard blow when his bank BAL was less $45 ( 3 mths of payments ). He only noticed after receiving an email advising him that he had insufficient money to pay the mthly invoice. HOW SNEAKY! We demand a refund. Will never use PREMIUM service again!

  17. Garbage advise from a paid snake. Dont fall for it. This premium is one of the the most deliberately dishonest services available. Getting untangled is a nightmare. Just awful.

  18. Dude it says i can only cancel on my old iphone, AND I DONT HAVE MY OLD PHONE I HAVE AN SAMSUNG SO WHAT THE HECC DO I DO?????

  19. Everyone lets sue youtube! It’s literally stealing our money and we CANCELED THE SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE 30 DAY WAS OVER!

  20. I had a premium account that was disabled by youtube and I cannot cancel the paid membership on that account in any way possible … youtube + google = scammers lately …
    They don't respond to any contact forms or anything at all…

  21. mothafakas , you charge me without asking me or making it obvious that it will update automaticaly and it is impossible to get a refund you indian scammers!!
    you are just another Scam company

  22. it is not true, that guy is not telling truth, you can not cancel trial if from PC or mobile, I did canceling immediately after signing and was using premium for month free but that premium didn' t went away after month and then I got charged, so if you' d like to cancel your subscription you have to buy MacBook Pro or something alike, and when I did trying to contact tech support very kind Lady told me that she' s not knowing either, you tube now acting like pickpocketing, stealing our money

  23. Dude it just gave me yt music premium and is going to make me pay for it when I did not even agree to have it. All I did was downloaded yt music.never agreed to premium. It automatically put me in it and now wants me to pay money. This is fraud. It should have told me that I was downloading yt music premium b/c I would not have downloaded it

  24. You make it sound easy I am 10 months trying to cancel it! Firstly no “cancel subscription option appeared” then I figured out how to get it, then when I did it sent me to a list of subscriptions under Apple I tunes which it’s not listed! Very underhanded

  25. I recently just got a YouTube premium and I paid and everything but my YouTube still hasn’t changed to YouTube premium. I can’t see my downloads or go offline, and I still get ads this is annoying since no one can help me… it only shows how to cancel and I can’t even cancel it!! If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me!

  26. DONT GET PREMIUM.. YouTube won’t let you cancel it through the app. You have to go to Settings- iTunes&AppStore- Subscriptions- Then tap YouTube and you’ll see a cancel option. YouTube is getting slimier and more corrupt by the day.

  27. On YouTube music it randomly gave me it and said its due In October and I didn’t even want it. I go to paid memberships and it’s not even giving me an option to cancel anything. It only gives me an option to upgrade to a bunch of different ones.

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  29. Hola personas de YouTube. Ya termino mi periodo de prueba con la YOUTUBE PREMIUM. Y no pienso pagarlo porque en esta etapa de mi vida requiero viajar mucho y es un gasto que por ahora está fuera de mi presupuesto.
    Según yo, ya lo cancelé, pero no me ha llegado ningún correo que confirme esta acción.
    ¿Podrían apoyarme para saber si ya cancelé la suscripción?
    Por favor.

  30. So I just got yt music on my phone and I accidentally clicked yes on the free trail and I can't cancel it. Will it start just taking money from me when the trail runs out?

  31. So, I'm on my ios device and i do what this tells me through the app. Then it takes me the the Itunes store like it's supposed to and i tap cancel subscription and it says it does, but i got on to youtube and says i still have premium.

    does it just take a while to register that i canceled?

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