How to Build a Social Network with Ruby on Rails
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How to Build a Social Network with Ruby on Rails

Can you tell me how to build a social network
with Ruby on Rails? Don’t tell me you’ve been reading one
of those 2000s books on how to get rich by inventing a rival to Facebook. Plenty of people are PO’d at Facebook. But it is hard to build a social network,
aside from the software side, and you have to have a critical mass of people to maintain
it. Let me build it and hope they will come. Social Stream is the engine on Ruby on Rails
for building social networks. It supports contacts, social posting and even private
messaging. I hope it can handle advertising, too, so
I can get paid for having the site. You can download the RubyGem social_stream
to get it. Or you could access the GitHub ging/social_stream. GitHub is like the central hub for Ruby on
Rails, and its comments section is a major social network for Ruby on Rails users. You could use Engine Y, too, so you can create
a social network framework. Or use it to create a portal for a paid content site or web app. I could follow that. The Socialization gem is what lets you set
up follows and likes for models. The act as a follower gem lets you set up a model to
follow another model. That’s not the model I want to follow. If you already have a website, use Inkwell
rubygem to add social networking features like favorites, communities and timelines. I don’t think anyone liked Facebook’s
timeline. Having the ability to see what they were doing
recently or three months ago is useful to understanding people; Facebook’s mistake
was sharing photos at random whether you wanted them to or not. I’m sure people have a lot of things to
say about that. Inkwell lets your users have comments sections
and blogs, too. There are even gems for the friending function. It can’t be more user unfriendly than Facebook.

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