How to Build a Network Marketing Business Online Using Social Media
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How to Build a Network Marketing Business Online Using Social Media

a there’s Nathan Lucas and in this video
I’m going to talk to you about how to grow your business online versus offline
stick around hey what’s going on so I no different
than anyone else when it comes to building a network marketing industry
when I actually first got started I was like everyone else and I i do I was
supposed to do you know I talk to my friends my family and I made a list of
everyone in my warm market anyone who knows me personally to prospect or pitch
my my business opportunity to those people well when I ran out of people to
talk to you know I feel like the most part I’m a pretty driven person you know
and tight in my business and it didn’t so I did some brainstorming I was like
ok well what’s next obviously I don’t have anyone else to talk to so I do you
find people to talk to you so I actually printed out business cards and I went
off to the mall right I went down to my local mall 22 prospect people there and
as you can imagine that didn’t go so well so I stopped doing that and it was
back to the drawing board you know I was still on fire with my business and I
wanted to grow it so the next thing I did actually thought at the time that I
was a genius to do this actually became and I did this sole purpose of
prospecting people online network marketing company now I did this for a
little while I did it for about a month tonight I gave plenty of people or
people but as you can imagine that didn’t really work out he’s already have
a single person open to work from home opportunities so I can fire I’m
passionate about the network marketing industry I think the model is amazing
and I thought to myself I’ve gotta make this work how can I do this so after doing that I got online and I did
some research and what I found was a trend top earners in my company I saw
him probably in your company on lines in general terms with a system a proven
system that taught me how to generate now to this day I generate leads every
single day for my business i do it all online and it feels a lot better than
being a driver you just tell you that so what I want to do so I want to show you
the exact system that actually taught me the skills I needed to grow the business
online the marketing knowledge and the training
that was required that I didn’t have I want to share that exact same thing that
you so blow this video you’re gonna see maybe you’ll see one on the screen here
click that link to share the exact system that I use to help me grow my
business online and how you can start growing your business online starting
today below guys

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