How to Build a Great Business Twitter Profile
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How to Build a Great Business Twitter Profile

Hi, my name’s Andrew Tonks, and I’m a search
specialist at Koozai. Today’s video is in response to a question posted
on our Facebook page by Bryn Jones asking why should businesses use Twitter.
Well, whilst a Twitter profile can be a great source of referral traffic,
it can also be used to help improve rankings in search engines. The idea
behind this is that search engines deem certain profiles more authoritative
than others with a reputation being passed on via tweets. If you build an authoritative profile, you
can therefore tweet about content on your own website and help improve
the trustworthiness of your pages. Furthermore, if you build a targeted
following, then the followers are more likely to retweet what you’re talking
about, thus passing on more authority. Whilst Twitter links are tagged
as ‘nofollows’, the fact your content is being referenced by numerous people
on Twitter is an indication to search engines that your content is relevant
and trustworthy and therefore more likely to be displayed more
prominently on a search results page. Now, you might ask yourself, “What makes an
authoritative Twitter profile?” Well, while search engines aren’t going to
give you a definitive answer on this, there seems to be a general consensus
that the authority and number of followers of a particular profile can help
deem it to be more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.
Also, regularity of updates is an indication that what’s being tweeted is
fresh and relevant as well as the age of the account and its history. All
this can help it seem more trustworthy to search engines. Finally, the same as a website or particular
page, the number and quality of external links to a profile can help search
engines determine how trustworthy a profile is and subsequently
the content being referenced. Another point I touched on early on the video
is that you should look to build a targeted following. This means the
majority of your followers are more in line with the proposition of your
profile. If they are, they’ll therefore be more likely to be receptive to
what you’re talking about and retweet what you’re saying. If you’re looking
to buil a targeted following, the areas you might want to address
include associating yourself with market leaders within your particular
industry or niche. Also, think about what you’re promoting in
your Twitter profile. Try and put across your profile’s USPs and the sort
of things you tweet about. All this can help attract further targeted followers
to your profile and therefore be more receptive to what you’re
talking about. Also, be sure to tweet regularly. Being seen
to be active within Twitter can make people see your profile as being
worthwhile and valued. Also, be sure to reference your Twitter profile in
other forms of marketing collateral, such as e-newsletters, on your
website, on business cards, on signatures of e-mails. All of these are prime
real estate that’s put in front of relevant people each and every day. Finally, I’d also suggest not always necessarily
tweeting about business minded issues but also fun things you might
have seen online or things that are happening in the office. All of this helps
build a more personal approach to your profile and people are more
likely to be associated with it. So, in conclusion, the main point to take
from this video is that the ability for a particular Twitter profile to
influence search rankings is related to its authority as perceived by search
engines. Following these points will help you build not only an authoritative
profile but also a targeted following. All of this will help you improve
rankings with the content that you’re being referenced on Twitter with. Thank you for listening. If you would like
to find out more, please visit our website at or subscribe to
our YouTube channel. Thank you very much.

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