How to Build a Facebook Business Page (2018)
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How to Build a Facebook Business Page (2018)

Hey, Mike the Marketing Medic here and I hope you’re watching this video because you want to know how to build a Facebook business page in 2018. Now one of the biggest reasons for having a Facebook business page is so that you have a page from which you can launch paid traffic you can create Ads okay. You need to have a business page you want to run any ads on Facebook. And so Learning how to build a facebook business page is probably the best place to start but there’s a lot more to do after that So what I’ve done is I’ve created a full online membership course, and it’s 100% free right now. I’m giving it away all you have to do is click on the link in the first comments below and you can log in and have free access and in that course I’m gonna go all the way from how to build a facebook business page in 2018 all the way through how to retarget using your pixels and everything in between Alright, so it’s a super good course. It’s it’s completely free and all you have to do is sign up and This video I’m going to show you now. This is actually the first video in that membership site And so you can check this out, but you can access all the other videos on Facebook ads as soon as you log in. Alright, so let’s get going this video The starting one is how to build a facebook business page in 2018. Alright guys. I hope you enjoy see ya All right, so here we are and keep in mind, this is Facebook Ads 101 so we’re gonna start at the very beginning alright and so the first thing you need to do if you want to have if you want to run ads on Facebook is you need A business page, okay So if you already have a business page Then you can skip this video and move on to the next one because all I’m gonna do here is show people how to create Their own business page so they can launch their ads from there But again, this will only be about how to set up your page And if you already have one then you can watch the next video Alright, so here I am. I’m in my buddy Fred’s profile page and he’s allowed me to use it so that I can show you how to set up a page and a Thing from scratch. Alright, so Mike over to your left menu click on pages and then you want to click on Create a page and we’re gonna get started with this and so we’re gonna call it Fred’s Fred’s puppy Training and an organ it’s going to be dog trainer and the street address is to a Farrell road and Low back J0x to c0 you leave the phone number up and don’t show my number so address and there we go So what I recommend you do is open up a couple of windows so you can be watching this video Watch this video In one window and pause it and then do what I do and so that when you’re done When I’m done, you will have a video so we want to upload a picture It doesn’t matter it’s just for What a total picture it’s gotta be going where’s the me in freight picture? Oh, well do this one There we go, so there’s Fred’s picture I Had a cover photo updating a cover photo that one will do Dee as to we Don’t do that, how come no They all do Diaz So you can post as your page or as yourself that’s what this little button here And we write something and You have a page And we publish that Okay, there we go know why the cover didn’t come up let’s try again choose from photos There we go How would I do We’ve stopped promotions by mistake, alright, so there we go We now have a page and that is all that you need to do Now, of course from here, you can build your page any way you want. I’m sure there’s lots of really cool courses I know my friend Rachel Miller has a good course on how to build your page, but this isn’t about that This is just about how to create a page so that you can launch paid advertising from here Alright, so let’s wrap this one up in the next video. I will show you how to set up your ads account All right, I hope you got some value out of that video So now you should have a Facebook page set up or you know exactly how to do it. So, that’s great But now if you want to run ads or if you ever want to run any ads in the future Then click that link below get free access to my membership site all the videos are in there everything from how to create your first ad all the way through setting up your pixel all the way through how to retarget audiences with that with that Facebook pixel So it’s free sign up using that link below and I look to look forward to seeing you in the membership All right talks later. Goodbye

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  1. Don't forget to login with your FREE access to my Facebook Ads 101 Membership site. The modules in this lesson show you everything how to build your Facebook Business page, all the way through creating your first and establishing your pixel to retargeting using your custom and lookalike audiences. You can login for free using this link:

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