How to Breakthrough and Get Your First 1000 Followers on Facebook for Free
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How to Breakthrough and Get Your First 1000 Followers on Facebook for Free

whether you think Facebook is sexy or
ugly it’s one of the most popular sites on the Internet
there’s Google and then there’s Facebook and they flip back and forth between the
most popular site on the web and today I’m going to teach you how to get
Warface events without spending a dollar on advertising so the first thing you
need to do is invite all your Facebook friends to join your fanpage the second
step that you need to do is go find all the competing fan pages that are out
there just type in a search into Facebook in their search bar typing
keywords related within your space and you’ll see all the competing fan pages
then next what you need to do is go through their fan page and see which
posts are doing extremely well the ones that are getting a ton of likes shares
then from there look what that content is go to google do searches find similar
related posts and post that content that’s very similar back on your website
keep in mind images and videos do the best so don’t just go posting articles
the next thing you need to do is go to your fan page insights right Facebook
has insights just click on that button and then from there scroll all the way
to the bottom you can add all the competing fan pages that will show you
the reach on a weekly basis and what you want to do is see what posts are driving
most of their engagement again share those posts on your fan page and what
you’ll notice is that your fan growth will start skyrocketing once you have
more fans then what you want to do is start sharing content from your own
website doing this will drive your fans back to your website so then you can
convert some of those visitors into customers you can even start offering
promos just for your Facebook fans on your fan page this will help get them
more engaged and start buying from your business it’s that simple start doing
that today and you’ll get more Facebook fans

17 thoughts on “How to Breakthrough and Get Your First 1000 Followers on Facebook for Free

  1. at 00:56 you said " and post that content back on your website "
    I think you meant " on your fan page" not website.

  2. Thanks, Neil! This is a really good idea. Never thought about using the fb insights with competing pages.

    Knowledge well received.

  3. Hi Neil, I am a small Digital Marketer. I learn a lot on your website and now, subscribed your channel.

    May I download (You Know We Can Download!!!) these videos and post on my Facebook Page ?

    I will not change anything in the video and will tag you every time.

  4. Hi Neil, it won't let me add any Facebook pages to watch.
    When I type in anything to search for a page, nothing shows up. Any ideas?

  5. Hey, Neil thanks for all this good content you're putting out. If I may give you a suggestion: try to raise the camera slightly because right now it seems like I'm watching you from the bottom and that's not a very nice way. Good luck!

  6. Post the content from Google back to your Facebook page, do you mean use the actual post or paraphrase and create your own post?

  7. 0:40 I typed in #velomobile (my field) and got related posts but on my FB account. And life of me, I don't know how to get to "my competitor's" fan page to see this page's insights (i.e. statistics).
    So, how can I get stats of other FB accounts' posts in my field?

  8. Do you mind if I ask how sharing other relevant page content helps your page grow? Kind of confused how that would work. On one of my facebook pages that's basically all I've done and I don't think I've gotten any new likes with that strategy.

  9. Hey Neil, I have a problem, the 'Insights' tab is only showing my page summary & my recent posts. I can't find the competing fan pages to add them.

  10. Hi Neil, thanks for your video. I am a very new marketing guy. I have a question that companies normally don't like customers to see competitors' news or relevant posts. So may I ask why you suggest to do so?

  11. Hello Neil, I am so appreciative of all your videos. I have a quick question though. I currently represent a resort clothing brand. You recommended going to competition and seeing what they are doing, creating original content, but then you said also to go their page and share their post on my page? Is this correct? I am not sure how this will get me more followers but instead just show my current 100-200 fans other people’s clothing. I am really struggling to get more people to follow this page. Any tips would be great. I was thinking about doing a targeted local market give away for emai leads/Facebook likes. Any advice would be great. I’ve been watching your videos religiously and recommending to other friends as well

  12. Are you saying to research what the most popular posts are on your competitors Fan Page. Then "google the same category". Write a blog post based on something similar..(hopefully add images/video), then post it to your Facebook page? This literally might be the most confusing 2 minutes of video I've ever watched.

  13. Wow, Powerful advice and information…I will update you how it worked, Thankyou Mr. Patel for your information

  14. simple and useful tips for facebook marketers….you said is correct, images and videos do better than posting contents

  15. Hi Neil! So you say to share your competitors most engaging posts on your fan page. Is that correct? What if mainly what they are sharing is their own products?

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