How to boost your facebook page for free
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How to boost your facebook page for free

hello guys, so you want to boost your
page or your post without spending even a penny then you are on the right place
I’m gonna show you a best trick for facebook fanpage so let’s get it. hello viewers. welcome to w3 Academy if
you have a fan page or a business page and you want to promote your page
for free and I’m gonna show you a best trick to do that so let’s get it. let me open my Facebook first then
I’m opening the page okay I want to promote the post of this
Facebook page so you may know these things publishing
tools, insights, notifications and grow audience this will ask me to pay for
promotion and I have community here and you all may know about these
things so what I’m gonna share with you people is something new. so what you have
to do is to go to settings from here and here are many things you may
know that messaging, page roles and many other things branded
contents, Instagram adverts and cross posting. Many options are here and what I
have to do is in general. I have to click on general and here I have an option of
audience optimisation for posts so I have to turn on this. okay click on edit. I already have done that you have to checked this box on and save your
changes. They say allow preferred audience selection and the
ability to restrict you the audience for your post so check on this checkbox
and Save Changes after that go to the page so I am showing you that how
to do that click on write something I am writing something here:
this is w3 academy. okay so I have an another option this boost post will
ask me for money and I have other options to do that for free
choose the preferred audience for this post so this should be here if you have
checked that box there so click on it and this will ask me to put some
interest here choose the people who you would like to reach in news feed
people in this group are more likely to see your post so it’s the best way it’s
it so it’s about technology my post is about technology so I have to
put interests of technology so I can put it all: all technology and
I can be some more specific about things inside technology like
operating system personal computer smartphones mobile phones desktop
computers so I can I can add them all here, so people with these interests are
more likely to see my post, when I post that so this is the great
trick by which you can boost your post or your page for free so by this
way you can promote your post without spending even a penny okay so that’s all
for this tutorial and thank you for watching subscribe for more videos and
good bye for now

100 thoughts on “How to boost your facebook page for free

  1. Same with I am using it everyday on my 10 accounts at once, I did not get banned, using it now for more than a month. I stop spending on Facebook ads and just concentrate on this tool to get relevant live traffic for my target niche.

  2. Hello Bro I did all of these but at last i am not able to save the preferred people and location menu. Can you please help me?

  3. ابے کس نے کہا تھا انگلش میں ویڈیو بنا ؟ بول ایسے رہا ہے جیسے سبق پڑھ رہا ہے

  4. Facebook looks like it has updated, changed the format. I am following you step by step and pages are different.

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  7. is this trick gonna let you show your post to ppl except your fans or narrow your existing fans to find the most engaging?

  8. wCa Academy; my facebook not show button like page on the post that I posted. can you help me to solve this problem…?

  9. please help me. I can't creat job post in my facebook page. Beacuse the icon "job" is not found in my page. What can i do for solve this. Please answer me

  10. and share my video. Thank you. And spread this to your group chats or friends po.pls.thank you po.

    Like this page

  12. Hi, I could do all the steps on the audience setting right before post, how do i know i will get more audience views, I have added many audience on it, its about real state, 7 minutes I have got 2 views. I will see tomorrow, all my apartment posts has not more than 20 views. 🙁

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