How to Blog on Facebook
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How to Blog on Facebook

How to Blog on Facebook? Open your favorite Browser. Go to Login to your Facebook account with your user name and password. Now, Go to your blog and copy the link of the blog entry you want to be posted to Facebook. Return to Facebook and Locate the field where it says ” what’s on your mind”. Then paste the link to your blog entry within the Update Status box. You will be presented with the option to publish a picture, or “thumbnail” for your blog entry on Facebook. Click on the “Post” button. Your Facebook friends will now see your blog link within their News Feeds. You can also use Notes Feature to blog on facebook. To do this, Click on the “Notes” link on the left side of your Facebook session from either your “Home” or “Profile” pages. Click on the “Write a Note” button to access a blank notepad page. Write or paste your blog content onto the blank page, then format the text according to your preferences. Click on the “Publish” button to publish your blog content on Facebook. Your friends can then access the blog from the Notes section when they view your profile. This is How You can Blog on Facebook.

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