How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger
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How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger

Hello and welcome to KahindoTech. In this video I will show you how to block people from messaging you on Facebook Messenger. Let’s begin. I’ll first open the Facebook Messenger app Once I have that opened, go to “People” on the bottom corner, to the right side. It says “People”, it’s the little phonebook. Click that and open it. Once I have this opened. I could search for the person who I would like to block by just going down the list or if you already know their name just On the tab, in the search bar. Type in their name…and I’m looking for a person called Donald Campbell So once the name comes up select them Once they’re selected. So this is taking you to the message that you have had with this person I’ll click on the…You actually want to go to their profile information So, if you see their name on the top Click on the…where there is that little right pointing arrow. I’ll click on that This will take me to their profile. Once on their profile, scroll all the way down… where you see “Ignore messages” or “Block” messages, so there’s different ways of Ignoring people. You can simply ignore their message when you click ignore messages, this will just ah… It’ll block them from contacting..ah…messaging through Facebook Messenger. So whenever they send you a message it’ll just go There is like a message request *folder*, where you have to approve their messages before they will contact you. And you won’t be notified otherwise, if you click on “cancel” you can go to…all the way to the bottom where it says “block” then select the “Block Messages” Where it says “Black Messages”. This one, it will block their messages and calls from come…from coming to you So every time they call you, it will just come back ignored and you won’t have any kind of contact. Now remember, there’s a difference between Facebook Messenger and Facebook app So, if you actually want them completely from *Facebook* and from Facebook Messenger You have to block them on the Facebook app So you see where it says “Block On Facebook” Click on that It’ll take me to the Facebook app Here is where I can actually block them from even seeing them on Facebook. If you see, where in the middle it says “Friends”, “Following”, “Messages” and “More”. Click on “More” Once you click “More”. Click on “Block”…the red Red word…the second word “Block”. So once you click that You have completely block them and unfriend them and you won’t be able to see each other Okay, that’s how you can block people from contacting you on Facebook Messenger. If you liked the video, please subscribe, and I’ll give you more…I have more content relating to the usage of Facebook messenger in the

29 thoughts on “How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger

  1. So if i block them from messenger, when they send messages, they will be notify that they can't contact me? I just want to be sure they are notified that they can't reach me.

  2. Thanks. The ignore feature is good. They don't tell the person they're being ignored. I have a FB "friend" whom I don't know in the slightest and she's forever Messaging me. Messenger is for family and real friends in my opinion. If it's social network stuff it's ruined. Good riddance to her messages. ¡Adiós muy buenas! ¡Vete con viento fresco! ¡Adiós y hasta nunca!

  3. Thank you. I was getting unsolicited messages from someone who I didn’t know and it was really freaky. Facebook needs to make blocking people easier on messenger

  4. This does not work for someone who is using messenger without facebook. They don't have a FB account and there are no options within messenger to block the person, so they continue to SPAM me

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  6. Thank you. I needed this for that one someone who I've been friends with since 3rd grade since they are what I call a fake friend like when I text him he just looks at the message and doesn't say anything back but when he texts me I quickly respond with positivity and what not and he is active all day and I told him if he has other people on other sites and he said yes but this was like an month ago and so like you're trying to tell me that you rather talk to people you haven't met in person and probably just met them not that long ago compared to when we met each other more than me? 😂 I can't with these fake friends like just because we don't see eye to eye anymore since we separated schools doesn't mean you have to act like you don't know me but now it's even worse because he doesn't even look at my messages now and I told him something that he knows that is school related cause I needed help but he never opened it like I got 7 messages he never opened which means he most likely muted me. Smh. Thanks though!

  7. Well 2 people were sending me disgusting stuff that i don't wanna see.and one of them dared to post nude pics of myself which terrifying so my parents told me to block that person and im a minor

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