How To Block People on Facebook – Block Someone
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How To Block People on Facebook – Block Someone

Hey, how’s it going everyone, this is your
helpful and protective Marketing Expert, Derral Eves. Now do you have someone that’s really
bugging you on Facebook? And you’re looking for every way to actually stop them without
deleting your Facebook account? Well guess what? You’re in luck! I’m going to actually
show you how to do the great thing of blocking someone on Facebook without them even knowing.
Isn’t that cool? Let’s take a look! Alright, there’s two ways to block a user
on Facebook. The first way is to come up to this little icon with the lock box there,
let’s go ahead and click on that and you can come down to “how to I stop someone from bothering
me?” and you can either put the name or the email address in there so if I want to put
Joe Eves, my brother, and go ahead and hit enter and it will select all the Joe Eves
there and you can say “ok, this is the person I really want to block” but I don’t want to
block him because I really like my brother Joe. So let’s go ahead and cancel that. That’s
the first way to do that. Now there’s another way to do it as well where you can actually
go to the person’s page and there is these little three dot icons, you can go ahead and
click that and you can click Block. Now I don’t want to block my wife because then she
would get very upset at me, that wouldn’t be very good. But that’s how simple it is
to block a user in Facebook. Now because Facebook’s actually blocked the
users they’re not going to receive any notification telling them that you actually blocked them.
This doesn’t mean that they might have a suspicions and check to see if they got de-friended or
blocked or anything like that. And honestly if they keep on bugging you and bullying you
I put a link in the description below so that you can actually report them, Now I personally
want to know why you’re actually blocking a certain user, put it in the comments below
and we can be your support group. And hopefully people will stop doing this because it’s ridiculous.
Now if you liked this Facebook tip, why don’t you click on this button right here and subscribe
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how to integrate marketing. Honestly it’s great! But I have some great videos over here
about Facebook, how to block game notifications, I hate game notifications, and I stopped them
all! So check out a few of my videos here and realistically if you’re trying to get
rid of Facebook I made a video on that too of how to actually delete your Facebook account

100 thoughts on “How To Block People on Facebook – Block Someone

  1. I wanna know badly how to make your parent's not see what I'm liking and commenting without blocking them, I know there is a way to do it, but I have no idea how! Could sombbodey please tell me 🙂

  2. can you make the video,how to add people to block list without waiting for 24 hours?because after remove them from block list, need to wait 24 hours
    sorry for my English writting

  3. One of the greatest features about Facebook, it's Blocking 😂✌️, I blocked 86 friends cause I got tired of their feeds , really not a big fan of Facebook , too much self whoring & it's bad for your state of mind . I prefer talking to people face to face in real life .

  4. Hey, I have a question on blocking someone that none of the many videos I have watched or googled seem to answer!!!
    What about a facebook page! I know you can ban someone from your page where they can't like and comment but I want them not to be able to see my page at all like when you block them from your profile!! what can i do to make someone not see my facebook PAGE at all!??

  5. i want to block this person from school who has 0 friends, is socially awkward and no one likes bc she is weird, she literally laughed hysteracly, but so quietly, when my friend asked if our other friend was in her class ans she laughed all the way down stairs. she found my fb, I didnt give it to her. meaning she searched my name up, just like how she found my skype and started creepily texting 'goodnight' and 'goodmorning' for a while. she made 2 fb accounts and is ALWAYS asking me to 'play these games' its been a year now and she is still asking me to do them.

  6. I want to find out how I can keep my face book account 100% PUBLIC so everyone can see everything but I can make it so my brother won't be blocked but he won't see everything I post and see everything on my facebook account? Plus I have noticed that with Facebook when you put someone on a restrict list you don't have the option to keep people restricted while the rest of everyone else is public on my facebook. If there was a way for free that was safe to restrict someone and make it so they can't see whether you are doing on facebook but you don't have to block them. Plus if you could make it when they post to your facebook they will think that their post is really on your wall but it really is not until you approve it but they won't know it? I wish some one could create an app and/or a program that you can download for FREE to your pc or mac? It would be nice to have an app/program that would make it impossible fore someone to block you on facebook?

  7. How do you block someone from your public business page if they haven't liked, commented etc. ???

  8. If u block some one and useMessenger and if u messenge them will it UN block them bc if so I'll have to3 block them for my girlfriend

  9. I have a LONG LIST of people I blocked since I live in the Flower Mound Community, full of bullies. Their gonna have to work EXTRA and MORE to make it up. Obviously that's not gonna happen, as long as their consumed and obsessed with technology that makes them negative in my book.

  10. Cause this girl keeps calling me whenever she want sth from me,, she got a home, kids and a husband but she keeps bothering me just when she needs to be a way from her husband and I should tolerate her manner and her kids, besides i bearly managing my life and they are a family I need to spend more than my actual daily expenses while she got double than my salary but she's not spending a cent whenever she comes over here.

  11. I need help!!! A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend told me that every time I Pinned something on Pinterest it showed up in her Facebook notifications, and it also shows up as if I really want to post it to my Facebook which I don't. I have not a clue if or what I did, so I have not a clue how to fix it. I enjoy Pinning to Pinterest, so my little habit, is frustrating to those who don't care to see all of my Pins. Could you help me??? Would appreciate it.

  12. Hey Derral, Thanks for the video! I think my problem is a little different than what most people are experiencing.
    I own a Tanning Salon & Spa, and my ex-manager is always on our business FB page, and she friend request TONS of our customers (She started a "Mobile Spray Tan Business") so….this is her way of marketing and it's……more than pissing me off lol
    Any Ideas for me Derral??? plzzz


  13. Derral I have people that i am not friends with and want to block them. Face book will not let me block them. This is what it says
    "This profile can’t be blocked for now
    You can report Pages or profiles if you think they’re doing something that goes against our Community Standards. Learn more.
    If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know."

  14. None of these worked as the person I want to block is a partner of an ex aquaintence on his page no 3 …. to block & searching his name shows no match

  15. If I block  someone on fb does that mean they cant see my page as well or does it mean I can still see their page too and they can't see mine?  Thanks.

  16. my friend said they didn't luke the way i was that i was depresed or some s***t and he said so stop texting me so i said okay but why and i said bye and he waved.

  17. i block people because i dont want them to see my photos. there are some ppl who only wants to see whats going on in others life…😤

  18. Hey, so if I block someone are they unable to find that my account even exist. So if I block someone, do I become invisible to them.

  19. i block my friend cos he is bothering me,day and night,maybe he is in love or what i dont know,i am gay he is straight.or maybe i am too friendly with him,I felt sorry when i block him,

  20. Facebook is lying saying people can connect with people when they block people.  Facebook people are blind to the Spirit of others not being aware of the evil spirit that is in them. Face book does not know God's laws. Facebook teaches nothing even as a demon teaches nothing. Devils block out of fear through people.   Facebook people have nothing good to say so they say block, block, block like a dumb chicken,  Blocking cannot teach people anything.

  21. What happens if I give someone a friend request and then their profile only has the 'Message' button when I view their profile after some time?

  22. Blocking my husbands family because they troll me on FB. Leave comments with no substance, just disagree with my post.  Then when I defend my position with facts they do not respond.  I refuse to engage in a one sided conversation.  Thank you for your video!

  23. How to block ppls Advertising sales on Facebook on my phone please do tell me because it become really annoying Thanks👍🏾😁😎

  24. If I would any person on Facebook then they would get any notification about that they are blocked by me… please anyone reply me

  25. I'm trying to block my exes crazy bf because he wants to fight me because one of my friends sent me her and him having sex on Facebook live and I sent the video to her sister to make sure she didn't have her sister pictures out there like that

  26. i’m blocking this person because their being suspicious like i don’t post anything the only thing i do is change my cover photo and stuff and i said i’m not on facebook often and they’re just asking odd questions that shouldn’t be asked and i really am worried now about my safety because idk if they can see my location or not or what i mean i don’t have location turned on or anything tho i would hope. they’re just asking uncomfy questions and i want to block them hows that sound

  27. It is a social concern. She keeps getting a new FB account and then I have to block her again. She needs to know nothing about me or my life! Ty

  28. If I block someone on Facebook and we’ve joined the same group or fan page can the person I’ve blocked see my post on groups we both follow?

  29. Great video! If I block them personally, does that block them from seeing any of my public business pages & posts on my business pages? Thanks!

  30. I belong to a FB group named, "True Conservatives for Donald J. Trump". The admins are neglecting the group and it is now being overrun by anti-Trump, vitriol trolls. I already blocked them but thought you would like to know why I blocked half a dozen or so trolls on that site. My FB account is *"Janine Kviz Morgan"*.

  31. i had to block two puerto ricans who are super pro-trump….stupid ass idiots…thanks for this….had to read them their racist riot acts on them….

  32. reason being, a certain someone in my family is basically the sum up of everything bad about a person that can be gained, the person I blocked is greedy, narcissistic, dishonest, deceitful, overdependent, ardent, ignorant, arrogant and just a flat out scumbag. This person is also the kind of individual that finds even the smallest problems and puts it against others instead of this individuals self and will go to extreme lengths to falsely accuse somebody of lets say breaking a window with their drunk head, Is also the kind of person who loves to see other people suffer whether it be real life or not and even generates many white lies to fool people including me into believing what this person says is the truth. This person is not the person I want in my family, and neither everybody else, because of this individual, my family almost fell into total anarchy and to this day, my father is still homeless and my brothers are trying to reel from the events that followed. But blocking this person on social media was only step one.

  33. Most people I know that I have blocked this my family.. cos I don't want them to know I'm doing.. very private person. Don't have any friends on Facebook have blocked them all for the same reason.. and block people when they post too much crap

  34. actually some people you can "block their page" but not the actual person. I still get to see her page even if I blocked her(scocial harassing of me and other face friends) it can't block the person only the "page". what is that?

  35. I sell a number of things of face book and lets say Tim is the highest bid but does not want to get a hold of me for a pickup time . As I do look for any answer up to 2 days as most of the time it is $5.00 to a $10.00 item. So I block them as then they can not get a hold of me as I have blocked over 75 people . As what I am sell it is all new stuff that I buy in bulk . So Thanks as I have forgot how to do it .

  36. I want to block a spam bot that tagged me on it's page.
    When I go to the page to block it, that "3 little dot" icon is not there. I have clicked all over that page looking for a block button.

  37. Because I have a person trying to steal my idea's trying to know what I'm doing for he can know what to do

  38. I'm in a relationship that's turning toxic. They don't understand me and they're quick to insult and place the blame for something easily talked out. So I'm looking to block for know until I decide deleting is the way to go.

  39. So me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time and I’m currently 7 months pregnant with his baby but after I found out I was pregnant we had a break for a few months because we didn’t agree on a lot and in that time he started messing around with this girl who became obsessed with me and was stalking all my social media and was mad that I was having his baby so much so that she wanted him to get her pregnant too after they known each other for a month well that didn’t happen because he called things off with her and came to see me because he was ready to be a father fast forward he told me that she was still trying to talk to him and informed him when I found out that I was having a girl and he told her he knew because he went with me to my appointment and then at that point I blocked who I thought was her because she was the first person to pop up when I started typing her name after that I found out she was also following me on insta so I unblocked her fb to make sure it was her and it was but now fb won’t let me block her again because I just unblocked her is there anyway around that. I just want her out of my business and my life completely I don’t got time for this low life to be stalking me she had her chance with the father of my baby and she blew it and she needs to get over it now I love my boyfriend and we’re trying to work things out for our daughter whatever happens I know I’ll be fine to take care of my baby on my own if things don’t work out but I’ll be damned if this crazy bitch be looking at what I post about my baby I’m so close to just beating her ass because of how she be acting I’m a humble person and I can’t be upset about my boyfriend doing what he did while we weren’t together but I can only take so much so somebody please help me block this bitch

  40. I own and run a full time fine art photography business and I post live links (on my page) about 1-3 times a day for people to purchase my work, or my yearly calendars or my photo greeting cards. It's how I earn a living. I don't do anything else. I also break up the "advertising" by sharing my images daily for free for everyone to enjoy. I just had to unfriend and block someone here in my home town because THEY posted on my public profile "I wish you would stop advertising here." If they didn't like what I was posting, they could have easily hid my comments for 30 days or unfriended me but no, they had to leave their little disgruntled comment on my public profile for everyone else to see. They could have sent me a private message about how they felt but they chose to make it public…so in return, I chose to unfriend and block them. I gave them exactly what they wanted. Now they wont see anymore of my "advertising" on Facebook.

  41. i just want to block my family because they always hurt me my brother always anoying me but is ok i am learning karate 🥋 2019 but still i want to block theme

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