How to Better Organize your Social Media Calendar
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How to Better Organize your Social Media Calendar

having a strong social following is
crucial for girl in your audience and you need an audience in order to be able
to sell your product or service I’m Aaron Rutten and today I’d like to show
you how to better organize your social media presence by creating a social
media content calendar that can help you post the right content at the right time
consistently and in some cases automatically tell me if this sounds
like you you post to social media but you do it at random times without any
rhyme or reason sometimes you might even just forget to post for large chunks of
time and it seems like every time you resume posting you can’t remember what
you already posted well I’m here to say that there is a better way to post I’ll
show you how to post the smart way so that you can free up more of your brain
to focus on creating great content to accomplish that I’ll be using a social
media content calendar the one I’m going to be using is called CoSchedule and
I use it to organize my social media posts and plan my YouTube videos but
even if you don’t use CoSchedule you’ll still be able to utilize a lot of the
tips that I’ll be sharing in this video to create your own social media calendar
using whichever tools you like if you’d like to follow along with me just use
the link in the description of this video this is not a sponsored video but
the link is an affiliate link so let’s kick off this tutorial by discussing a
few of the basic best practices for posting to social media first you should
be posting consistently on a daily basis and you should be posting the right
mixture of content you should be planning and scheduling your posts ahead
of time you should be making your posts more discoverable by using relevant
hashtags and you should be engaging with your audience so here’s the problem I
was having with posting to social media it was difficult to remember to post
consistently and I kept forgetting what I had already posted did I already share
that artwork I don’t know I can’t remember do I have a list nope I also
just didn’t know what to post sometimes and I didn’t really have any kind of
organization or really any kind of protocol to follow I did try to take a
step in the right direction by creating a social media calendar using a
combination of my Google Calendar task lists and Trello and detailed notes and
ever notes but as you can imagine that very elegant because each one of those
applications don’t really interact with each other so I’d have to have all kinds
of different windows open and it was just really hard to make sense of things
and wrap my mind around it but then one day I discovered CoSchedule and it
turned out to be exactly what I needed to set up a social media posting
strategy and keep my calendar up-to-date and organized I was able to merge a lot
of the various bits of information from my Google Calendar Trello and Evernote
into Go schedule this made it much easier to manage all of these various
projects because now they’re all in one place plus there’s the added bonus of
being able to use the co schedule app on my phone to manage my schedule when I’m
on the go I want to remind you that even if you’re not going to be using CoSchedule I want you to listen up because you can apply many of these strategies
I’m about to discuss to your own social media calendar so let’s drive right into
my social media calendar and we can take a look at how it works
the primary way you might use a social media content calendar is to keep track
of and organize your past present and future social media posts now I know
you’re looking at all this and thinking wow this is really complicated there’s
so many different things stacked up here in so many colors what is going on here
well just keep in mind that this is all stuff that I had to keep in my brain I
still had to think about it I still had to try to organize it but now I’m able
to actually just put it down in an application and it doesn’t have to take
up space up here as you can see I’m able to post to multiple social media
accounts I have posts for Twitter here I have
posts for LinkedIn and I have Instagram and Tumblr let’s take a look at this
Instagram post here and we can pull it up and preview it
I could also edit it if I want to you can of course add other social media
accounts besides these one of the most useful features of a social media
calendar is the ability to drag and drop various pieces of content so for example
here I have this Twitter post advertising my upcoming webinar if I
don’t want that to be posted on the 12th and I actually want to move it over to
let’s say the 15th I can just drag it over and drop it now it’s going to
automatically schedule for that date instead of the previous date I don’t
have to do anything other than that to change the scheduling and on top of that
there were some automatic posts that ended up getting rescheduled
automatically as well if I decided I change my mind and I want to bring that
back I can just drag it back over to the 12th and it rescheduled it to be posted
automatically on the 12th you might also notice that there are some different
times selected here I did not have to select these times these times were
automatically selected and they’re selected based on when you’re going to
get the most engagement on each Network so it’s automatically selected the best
time to post now if you’re going to be creating your own social media calendar
you can do some searches online and you can actually find the best times to post
to each social media network but CoSchedule does that for me automatically
so I don’t even have to worry about it now I mentioned that CoSchedule is
automatically shifting some things around and what it’s doing here is it’s
filling the gaps using a feature called ReQueue so I can essentially collect
together a whole bunch of evergreen content evergreen means that it’s
something that’ll be useful more than once and maybe all throughout the year
and so what riku does is it takes content like that and it just sprinkles
it throughout my social media calendar making sure to fill all of those gaps
where I don’t already have a post if I manually add a post there then it’ll
take that content and just move it somewhere else so if I hop on over to
ReQueue here I have a list of groups that helps me categorize all of my different
content that’ll be ReQueue example I have evergreen promotions I have course
promotions I have YouTube playlists let’s look in the evergreen promotional
and here you can see all of the content that’s entered into the queue so for
example I have this promotion that’s talking about becoming a member of my
YouTube channel so this is something that I want to post regularly but I
don’t want to have to remember to post it so the fact that it can be done
automatically according to the schedule that I choose is awesome you’ll also see
that I can post that same content to multiple social networks so I have that
same post for LinkedIn and for Twitter as well and I can tweak the message to
be tailored to fit each social media network if I wanted to I could also
filter the results by a particular network I can show only the Twitter
posts and then I could also view an archive of what I’ve already posted I’ll
come back to that in just a bit and discuss how that’s helpful I’ll go ahead
and move to another grouping this is the YouTube playlists and here you can see I
have some different playlist posts this is a playlist about creating
speed paintings and again this is something that’s somewhat evergreen so
people are always going to want to know how to create time lapses or speed
paintings over their artwork so I can share this more than once and I can just
automatically put it into a schedule now if you wanted to set a limit you could
you could adjust the sending limit and you can have this particular post only
send a certain amount of times if you don’t want to overdo it if I go to
curated post weekends these are posts from other content
creators that I’m sharing which is known as curated posts and I want these to
post specifically on the weekends so I have this content set to automatically
post only on Saturday and Sunday so you can differentiate between evergreen
content that you post on specific days of the week or throughout the year
now riku is very helpful to be able to reshare that evergreen content and fill
in the gaps but another added bonus as I mentioned earlier is the ability to use
the archiving feature to know what you’ve already posted so let’s go ahead
and go to Instagram art I’ll go ahead and filter it just by Instagram posts
and here you can see I’ve cued up a whole bunch of artwork that I’ve created
previously that I haven’t shown on Instagram yet and what this does is this
gives me a list of what I can post but it also gives me a list of what I’ve
already posted in my archive so now I can go back and reference and I can see
here in this list I’ve already posted these three pieces rather than having to
scroll through my whole instagram feed another added bonus is that because this
is in a web browser I can do ctrl F and I can search let’s say for acrylic and
it’ll highlight all the videos that have the word acrylic in them meaning that I
can actually search for a specific piece of art that I posted to Instagram rather
than having to look for it visually so in a way I’m able to kind of flag
content that I’ve already posted and then I can also make prior posts
searchable I’m going to go ahead and go back to my calendar here I can also
browse through my history of prior riposte so visually here on the calendar
and if I wanted to take something that I already posted from the previous week
and duplicate it and drag that duplicate over to another day and repost it then I
can do that another benefit of the social media calendar is that I can
color code and label each of these posts so I can have just a visual indicator to
show me this is one type of post this is another type of post so for example my
ReQueue posts are in green my YouTube video posts are in
kind of rose color here my recurring or seasonal videos are going to be an
orange and then anything that I’ve manually added that might be kind of a
one-off I’ve added in purple just to show that that’s something that I added
so as you can see having a social media content calendar can be very helpful
just for being able to visually keep track of everything and make sure that
everything is going to go out at the right time it also encourages you to
plan ahead and start generating content ahead of time you can seek out that
evergreen content and get it all together and then you know exactly what
all of your evergreen content is and you can begin sharing that but now I want to
dive a little bit deeper into CoSchedule and what it can do because it
doesn’t end here this is really just the tip of the iceberg

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  2. THAT was truly helpful. I used Hootsuite for a while but it wasn't enough for my needs. This looks much much better.

  3. This works, but this is one of the big reasons I unfollow profiles because reused social content is just flooding my feed most of the time.

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