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  1. So this isnt a video adressing how catholic comments scapegoat the LGBT community for the actions of their pedophile priests, this is just you talking about old facebook news so you can say "woe is the persecuted christian"

    My bad, its my fault for expecting you to do something right for a change.

  2. If you publicly protest something or stand for something, you will be on camera and have people judge you within seconds. It is something to think about for parents and schools who send their kids out for marches, etc. Should kids (below 18) be allowed to participate in things like March for Life if they will suffer this kinds of abuse?

  3. Sometimes the scapegoating is not started by some simpleton and then all the sheep follow. The scapegoating can be started by intelligent people who wish to harness the scapegoat trait for their own agenda. In this video it was discussed that the Catholic leaders should tell the flock that it is not nice to scapegoat. But there actually some Catholic leaders will set scapegoating in motion if it suits their needs. I had worked at a school run by Sisters of Mercy nuns and a cover up needed to take place. So the school leaders made false reports against me to turn people against me. At a later stage the head nun must have felt guilty that I was damaged by lies and she told me a story about white lies. She did not admit to a lie or say what the story related to but it was obvious to me. She said that if a lie was for the overall good of the community it was a white lie. (So it was for the good of the community for me to be damaged to protect the nun's holy image) If people wished to read the story in more detail google white lies test blog and google innuendo test blog

  4. Answer seems simple to me. Human beings were not evolved (or created if you prefer) to interact anonymously. We as a species obviously have no restraint when there is no fear of reprisal – same reason people are more rude to each other in big cities, mob behaviour et. al. You are seeing people as they really are, not the people they pretend to be when talking to them face to face. The "devil" is not far below the surface, and the internet is a great way to see it. A partial solution is to require people to use their real names and contact info on the internet. We've come to a place where the "Right" and "Left" have become equally toxic. If I were to pray for anything (not that its my thing) I'd pray for reason..

  5. Love it!! Sooo true!! EVERYTHING discussed here is very apropos to today's culture and truly to our inheritance as adopted sons and daughters of God Himself Who IS ABSOLUTE LOVE! Thank you Bishop Barron. This is a great Social Media Rule to live by that is similar to the no Tech rule of: "If you do not have anything good to say about the person, say nothing at all." Okay, not quite the same but on the same line or thread of conversation; which means saying with kindness and love to the person or statements you disagree on.

    I find sometimes even when you post a comment out of love, EVERYONE calls you a HATER in the comment sections. I also find that reading and writing comments vary with people's behavioral moods and patterns at the time of reading or reception of text/social media remarks.
    Hmmm… strange times we are living in.
    "Strangers in a Strange Land".

    Thank you Bishop Barron. Thank you very much!➕JuT❤

  6. can you do a lecture on the topology of the goats in Leviticus in the Catholic tradition?
    an Adventist told me Lucifer was the scapegoat, and I m not sure why its wrong?

    hehe like it or not, we are your cross Good Bishop 🙂

  7. It's not just the anonymity and hiddeness of the internet that enables un-thoughtful and vicious comments. The owners and managers of social media sites selectively allows impulsive and often spurious comments from those of a particular political ideology, specially when the targets of criticism are those deemed to have the wrong opinions or thoughts. The Covington high school teenagers, because of their identity, were easy targets by those that hate their kind. The social media companies and establishment media in general are now the taste makers of what is allowed morally and culturally. This used to be the role of Christianity (at least in the West), but a new Cathedral has taken their place.

  8. Remember th 19th Century lynch mobs in Western America or even the black block mob riots today. The participants rely on anonymity to avoid legal punishment even while telling themselves that what they do is right.

  9. I don't know why in this day and age people jump on and attack everything immediately without even considering what it actually is. I guess it's just something that's arisen out of being able to anonymously blurt out your first reaction to everything. One should always step back, consider the issue, see what both sides have to say, get the actual facts, and then if one has something meaningful to add, well sure, then you can comment. I think it makes people feel better about themselves to publicly jump down the throats of anyone who does any little thing that could possibly be seen as exclusive or unjust on social media, without fully considering the issue. I have no respect for armchair activism, it requires nothing of you. If you don't feel as if you're doing enough good in the world, then try volunteering at a food pantry or soup kitchen and actually DOING something for somebody.

  10. Willing the good of the other: I can't help feeling sad for that woman who condemned herself to a cloistered nunnery. Hope she's happy but I hope there's some sort of escape clause in case she thinks better of it.

  11. Much needed points for anyone using the Internet and social media especially in the current times also in and alongside the Church. Hugely indebted. Thanks ever so much Bishop Barron and Brandon! Big God Bless!!

  12. Girard's insight into mob violence and scapegoating is the key to understanding what is going on today. Bishop Barron is one of the few online commentators to see deeply into Girard.

  13. Anonymity combined with impersonal communication defeats our perception of the humanity of those we differ from, when we differ from them.

  14. This video indeed is a great 'must watch'.
    'Badmouthing' seems to be the norm for certain channels, Catholic ones for that. Thanks ever so much Bishop Barron for listing the true qualities to be cultivated by those who intend to serve the Church and the world using the Internet and Social media. Over the years especially the recent past I have been developing a feeling of utter helplessness in the face of contents on channels that are 'gossipy' and worse . Thank you Bishop Barron for being so resourceful in presenting the true qualities to be cultivated by those who may use the Media. Hoping and praying that a responsible manner may be adopted by all.

  15. Bishop Barron, Bishop of the Catholic Social Media, you have also spoken in here like a very resourceful 'parent'. May Jesus bless and keep you in best of health for service in the the Church and the world!

  16. Hey Bishop Barron–tell that [starting at 24:00] to your brother Bishop (of Covington) who scapegoated the kid and threw him under the bus.

  17. hi bishop, id love your opinion on pope Francis' trip and mass to the Arabian peninsula. Was it a good thing? did it achieve anything? I personally thought the mass was incredible and just hold the mass was worth it. Any thoughts?

  18. Its more than just social media, it’s the mentality that arose from the politically correct movement. The moment one disagrees or says something that is not sanctioned by the PC crowd, you are opened to be ostracized. As a result of this zealotry all these individuals act as a political komisars, reminiscent of a communist or nazi regimes.

  19. "We've found a witch, may we burn her?" asks the peasant in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. Everyone sees what they want to see. And they all love a good witch hunt and burning. Let us be slow to judge and quick to forgive. Sorry, just trying to be Catholic.

  20. The worst part over the whole #CovingtonCatholic issue was that the diocese threw these kids under the bus for the only reason to appease and be a part of the faceless masses of the media and internet. The bishop chose to go with the knee jerk reaction against members of his flock without giving the benefit of the doubt; he should have stayed silent for at least a day, as the truth came out pretty quickly. The world opposing Catholics? Okay, not too surprising. A bishop seeing the wolves gather around members of his flock and accepting it? Terrible.

  21. The PROBLEM is we NEVER call out the other side because we fear PC backlash!!! The TRUTH is the "native american elder" was nothing but a trouble-provoking piece of shit!!! Oh but no one has the guts to say that …why? …because he's ethnic?? barely? it's all total BS. We're all ready to decapitate this young boy (because he's smiling?)….but when we find out the old indian was the one being a JERK no one calls him out!!! COWARDS!!

  22. Everything about us will be restored in heaven including our 'memories', lost limbs or vision. However, thankfully everything will be on a different and higher level. I would want to think that we won't be using our memories to remember hurts or experiences of negative kinds in a way that makes us sad, angry etc. Every aspect of our being will be NEW. Remember how when Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene after his resurrection she didn't recognise him at first?
    Old age and death came to humans because of the 'fall'. Loss of memory is typical of old age. There's no age in eternity and everyone is going to be young only.

  23. I have struggled with the concept of our memories in being intact in heaven. In heaven there will be no sin, sorrow, death, sadness, etc..etc…But a lot of our memories that make up who we are at the metaphysical level, are intense memories of all of those things. You could say that our minds are seared in a sense as a byproduct of our experiencing all manner of things thru out our lives. How could you stand around in heaven and not recall anything upsetting as your remember your life on earth? Or suppose you're in heaven but your sister isn't. Wouldn't you be sad for her? Maybe even cry? But there is no sadness in heaven. No tears. No pain. This is very confusing for me.

    Then there is no marriage in heaven? But how? What will your relationship be to your spouse in heaven? You can no longer make love to them, since there is no marriage or love making in heaven either? What is going on here!? The marriage is voided by God? I understand heaven is this massive unimaginable upgrade from Earth, obviously………….but it just seems bizarre to lose your wife/husband like that and be downgraded to just friends. The mansion made for you…….how can it be homely if your wife isn't' your wife anymore? Look obviously it will be homely, I'm sure you'd rather be in heaven in your own mansion even if it's by yourself than in a bottomless burning pit gnashing your teeth out and being invaded by unkillable worms.

    Is Jesus omnipresent in heaven? Like if it's this huge magnitude of a place, like say for example the size of 1 trillion trillion earths. And say you're mansion is on one end, and other mansions are on the OTHER end of heaven. Like say 10 people in heaven, all invoke his name at the same time becasue they all want to see him at that moment, but each of those 10 persons are on separate locations in endless heaven. Which person does the physical Jesus tend to first? Or lets say YOU wanted to visit a friend you met in heaven, but you live on opposite sides of the unimaginable magnitude. Will we be bound by physical limits and be constrained by travel "time" like we do on earth? But Heaven is the eternal realm. How is distance measured in heaven for things like exploring, and the fact that it takes TIME to go from point A to point B!? If you're looking for video ideas, maybe the topic of heaven is good material? 🙂

  24. Another brilliant discussion. Such a vitally important message. I hope it reaches a very wide audience. Let the person who has never done anything wrong cast the first stone. We all need forgiveness. It’s not about retribution but our restoration along with our memories that are always already held in God.

  25. All things that we create without God are corruptible. Satan can use that according to his purpose than being actually useful.

  26. Willing the good of the other. My new mantra. I'm going to staple a note to my forehead do I don't forget it cause I am such a broken, sinful creature. God bless the Word on Fire team!

  27. So happy to hear bishop robert barron talking about this. I was present during the incident at the memorial. Im not a member of the school but I was a bystander who saw these kids during their school chanting. These kids are completely innocent.

  28. It seems to me that the bishop‘s remedy for online harassment is entirely inadequate. I can tell myself that I am acting me in love no matter what I say. That I am willing the good of the other, even though my words may be harsh. I can tell myself truth hurts; that I am engaging in “tough love.“ I think, in this way, the bishop entirely underestimates the ability of one so disposed to rationalize whatever one seeks to undertake.

  29. Bishop, Thank you for addressing this social media debacle. I’ve been wanting the US Bishops to stand up in EACH DIOCESE against these dangerous precedents /mob mentality, esp. online. * * Satanus the Accuser is active indeed and creating irreparable damage to civil society.

    Regardless of what one thinks of this young mans’ actions in WDC, the VIOLENCE encouraged online and the complete lack of his family’s privacy was beyond the pale and must stop.

    Social Media platforms MUST monitor their platforms and quash death threats/ sharing of private citizen information – it would create hundreds of jobs and law enforcement/ FOP would welcome the help…

  30. One of the reasons people act that way in a car or the internet, is because they are in their own space & not sharing it with the other person. When you are with in striking distance, people get polite. We need to focus on thinking of the other person's feelings more.

  31. I did this with religion…my scapegoat for years…now I am in conversion process to become Catholic…still reeling over where I find myself…from where I was seems impossible…yet all is made possible through Christ

  32. That was good preacher. I like that we will be "reconstituted" kinda like reconstituting dry veggies, but more so, us!
    My question I always had is, at what age will we be brought back (reconstituted)? Nobody knows of course, but thinking about it is interesting for shore.

  33. You know, if you're going to talk about scapegoating I think large part of that conversation should be aimed at President Trump. I think high school Trump supporters are probably the least marginalized group in modern American.

  34. Why scapegoats?

    Sure, I know the history of the term (blame it all in the goat, then kill the goat) and in a sense I get the christian similarity (Jesus died for our sins).

    But when did you, except for in the petting zoo, last see an actual goat?

    Given what I stepped in yesterday, I propose we use scapeDOG instead.

  35. BRILLIANT per usual… thank u for tackling the topics that MATTER!!! PS – the fishbowl session was brilliant brilliant brilliant – we're so blessed!!!

  36. Is there any way that I could contact Bishop Barron through email? I would love to engage in a personal dialogue with him. If any one has any info regarding this, please let me know. Thanks (:

  37. I know someone that had a terrible injury and no longer has a functioning short-term memory. Also, my great aunt had Alzheimer's for the last 10 year of her life. Will either of these people have better memories of the time they had on Earth than they actually had when they were on Earth?

  38. Bishop, that kid is one of your own who you profess to defend with your life as a bishop. The kid did nothing and was singled out by an activist. This has been heavily documented. And the church and even his own bishop succumbed to the pressure and respect of the world by condemning the boys. Our church leaders care more about respect of men than the offense of God almighty. Very sad. Where are the defenders?

  39. When the news/limited video footage first came out, I remember thinking that the teen had a friendly smile on his face, rather than the look of a young guy making fun. I remember the mocking/making fun look from guys I saw when I was a teen. Nevertheless, I thought a professional reporter must have known what they were witnessing and I blamed the parents for raising such a racist kid. I am glad, however, that I didn't say anything on social media. That reporter should be fired, along with getting sued. There is no need for such careless reporting or showing a piece of video footage in such a biased way.

  40. I think if people read Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas . Unfortunately in my generation (born in 70's) even AP classes, it isn't taught anymore widespread or in detail outside of philosophical and theological circles. Getting into both those brilliant men helps you out in everyday life. It helped me find my strengths, and weaknesses.

  41. Sad to say, after this kid was treated the way he was, there were some spineless people who compounded what had happened to him by further adding insult to injury.

  42. Powerful video. I fell for the initial portrayal by the news media as well, not to condemn the boys but to condemn racism which apparently was used against the boys (go back to Europe) who were just waiting for a bus. People like to accuse the other party of scapegoating or racism, but it is pervasive on all sides.

    So the Bishop is confronting a bad social norm, scapegoating, that can lead to a bad place. It is important that we find effective ways to confront bad social norms from scapegoating, sexual assault, late term abortions, pollution, etc. If we don't confront these norms effectively, then we end up with the results of these norms accumulating in society over time. This will most likely lead to a rapid die off in the human population that could occur in my life time.

    How to confront bad social norms is important. You would have to do it in a way that emphasized prevention, that got a lot of attention, and from a mechanism that had some staying power. Just creating awareness is not enough as we have seen from over 200 school shootings without a hearing to address the matter. The Bishop gives good tips for anyone interested in this.

  43. Scapegoating on social media is the very least problem. All mainstream media, Facebook etc are antichrist. The REAL issue is WHY were the lefties at the bus stop? WHO sent them? Who PAID them? This was a set up from the start to demonise Catholic prolifers. But it backfired. No one is investigating who engineered this malicious set up? Of coarse it shows just how fickle the public, & church leaders can be. If the second video was not released, the children’s bishop would still be penalising them. What a joke. This is a perfect sample & proof of what President Trump calls FAKE NEWS

  44. the evil has just popped up like the popcorn which blows up. The evil comes from the devil . this witch hunt has a provoker .we know it!!! . Let's pray for our holly church, the pope , the bishops and priest and our nuns.God bless them!
    My admiration to Bishop Barron. He plays very well the role of a modern Saint George .

  45. article from Girard on John 8 – https://holyhauntings.typepad.com/haunted_by_the_holy_ghost/the-first-stone-by-rene-girard.html

  46. Great advice, thanks. I will take it from now on. If it is for the good of the youtuber and out of love for the neighbour, then I shall write. Otherwise, I will just shut up.

  47. Thank You Bishop Barron for explaining to Catholics, who should know they are lower than the dust and ashes we tread on because the dust has never sinned against God while each of us has sinned. This satanic behavior of accusing even our brothers in Christ is in dire need of disavowing such Non-Christian Activities that undoubtedly please the evil one.

  48. Thank you Bishop Barron for your insight and response to the question about memory. I think this kind of perspective is very comforting to people pondering the 'last things' in relation to Catholic dogma and spirituality, especially to those who have or had loved ones suffering from the effects of memory loss and related problems.

  49. The Catholic boys were thrown under the bus by many clerics via a knee jerk reaction
    Nothing wrong with MAGA hats my friend

  50. I don't think anonymity had much to do with it. Considering some of the main contributors were open media persons/journalists who had their full names and jobs listed, and celebrities like Kathy Griffin who wanted the kids doxxed.
    I think the wanted violence was mainly just because he was white (and Christian), and when we admit that we can start to see the problem.

  51. People lack the self control and discipline, the fortitude and spirit – to not give in to the temptations of anonymity and the fundamental lack of care for a complete stranger you'll likely never meet.

  52. The media is controlled by swindlers it is no longer seeking the truth (2+2=4) but pushing ideologies/propaganda (Globalism, forced diversity, Anti- Catholicism, Marxism, identity politics, etc). I would not put too much Faith in the media.
    (2+2 = ideology/utopia). Expect news stories, Hollywood/entertainment, politics, and now sports to push ideology, give misiformation, disinformation and distort events like what happened to these Catholic school kids.

  53. Bob,
    I am not sure, but I think it was you who asked me to keep you up on the Catholic sex scandal going on presently ( not to be confused with the previous child molestation scandals, the inquisitions, the Genocides, torture and other horrors associated with our "great" church).
    Here is a recent article that comes out of New Jersey.
    Hope this helps with the healing process.

    More than 180 New Jersey priests named as accused abusers

    New Jersey's five Roman Catholic dioceses listed more than 180 priests Wednesday who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing minors over a span of several decades, joining more than two dozen other states that have named suspected abusers in the wake of a landmark grand jury report in Pennsylvania last year.

    The lists released Wednesday identified priests and deacons who served in the dioceses of Camden, Trenton, Metuchen and Paterson and the archdiocese of Newark. Many priests on the lists are dead, and others have been removed from ministry.

    Cardinal Joseph Tobin, the archbishop of Newark, which listed 63 former priests, said in a statement that he hoped the disclosure "will help bring healing to those whose lives have been so deeply violated."

    Camden's diocese listed 56 priests and one deacon; Trenton's diocese named 30 priests; the Paterson diocese listed 28; and Metuchen's diocese named nine plus two others who are the subject of civil investigations

    State Atty. Gen. Gurbir Grewal formed a task force in the fall to conduct a criminal investigation into sexual abuse by clergy in the state, shortly after a Pennsylvania grand jury report identified more than 300 predator priests and more than 1,000 victims in that state.

    "While this is a positive first step towards transparency and accountability, I hope this spirit of openness continues during the course of our ongoing investigation and in response to our requests for records and information," Grewal said in a statement Wednesday.

    Also on Wednesday, Virginia's Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond published a list of 42 priests with a "credible and substantiated" allegation of sexual abuse against a child.

    Newark's list includes Theodore McCarrick, a former Newark archbishop who served as Washington’s archbishop from 2000 to 2006. McCarrick was removed from public ministry in June.

    The lists released by the diocese don't include details about specific allegations or when they are alleged to have happened; rather, any details about the named priests and the crimes of which they are accused come from court records or previously published reports.

    Several priests who served in the Newark archdiocese have been accused of molesting boys as part of their volunteer work with Boy Scout troops, according to published reports. Others named in the release were arrested, convicted or pleaded guilty and were returned to service after probation or treatment, according to court records and published reports.

    Carmen Sita changed his name to Gerald Howard after being sentenced to probation and receiving treatment and began serving as a priest in the Jefferson City, Mo., diocese where he was assigned to a parish attached to a school. He was later accused of abusing teenage boys and was convicted a second time. The Missouri diocese reported Howard is incarcerated.

    Former priest Richard Mieliwocki, who was convicted and sentenced to probation, disappeared after starting counseling and resurfaced when he was accused of molesting teenagers as a counselor in an inpatient substance abuse program.

    Another priest named Wednesday, Manuel Gallo Espinoza, was indicted by a grand jury in 2016 after admitting to at least one allegation of abuse. He fled to Ecuador and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

    The lists don't include religious order priests, such as Jesuits, who may serve in parishes or schools but are not ordained by the diocese. A victims' compensation fund announced this week in New Jersey also won't cover claims against religious order priests.

    Mitchell Garabedian, an attorney who has represented alleged victims in New Jersey, said the release of names isn't enough.

    "Given the vast number of priests named as sexual abusers and the span of time in which the sexual abuse took place, it is fair to state that the archdiocese and dioceses in New Jersey have forgotten how to be moral and kind with children," he said in a statement.

    Nearly 2,000 accused clergy members and others nationwide have been identified since and including the Pennsylvania grand jury report, a review by the Associated Press found. The abuse scandal has rocked dioceses in other countries as well.

  54. Bob,

    Isn't it awful that they should condemn and bully this young man you speak of, who was confronted by the Indian instigator, in Washington DC? It was unjust, and disgusting, no doubt. I am 100% on board with you on this account.

    I can't help but draw the parallel between this example, and the judgmental and DEADLY attitude seen also with you cult and it's members.

    Attitudes and "bullying" toward people of other beliefs. Ostracized, tortured, murdered ( IE: the 600 years of Inquisitions, the Rwandan Genocide, the Serbian Genocide, Franciscan priest Petar Brzica won a contest in one day, cutting the throat of 1,360 Serbs…..).

    Oh, right. The inquisitions happened so long ago, BUT not so with the Rwandan ( 1980's) and Serbian (1940's) atrocities. Can you tell me, is there a "Statute of Limitations" prescribed Catholic leaders, in regards to compassion, guilt, and shame for their disgusting, unspeakable crimes?

    Wasn't it Judgmental to imprison young unmarried, pregnant women in the laundries of Ireland ( 30,000 helpless "fallen women imprisoned by your church in the late 18th –> 20th century)?

    Isn't it judgmental (and scientifically inaccurate ) to condemn homosexuality as an unnatural act? I'm no homo, but a quick review of the SCIENTIFIC literature on the subject reveals that more than 1,000 species of animals living in the wild ( can't get more natural then that) exhibit same sex pairing. oh, while we are on the subject of things natural, Bob, the Earth revolves around the Sun, not the other way around….

    So Robert, You were saying……….?

  55. Sensitive topic. When I was dying in the hospital. Nurse asked me. Would you like to watch some t.v.? She was reading my mind. She knew I was catholic. She said to me. Your catholic, I’m going to leave the catholic channel. When you can’t speak, act, or have a say. It is God, that helps you fulfill the journey of the Human Soul; to be taken to a restful peace to natural death.

  56. Anyone who has taught school boys would immediately understand the smile on the kid was not a smile. It was a nervous look by a kid who had no idea what to do in this situation other than be conscious of not making a mistake. The kid is a damn hero! I've never been more impressed by a kid, and I've taught hundreds of very good, very intelligent, very articulate boys. That kid is going places. God bless him.

  57. I wonder when you’ll discuss the most important issues facing the Catholic Church namely cardinal Pell and the former cardinal mccarrick?

    “McCarrick, who in July became the first Roman Catholic prelate in nearly 100 years to lose the title of cardinal, has now become the highest profile church figure to be dismissed from the priesthood in modern times”.


  58. Thank you so much. I just wrote in big block letters, the test of love: "Am I willing the good of the other?" And I engraved this on my brain. I don't use social media but I am going to stop myself any time I am compelled to disparage anyone and challenge myself with this question.

  59. Thank you Bishop Robert Barron for such a clear in -depth refelction on how to be better christians a big hug and may God always bless you!!!

  60. Hi pewdiepie of all people made some reasont comments on Kirkegaard and I was wondering if you have some thoughts on it 🙂

    Here is the link:
    (Skip to 17:30) 😉

  61. Hello….When you have a chance, please check out "EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE" on NETFLIX…
    It's a fascinating glimpse into the lives of our European brothers in Jesus Christ, and how the Holy Spirit gave them the power to touch so many lives.
    God bless!

  62. Amen…a lot of posts bashing political leaders, other religions like Islam, all this is offending me and with the good Lord living in me I know it is the Lord that is hurting, I pray when I see posts ie. politicians scandals etc. thanks Bishop for all your good teaching and insight to be the best version of ourselves, become the christians God wants us to be


    Children naturally scapegoat others when they are subjected to authoritarianism. They do this because they want to shift the blame against them to the scapegoat, and they want to discover why the teacher is an authoritarian. When the scapegoat of the Bible was sent off into the desert to die, the people felt relieved that their authoritarian God would be pacified by their sacrifice! People scapegoat others when they don't know what the problem is within their culture. Those who sacrifice to God don't know his reasons!

    Psychological boundaries protect us from others, but in this day and age, these boundaries are being broken nationally through multiculturalism, loss of privacy, and just plain old authoritarianism, where 250 billionaires have more wealth than 3.5 billion people! This was a recent milestone reported by the media. In other words, there is a profound loss of power experienced by the general population, that is caused by our all powerful, and wealthy, authoritarian masters. Nazi Germany, and its inherent racism, was created by the people to combat a horrible economic catastrophe, because the people were not able to determine the cause of the problem.

    We are born and designed to be human and live within that humanity which is the paradox of perfection within our imperfection. The rigid person essentially rejects their own nature, sexuality and humanity, and seeks instead to be an idealised version of themself, one in which perfection is the only choice in all aspects and dimensions of life. This is the sociology that is promoted by society and Facebook. This is the psychology of why people have a scapegoat.



    If we grew up in a hyper critical household then our caregivers believed that criticism was a motivator for change. If we grew up in this type of household then we believed that something was wrong with us, and in order to gain acceptance we need to change ourselves constantly to reach some arbitrary line of perfection. Needless to say this will cause a low self-esteeem in children, and will likely lead to a personality disorder like narcissism. It is far better to encourage good thought and deed in others than to hurt, punish and bruise ego. The result of brutal honesty and authoritarianism is divisiveness and mental disorder.

    It's not that children or people are lazy, rather it is almost always that they lack motivation. A sad child finds it hard to get out of bed, whereas a happy child finds it hard to go to bed, and bounds out of bed upon the flickering of an eyelid! Children work hard playing! Authenticity is so important, but we have to think about the impact that we have on other people. Most authoritarians believe that we should be morally honest even if it is brutal. The problem is that they are often wrong, and that the person they are trying to correct won't accept it anyway. Brutal honesty is really just a defense mechanism, to cover for emotional abuse, that uses passive aggression. People love brutality because it saves us from feeling vulnerable and Powerless. It is often used as a veiled personal attack. It is a common reaction to feeling hurt in some way. They often tell others it was for is their own good when in reality it is for our own selfish interests.

    The heart of being authentic is vulnerability. People are very scared about vulnerability because they are completely convinced that when they are authentic, in a vulnerable way, they will be rejected. Our truths will be denied and we will be cast out. All these things that we equate with losing our own lives. There is nothing vulnerable about brutal honesty. People who are brutally honest are usually vulnerable, hurt or angry and want to be directly honest about it but can't, so they are being passive-aggressive to covertly express their emotions, under the cloak of an honest opinion about somebody else.

    There is a pandemic of authoritarianism and brutal honesty in society these days. The problem is not so much that brutal honesty is so bad, but that it often lacks love for others, and is therefore divisive and corrosive to society. There is a psychological, sociological abuse through the use of brutal honesty. I believe the Bible has quote concerning this issue, where it is a sin to be excessively critical of others if it serves no good.

    People are more apt to remember how you made them feel than what you said. It’s Not What You Say, it’s How You Say It. The overall energy you impart often has more of a lasting impression on someone than the specifics of what you said. Rather than try to prove yourself right, it is better to look for the value in others conversation.

    In other words, it's not so much that brutal honesty is so bad, but that it usually lacks love and emotional connection. Human psychology is such that we all need to love ourselves and we find it hard to admit we are wrong – some more than others. It's far better that we love each other, rather than we prove that we are right or better. Even if you are right, people are likely to hate you for being so perfect. It is far better to encourage good thought and deed in others than to hurt, punish and bruise ego. The result of brutal honesty/authoritarianism is divisiveness and mental disorder.

  64. I completely agree that it is terrible to demonize in this way a 17 year old. It is incitement to violence. However, the boy was on a demo supporting Trump who scapegoats people all the time, Hispanics above all. And that crude rhetoric has unleashed actual violence and the death of jews, immigrants, black people, Mexicans… The usual scapegoats.

    It is sad and ironic that the kid will have found out the hard way what that feels like.

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