How to Answer DMs on Instagram on Desktop in 2019 (Mac and PC!) – FREE APPS!
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How to Answer DMs on Instagram on Desktop in 2019 (Mac and PC!) – FREE APPS!

What’s up everyone. In today’s video, you are in luck because
I’m going to share with you some tools and apps that I use so that I can answer my Instagram
dms on my desktop, whether it’s through PC or through Mac. So if you are someone who was flooded with
DMT in your inbox all the time, or you just simply want to make her life easier, then
keep on watching. Now, the first tool that I want to show you
is something that is not yet released, but it’s definitely going to change the game at
once. It’s ready. It is the Facebook creator studio for Instagram. So right now I am in the business creator
studio. Now, how you access this as you simply go
to forward slash creator studio and you’re going to be able to access
this. Just make sure of two things. First, you need to have a business Instagram
account, and second, you need to make sure you also have a business Facebook page. Otherwise it’s not going to work. Now if you have those two components and you’re
on this page right now, what I want to show you is actually going to the inbox. So when you click on Inbox, something interesting
is going to show up within messages. You’re able to not just only see and manage
the Facebook messages that are coming through, but what you’ll notice is that there’s an
option for Instagram direct and when you click on it, you’re going to be able to see your
Instagram messages and inbox. Or at least that’s what Facebook claims. Now, the issue that I see is that I wasn’t
able to actually connect my account, so I am convinced that this is potentially something
that Instagram is rolling out maybe later this year. So I really wanted to include this first thing
in my video because it’s going to be so much easier for so many of us to be able to respond
to our dms through desktop simply through Facebook and that it’s all in one area. Now, one thing to know too is within the creator
studio, there’s also an Instagram version as well. I have a video where I talk all about it. Make sure you check it out right here below,
so I’m not going to go in depth within this video, but I did want to share with you guys
that eventually on Facebook you will have the capacity to answer your dms, which is
super exciting. For now, at least when you go on the Creator
Studio and you go in comments, you can actually go access your comments within your Instagram
posts. So if you are someone who really wants to
be on top of answering your comment section within your posts, and this is also a really
great alternative. Now if you’re watching this video during the
time that I uploaded it, chances are it’s probably not going to work for you either. However, if you are watching this video months
later since today’s upload date, then make sure that you double check that Facebook manager
and see if you can actually reply to Instagram dms through Facebook desktop. Now let’s say you’re a Mac user and you go
into the Facebook manager and it’s not working or it’s still not yet released. Then this is the APP that I have for you. It is called flu flume is an awesome free
desktop app that you can use in order to access your Instagram and also reply to your dms. So let me share my screen and give you the
behind the scenes on what flow looks like before you even consider downloading it. So right now we’re looking at the APP called
flume and it’s specifically for Mac and it’s absolutely free. You can access it easily in the APP store
within your map. Now with influence you can do multiple things. You can obviously see your feet and when you
click on view, you’re able to see your explore page, you’re able to search, you’re also able
to see your followers activity or your own activity. Meaning you can see how many people have liked
your post, all the standard things that you would see on Instagram. But what I really want to show you his conversations,
this is where you’re actually able to answer your dms through your desktop. And not only this, if you enable push notifications,
you can also get notifications coming through your desktop as well. So as you can see here, you can see all the
messages that are coming through. You can also see your request inbox right
here, but not only is this, the one thing that I really like about flume is what you
can do is you can click on a message, you can also flag it and when you actually flag
something, it’ll automatically show up top with in your bookmarks. And this is really helpful if you are someone
who you know really wants to make sure you go back to a certain message, but you’re scared
that it’s going to get lost. I really like to use flume to bookmark things
so that it’s a reminder for me to actually go back to the message. Another thing with flume is you can actually
click on this top dial right here and you can filter from unread only so you can make
it so that you only see the messages that you’ve missed. Now only this, what I love about flume is
you can also click on show friends only and it will only show you the messages from people
that you actually follow. So this is something that I really appreciate
and I know that a lot of these things, Instagram, mobile can do it for you. However, it’s just such a nice touch to have
it on desktop. Now let’s say you’re a PC user. I have a lot of PC users and android users
that are always telling me, Vanessa, you’re constantly excluding us all the examples you
use or for Mac books only or for iPhones. Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. The next APP that’s super awesome, four PC
is Instagram. Yep. You heard me right? If you’re a PC user, you can simply just download
the Instagram app directly on your desktop through your apps store. Let me share my screen, or at least my assistant
screen and give you an example. So what you want to do is within your PC,
you want to make sure that you’re opening up your app store and then within your app
store you’re going to search for Instagram. Then the next step that you’re going to want
to do is download the APP directly to your computer. So as you can see, when you open up the APP,
it functions the exact same as mobile. You’re able to look through the feed and you’re
also able to look through your profile. And not only this, I really want to show you
why you’re here, which is opening up your dms. But as you can see, when you go through your
dms, it acts just like Instagram mobile. You’re able to see everyone and anyone and
you’re also able to open up conversations with people, start new conversations and right
back, which is super awesome. You’re also able to add photos and everything
like that, like you would your regular Instagram. So for UPC users, this is a perfect solution
if you’re trying to find a way to DM people through your desktop. Now the fourth app that I have for you is
something that is compatible for both Mac and PC. So let’s say you are someone who has multiple
computers for some reason, and you need something that’s compatible for both types of computers. Then make sure you check out ige DM dock me. Okay. So right now we are using ige and DM dot. Need the application that is compatible with
both Mac and PC. Now the interesting thing with this app right
here is that you can only see your dms. You cannot see the explorer page, you cannot
see profiles. You cannot see much only the DM. So it’s very simple if you only want to access
this specific feature. Now as you can see, you’re able to send photos,
you’re able to see stories and everything like that and also send messages. Of course, even though I said that you can
only send dms, a really interesting feature with an Igf d m. Dot. Me Is that you’re also able to see the people
who aren’t following you back. So if you actually click on this button right
here, now you’re going to be able to see all the people or some of the people that you
follow who actually don’t follow you back. And you’re going to be able to have the option
to unfollow them. Now proceed with caution because this might
hurt your feelings. So don’t look at this. If you are sensitive and you care a lot about
what people think are you really take social media and whether someone follows you a super
seriously, so proceed with caution with this, but I wanted to at least show you guys that
within igm at you can see who doesn’t follow you back. Now, so far in this video, I’ve given you
four tools, even tools that aren’t even released yet on how you can make your life so much
easier by answering her Instagram dms through your desktop. And truth be told, the reason why I created
this video is because I know what it feels like when your inbox is flooded with dms or
when you get neck pain because you’re constantly looking down on your phone trying to get back
to everyone. That’s why make sure you hit the notification
bell because in the next video I really want to teach you how you can set boundaries when
it comes to people coming into your dms asking you for free advice. I get this all the time, especially as a content
creator and as a business owner. So if you want to learn how to set boundaries
on social media, make sure, again, you hit the notification bell because in the next
video I’ll be talking all about that. In the meantime, while you wait for that video,
also check out these two videos that I have right here. I love to talk about social media, business
and life in general, so make sure you check those out. As always, guys, I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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