How To Animate Text Using Instagram Stories!
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How To Animate Text Using Instagram Stories!

Hi! I’m Ben, welcome to today’s… Whaaaa Oh.. right, we’re starting… Salutations
everybody Benjamin Brannon here back with another vertical video tutorial yes
if you’re new here this channel is all about the rising art form known as a
vertical video or #VERRT! PS: #VERRT is a community of awesome filmmakers slash
video rebels my friends we hang out and talk in a Facebook group which obviously
you’re able to join and hang out with us if you will is linked below
if that’s something you’re into whatever what’s that said let’s get into today’s
tutorial shall we just one more sip of coffee real quick… So today’s tutorial is
all about well your feedback what you want to learn last October when I was
attending vid summit in LA I held an influencer meetup the way I promoted
that was to Instagram stories with this effect or that effect that you saw
earlier and Oh man did I get blown up on DM’s on how I did that so as always
you be asking and I’ll be telling let’s get into the tutorrrrrrial… I didn’t say that
right let’s get into the torii let’s get into the tutorial let’s get into the
tutorial okay so first and foremost my workflow
is entirely on the Apple ecosystem with a Mac with Final Cut Pro with airdrop
and with an iPhone just keep that in mind however you can do everything that
I’m doing whether you’re using premiere or an Android device there’s ways to get
to where I’m getting so just just okay first things first let’s bring in the
iPhone step 1 you go to Instagram go to your stories hit the plus sign in your
stories as if you’re creating a story now take a picture of anything whatever
I’ll take a picture of my keyboard boom there we go
next what you’re gonna want to do is go to the color tool up on the top right
that’s the little pen line thing make sure you have the first pen marker thing
selected which is the first one right there and then choose a color for your
background so as you saw there that was a black background I’ll just stick to
that here’s black and now what you do is this little hack tap and hold your
screen for two seconds one one thousand two one thousand and
it goes black I know crazy right this right here is the hack that I read on a
Later blog. Later is a CMS or just an app that manages Instagram and Facebook they
have an amazing blog I would check it out if I can find the link to all these
hacks I’ll link it below don’t quote me on that so now I got the color
background that I want now when you’re at this point this is when you want to
turn on your screen recorder of some kind an iPhone has an awesome screen
recorder here I use this thing so much for just these things and whatnot that I
put it in my control panel as a shortcut my phone as you can see right there so
it’s just easy access so I can just get going so here’s what I’ll do is swipe
boom now it’s recording and at this point this is where you’re gonna want to
animate your text so how do you do that well you just start typing now if you do
mess up don’t worry just erase and go back you’re gonna fix all this in
editing now that I’m recorded I’m gonna go ahead and hit done now you go ahead
and choose your text so whatever text you like I like strong so I’ll just
leave it at strong and this is where you start typing your animated text so I’ll
write something later for an Instagram story when I tell you this video is out
so let’s do that hey if you want to learn how to do this yes this and then
what I like to do is kind of delete and it gives a really cool effect and I’ll
show you what that does in a minute boom so that’s my first scene let’s call it
and then do an emoji yay and that’s it so I got my animated text there I’ll go
ahead and hit done just so it’s there now don’t post the story
you’re totally not done yet you’re just using this Instagram hack for something
cooler which are you ready done what your yes but at this point you can then
just stop your recording now what you’re gonna want to do is take that recording
and airdrop it to your Mac select your videos and then you’ll airdrop it to
your Mac there’s my Mac let’s wait for a minute how’s it day going mine good I
got coffee teaching you guys you know Oh! it’s done, okay and then you’ll see you
get a notification that it is transferred so what you do then is just
go into your downloads folder and drag them into your event in Final Cut just
like that okay this is where it gets this work it’s good pulling up my
sleeves because continuity shot the next thing I want to do is create a new
project or a sequence or a timeline whatever it is you’re gonna want to make
sure you go to custom change your resolution to 1080 by 1920 and there we
go now what you want to do before anything else before you start chopping
it up you want to go ahead and go to your crop option next there we go and
find a piece of the video in which you’re typing it’s also good to have
audio so you can look at the waveform so you can see when you actually are doing
something so I’ll just leave it here on the timeline
I will go crop and I will drag down the Instagram stuff to hide it something
like that and then make sure I’m just wide enough to
all of the text let’s see if that yep I got all the text cool so once you hit
done boom that is all cropped out that is the essence of the effect now what
you can do to enhance it even further are the following for me to make it a
little bit more tasty a little more cool looking I like to speed it up maybe 400
times or 800 times the amount so to do that it’s very simple just go ahead and
click on the video go to the timing tool here and then you will go fast 800 and
let it render for a minute and then play it back and see what it looks like so a
good thing for you to do so people can actually read like the entire text after
it’s animated is use this little trick here what you will do is hold shift on
your computer what else would you hold it on before you hit shift make sure
your timeline is on the marker in which you want this to pause so hold shift hit
H and then it holds it gives you a hold effect that’s what that red is here let
me enlarge this video clip a little bit there we go and now it just holds so it
pauses there that’s what the hold effect does so now you can just drag left or
right depending on how long you want this whole boom boom boom link in bio
happy face I will hold again there we go just like
that and then I’ll cut from the hold the quick way to do that is command B on the
timeline right there delete that then I’ll pop in some cool like transition
afterwards just so it’s like even more of a oh my goodness whoa! You’re so good! Amazing! BAAAHH! I think I’m
done with this I’m all about the glitch transitions let’s just do that and then
loop there you go that was pretty cool so that’s one piece of flower you can do
is just making sure you hold it and then put a cool transition either at the
beginning end or both now the other thing I do and the other thing that I
recommend you doing pretty much for any of your videos sound effects if you’re
not using sound effects like OMG, use sound effects sound effects are life so
what I just imported in that you now see here in the event is an iPhone sound
effect text..? an iPhone text sound effect what maybe I do need this so what I will
do here is just take a snippet of it hit I for your input and then O your
output and then that gives you just a little portion of that sound effect PS I
recorded this myself with my own iPhone and stuff like that so I will totally
provide this for you a free sound effect download of an iPhone text it’s free
just well I don’t load it it’s yours and the last part with the sound effect is
you want to match it up with the actual text so
what you need to do is actually duplicate the sound effect a few times
and then speed it up I’m here waiting for the hey boom there’s the first
letter so I’ll hit em to create a marker which kind of just snaps right in there
which is pretty cool and then you get effect like this and then you just drag
the sound effect back into your timeline and then just rinse and repeat you can
also duplicate it multiple times because you’re probably gonna need to do it in
sections you can go ahead and just hold an option and then click and drag and
that will create another one I’ll then fine just scan the timeline to find the
next set of typing boom there it is and there right before just one frame before
it I’ll go ahead and command B delete that boom and then just seamlessly goes
right in right pretty cool so let’s match up my iphone text I will go ahead
and option drag to continue that let me just extend it a little bit and see what
that sounds like there you go cool and then there you go that’s it for the sake
of time I’m just gonna use this portion of that video delete the rest you get my
cool sound effect I will then pop in a cool glitch sound effect because you
can’t go wrong with sound effect after that let’s go ahead and go to file go to
share you can select Apple devices 4k I’m not shooting 4k this is a screen
recording right I understand this however the compression in the bitrate
that comes with this preset of Apple devices 4k is phenomenal this is what
you use so I’ll just go here and go to settings is your next one and then make
sure you choose better quality first and then go to your resolution and make sure
you select your 1080 by 1920 now that I’m done I’ll go the next find a place
in which I will save same thing whatever let’s just do it on the desktop it’s
done it pops right up which is cool then you go to your finder there I am right
there and then here’s a cool I guess I don’t know some pro hack but it’s just a
faster way of doing it click this little QuickTime icon and then you can pop it
right there and then you will see just like that and then boom now that aidrop
has put that video into your Photos app you’ll go to Instagram you’ll hit your
story and then there is your video right away boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo and
there you go done you can just drop it like it’s hot or expensive…
so more tutorials like this or about VERRT or IGTV you’re on the way so if
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subscribing just my way of knowing that I’m providing you value you know one
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link below and I my beautiful fur friends we’ll see you on the next one, WHOOOO… YOU’RE back again huh? This is getting creepy Ok STOP!

24 thoughts on “How To Animate Text Using Instagram Stories!

  1. This guy is awesome 💪

    Still miss the #VERRT hashtag behind you btw 😂
    Thank you for showing us how to do it 😍
    Super easy 🔥

    "If I can find the link to all this hacks I'll link it below"

    2:22 Love to quote you Ben 🤓

    5:25 "what else would you hold it on"
    Idk idk 👀

  2. Great idea and cool effect. Now if I do it, everyone will think I'm copying you! Haha! Top tutorial bro, keep up the great work! 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇮🇪💪🏽🤠👍🏽🇮🇪🇺🇸🇨🇦

  3. This is so cool! Love a filmmaking tip that I actually feel like I can do and use 😂 I can see myself using this as a side bar of some sort in a regular YouTube video – thanks so much 😁

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  7. hell no this is way too much energy there is an app that does this, but the one I want isn't offered here in the US. Now if you can teach us how to do that then great but this is ridiculous

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