How to Advertise on Facebook (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners
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How to Advertise on Facebook (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners

56 thoughts on “How to Advertise on Facebook (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners

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  2. Bro. Just discovered your page last week and I'm hooked. Hands down best FB Ads tutorials on YouTube. Thank you! 🙏🏾

  3. Jason! I purchased your $47 course. Not sure if I want the 997 course though. Some of the videos in the $47 course was sped through. Thanks for this video though.

  4. School: you will be homeless and a dropkick unless you stress your ass off over homework
    Jason: hold my beer

  5. I understand how the pixel works for other websites but could you tell me where I can learn more or maybe make a video about how exactly the Facebook pixel works with Instagram tracking

  6. Jason, I am currently enrolled in you basic plan. Great stuff by the way. My question is about the Bid Cap, I don't see the option to check or uncheck. It is currently set at $10, should I just zero that out?

  7. I hope this video tutorial has nothing to do with April Fools Day😆😆😆 Thank You Jason: You are The Best Teacher for me when It comes to FB Ads!!!

  8. I have one pixel. I have different ads for sellers vs buyers. I can use Clickfunnels to separate buyers from sellers (CRM). However, I cannot separately REtarget buyers OR sellers because there is no conversion to separate the pixel fires. What am I missing here?

  9. My g I’m elated I found your channel. Watched DAMN near every video. You’re a legend. What’s your ig

  10. Very informative videos m8, thank you!
    Would love to see a video on landingpages more in depth, like for facebook lead form, what happens after you press submit or learn more etc.


  11. Hi, Jason! New sub here. I've been watching your content and it's amazing. You're doing a great job.

    I'm actually not a beginner (neither a pro, haha), but I'm concerned about the bunch of stuff that they will be removing… I mean, will be Facebook optimising the ADs for the best performing demographic, age, gender, etc.? Because if they do, It's kind of pointless to have a Pixel installed (except for the 'addToCart' and other events). What do you think?

  12. Thank you so much . Such a helpful video !How long would you wait for your first conversions on the house with a 20 usd daily budget ?

  13. So, let's assume that I want to set up a 'CA of Website Visitor for Re-Targeting' & a 'LAA of Website Visitors to acquire'. Would these be valid steps:_

    1. Setting up LAA
    – CA of Website Visitors 180 Days (-> greater Database), who DIDN'T buy/schedule/etc. – i.e. EXCLUDE essential Web-Pages; Since buyers have their own CA (by importing their data)
    –> Create LAA on this basis
    –> Create acquiring Campaign

    2. Creating CA for Re-Targeting
    – CA of Website Visitors ~14 Days (-> small, specific Database), who DIDN'T buy/schedule/etc. – i.e. EXCLUDE essential Web-Pages; Since buyers have their own CA (by importing their data)
    –> Create Re-Targeting Campaign

    3. Random question: Does the PIXEL differentiate between people who solely visited the website and people who visited the website but also opted-in – on the homepage? Because if not then there'd be an overlap in the CA of Website Visitors & the CA of Leads unless I also exclude the "SUBBMITED FORM" links when creating the CA Website Visitors.

    Any additions/corrections/hints?

  14. "Campaigns turned off because the rule conditions of CC – Issue 4.8.2019 were met." Hi Jason, have you ever had this message? For the life of me I cannot figure out how to fix this. It keep deactivating my ad campaigns. Very frustrating.

  15. Great video dude.. I would like to run a ad campaign for a canada realtor.. I try to create a ad accont and need to connect with the realtors account. Its send a error message as 'Making a payment for business account' Can you advice me on who need to make that payment me or that realtor ??

  16. I have follow few of highly respected successful entrepreneurs that you might know from their YouTube channel, however, they don't even show how they advertise on Facebook Ads, like you do. All they say in their video content is, I start my online business few years ago with struggles from the beginning, now am making money as passive income. When someone in the comments asks for guidance, some don't reply and others do reply by saying stay tune for more videos.

    Nonetheless, you truly help people like me as guidance, therefore, I'll continue to watch more videos from you.

  17. Hey Jason! Love your videos, but could you talk about the following: I created my Facebook ad and defined my budget etc. And then left it alone to go to the movies. After the movies, I discovered Facebook had started running my ad with a previous credit card (one OTHER than the card I INTENDED to use; I had no idea this would happen because there was no “run ad” or “deploy” button). I hadn’t even provided them with a card for the purpose of my ad so it was a tad absurd that it had started running. AFTER THE FACT, once the ad had already started running, there was an active/inactive ad switch. Where was this switch when I initially made the ad? Anyway if you could talk about that, I’d really appreciate it. It’s not particularly intuitive. Thanks!

    P.S. – any chance you could talk about Facebook ads for lawyers?

  18. Thanks for the video. I followed your link for the free mini course and although I've clicked the download button a few times over the past few weeks, it has never been emailed to me.

  19. Hey Jason, how can you create different ads accounts for different clients that you currently handle. Thanks for the video & hope to hear from you asap !!!

  20. Hey Jason, have you found a campaign objective for lead ads cheaper as opposed to driving people to a landing page and getting their info there before a webinar ?

  21. Great video. What do you suggest for offers from a brand new agent looking to generate leads (both buyer and mostly seller)?

  22. Jason, what do you think of services like bold leads? Do you think it’s worth it to pay to have them do your Facebook ads or should we learn to do it ourselves?

  23. Don't you think criminal defense law is more difficult to market than Google Ads? I'm a former US Navy JAG attorney. Even if I hit all the right demographics, people aren't going to call me unless they're facing criminal charges. With Google Ads, people charged with crimes are specifically looking for a lawyer to defend them.

  24. What is a realistic amount of leads that can be generated for running a one week, $100 ad? Specifically with a real estate agent looking to generate brand new clients.

  25. I have a website. I want to advertise it on social media to attract more members:

  26. thanks a lot that was really helpful 100% i will ask you some question in the future you look like an expert. thanks <3

  27. As you stated, this is an update to your "Master Facebook Ads In Under 1 Hour!" video back in Nov. last year. In the Nov. video, you suggested that, if you're starting from scratch with no lead list and no information about who's been to your website (a warm audience), the best way to create a custom audience is to choose an "objective" of "watch a video". The people who watch the video now become a warm custom audience that I can use to create a LLA. You didn't mention that in this video, IS that still a valid strategy?? I hope this question catches your attention because I need an answer before I start my first campaign.

  28. Hi Jason. I've just bumped into ur site n I'm so happy I did. I'm so eager to begin my journey with u because I know that with u I will succeed however I need to save some money now as I'm in a tight tight tight place in my life but oh so glad I found u so for now I will b looking at ur videos n maybe look at ur webinar a few times until I can be a member n part of ur group. I just can't wait to talk about this time in my life later on n pay it forward letting ppl know that its possible to go from zero to hero…..I'm so so ready. I just need to wait a few weeks.

  29. I’ve been hearing different opinions on increasing the budget on an ad that’s already running. Done say it’s fine while others have said that it’s better to start a new ad with the same info on a higher budget. What do you think?

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