How To Add Social Media Links To YouTube Channel
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How To Add Social Media Links To YouTube Channel

How to add social media links on your YouTube
channel. Do you want to expand your audience beyond
YouTube and get more eyeballs on your videos? Even though YouTube receives billions of views
every day, there are millions of people who use other social media sites. Welcome to another video, My name is Herman
Drost from If this is your first time here, hit the subscribe
button. You’ll learn how to grow your YouTube channel
fast and generate views and subscribers on autopilot. Stay tuned for the steps to add social media
links to your YouTube channel. Adding social media links to your Youtube
channel will help build your audience beyond YouTube. It will also give viewers additional ways
to connect with you. Log into your YouTube channel, hover over
your channel banner. At the top right you will see a pencil icon,
click on that, click “edit links”. A the top here you’ve got a description of
your channel so you can edit that by clicking on the pencil icon and edit the description. For business inquiries, you can put in your
email address and select your country, United States. On the links, custom links, you can add up
to five links. First one I added was my landing page, “21
ways to get free traffic”. Then you just grab the link to your Facebook
page. Here it is at the top you just copy that,
in the mac, it’s command C, paste it in the box. The third link is a tip jar which is my PayPal
donate link. You can watch my video of how I created that
by clicking the card icon. if you want to add another link just click add. Now I’m going to add my Twitter link so I
go to Twitter and go on the browser and just copy that link, command C, paste it in here
and then add a link title. Click done. Now I can see here on the about page I’ve
got my business inquiries email, country, and I’ve got my links. If you want to edit any of these links, you
just click on the pencil icon and then you can edit any of these links. If you go to your channel home page you’ll
find that all these links don’t appear on the channel art. I’ve just got my landing page, Google Plus
page, and Facebook page. If you want to edit any of those you just
hover pencil icon again. Click edit links and then you can choose maybe
just a couple that you want to put on the home page. Another place that you might want to add your
social media links is in the description of your videos. So if you click on videos and click on one
of your videos, click on the info and settings. Scroll down to the bottom of your description
and enter your social media links at the bottom. The title could be, “connect with me on
social media.” Click “save changes.” What if you want to add social media links
automatically to each video you upload? You can do this by going into your default
settings, click on your profile icon, creative studio, upload defaults. In your description box place your social
media links, click “save”. Now your social media links will appear in
the description for each new video you upload. What if you don’t see “edit links” when
you hover over your channel art? To activate this, just click on your cog icon
next to the subscribe button. Just move the slider from the left to the
right. This will allow you to add a channel trailer,
suggest content to your subscribers and organize all your videos and playlists into sections. That’s it, now you know how to add social
media links to your YouTube channel. Click the card icon to download my video upload
checklist. You’ll learn the 10 things you need to do
before your video goes live on YouTube. If you want to receive more video tutorials
like this one every week, hit the subscribe button below. Make sure you check out the related videos
to receive more in-depth information. I’ll see you in the next video.

65 thoughts on “How To Add Social Media Links To YouTube Channel

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  2. Great video! I like your step-by-step approach. You show every step on the screen, which visual learners, like me, really appreciate.

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    Gale The Happy Stamper 🙂

  4. Herman thank you for showing How To Add Social Media Link To YouTube Channel. I had my slider pushed the wrong way. However, when I pushed it over to the right it did not bring up a box like it did on yours? ( This was at 3:07 that box does not come up for me.)

  5. Thanks Herman. You put together clips that are so easy to understand. Great idea of automatic social media links. Never knew of that. Question- do you think it helps for search to put hashtags in video descriptions?

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  9. Okay, maybe I'm an idiot…but for some reason I don't have "Edit Links" as an option when I click on the pencil, I only have "Edit Channel Art"…help? THANK YOUUUU

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