How to Add Media Attributions
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How to Add Media Attributions

How_to_Add_Media_Attributions_(Source) In this video we will go over how to add and
enable media attributions in Pressbooks. This will allow you to add attribution information
to your images and automatically generate attribution statements that will be displayed
in the webbook and all export formats at the end of each chapter, after the body text,
and before the footnotes. When you add an image to your book, you are
given a number of fields to fill out. Pressbooks generates attribution statements
using information in the title field, and information in the textboxes that are in the
attribution section. The title field is used to identify the image,
either by the image title or description of the image. Under attributions, you can provide the source
URL, which is a link to the original source of the image. You can provide the name of the author of
the image, and a link to the author’s page in Flickr or Wikimedia if applicable. And you can select a license from the dropdown. Public domain, any of the CC licenses, and
all rights reserved. In addition, if you or someone else has adapted
the image in any way, that information can be provided as well. One thing to note is that if any of this information
is missing, for example, if you don’t have a URL for the author, you can just leave that
blank and that’s fine. Now, click insert into chapter. One thing to note is that you can only add
attribution information from within the visual editor, when you first upload an image. After uploading an image, all attribution
information must be entered from the media library. To edit an image in the media library, expand
the media tab in the dashboard menu and click library. The media library is where you can find all
of the media files that are in your book. To edit the attribution information for any
image, just find the image that you want to edit and select it. This will show you all of the attribution
fields that you can fill out and edit. All changes made here will be applied automatically. There is no need to click save. To get your attribution statements to display
in the webbook and export formats, you will have to turn on media attributions in global
theme options. To do this, expand the Appearances tab in
the dashboard menu, and select Theme Options. Under the Global Options tab, select the checkbox
by media attributions. This will cause attribution statements to
display at the end of a chapter. Now, navigate to the bottom of the page and
click save changes. To turn this off, just unselect the media
attributions checkbox and click save. Now, that I have media attributions turned
on in my book, let’s see what they look like in the webbook. So, if I scroll to the end of the chapter,
I will see that the media attributions are listed here in the order that the images appear
on a page. And that’s all you need to know about setting
up media attributions in Pressbooks. Thank you for watching. For more videos, see the Pressbooks Tutorials
channel at

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