12 thoughts on “How to Add Facebook Pixel Tracking to Mailchimp Landing Page

  1. An excellent walk-through of the Facebook pixel. Your style of tutorial has helped me understand the technique, theory & improvements to one's website that make a good landing page worthwhile. Thank you so much, Sincerely sent, ~ Beauty

  2. I did this mate and the FB pixel helper isn't noticing any pixels on my landing page – any idea why this might be?

  3. Hi Larry, I have followed your instructions, but the Facebook pixel helper still doesn't see any pixel on my website. Any idea?

  4. Tried with this https://mailchi.mp/5bfc15e732b7/registrojenny landing page… but the helper extension is not tracking it (neither the pixel itself)

  5. There surely must be a way to track leads submitted through pixel events, rather than just tracking landing page views?

  6. Thanks Larry. I see that you places the pixel in the landing page and it registers “page view” , is there a way to place the pixel ALSO in the thank you page, so the pixel can track the next step? (Or is there any alternative) thanks!

  7. This is a bit confusing. I setting up a new pixel for MailChimp and it needs me to install a CODE first!! Where to Paste that code in the landing page??! Please Help ASAP. Thanks

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