100 thoughts on “How to ADD and Use MULTIPLE INSTAGRAM accounts – (Up to 5)

  1. I attempted to set up a 2nd IG account yesterday with a 2nd email account. I did something wrong and it seems to have merged the two accounts, but the second one has become predominant.

    Is there any way to correct this? I don’t want to lose the first account that I have had for years. Please provide any advice you can.
    Thank you!

  2. It doesn’t work, I put in all the stuff but when I say my age, it say the action couldn’t be completed

  3. If it send u right back to ur acc!.. use a different password. It worked for me and I have 4 acc now. If it doesn’t work I’m Srry;( hope I helped!;)

  4. I wanted a new account, separate from my personal instagram account, so I could have a business account to do ads. I think to do ads you have to link to a Facebook page. What happens if the emails don't match between the Facebook business page and the instagram account?

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  6. I added a new account before I saw your video, can I delete it so that I can set it up with a different user name

  7. I only have one account but when I press on the gear I do not get anything. All I get is: Change Password, nametag, authorized apps, notifications, privacy and security, logout and cancel. What am I doing wrong?

  8. I want to have a separate account; however, I don't want the people i've "allowed" to follow
    me in the first account to follow me in the 2nd account…will the followers of the first
    account be able to see or find my second account (is it "joined" in any way?)?
    In other words, is it truly separate.

  9. Instagram is suggesting my new account to my followers on the old account how do I stop that I don't want followers on private account to follow me in my new account

  10. I made an account linked with my previous account, and it didn’t require a password but now I want to share the account I linked with my friend and it needs her to use a password to get in how do I get her to use the linked account with the whole password situation?

  11. This feature exist in androids 7.15 and up , you won't have this option if you don't have Android 7.15 or more

  12. I created a second Instagram account but after I added the code It just got back to my old account so nothing happened😑

  13. I share one password for both accounts (I've two accounts) and then when I go login to my account on some other device then it just logins to the account I created first and it doesn't login to the other one. Is there any way you can help me with that??

  14. I have a “Multiple Instagram Account” made how come i cant access it like on my computer ?? Instagram needs to fix this feature

  15. Can people see that a new account I created has anything to do with my primary account? Can they see a link between the two at all?

  16. Hi there! I created 5 accounts and want to add another. I tried logging out of one account so that I could add another, but it doesn't let me. Do you have any suggestions? I have 10 accounts I manage and I need to see the insights for all.

  17. No iinfo on adding another instagram acct while using a LAPTOP OR computer, why is this basic info not covered by the many instagram editorials? Is is not commom to have more than one account?

  18. This TOTALLY works. IG has changed it's format, the tool icon is located at the bottom right. I have been trying to do this all year and watching the video with his instruction, finally worked. I'm so grateful. Thank you!

  19. I did it. But the notification told me that i couldn't make the second account, because the other user have used the email. And you know, the one who used that email was me. But the sistem said it was the others user. What's wrong with instagram?😡

  20. PROBLEM FOR ME is I made a NEW BUSINESS ACCOUNT from my own Main account and I accidentally pressed ''do not put password'' SO NOW I CANT FKN LOG IN ON OTHER DEVICES !!! Could someone help me with this … Ive tried doing forgot password but that just doesnt work for that new Account.


  22. How can I turn off the notifications off for accounts so I can’t see them when I’m on my other account. I don’t want my notifications to show on my other account when I’m on this one

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