How to Add and Remove Admins on your Facebook Page—Walkthrough
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How to Add and Remove Admins on your Facebook Page—Walkthrough

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I’m the Digital
Advertising Whaler here at Whole Whale, and today we’ll be doing a walkthrough of
how to add and remove admins from your Facebook page. And here’s how you add and
remove admins from your Facebook page via business manager. The first thing
you’ll want to do is log in to your business manager account. You’ll then be
brought to your dashboard, where you’ll see all of your ad accounts and pages.
You’ll want to click on “business settings” in the top right corner. On the left hand
side of the screen, click on “people”, and then you’ll see the “add” button toward
the middle of the screen. You want to click on that, then you’ll be prompted to
type in the email of the person you want to add. Since you have a business profile,
employee access will already be toggled on. Beneath that, you’ll want to toggle on
for admin access. If Facebook feels you have too many admins associated with
your account, an alert will pop up showing the ratio of employees to those
with admin access. If you see there are too many admins, feel
free to remove people and we’ll touch on that in a second. If you need to add
additional privileges, you can also toggle on for financial control of the
account or pages. Once you’ve set your parameters, press add. Then you’ll be
prompted to choose which pages you want to associate with that person, and what
their role would be. You can choose it from a series of roles based on the
actions a person will be taking on the page of the account. Press “invite,” and
they’ll be sent to an email to accept. To remove someone, you’ll want to click on
their name from the “people” section and then press “remove” in the top right
corner. You’ll be asked to confirm. Click “remove” again and you’re all set. If you
don’t have business manager, here’s how to add and remove admins directly from
your Facebook page. Click on “settings” in the top right corner. Once your settings
load, click “page roles” on the left side of the screen. Under “assign a new page
role,” you can type in the person’s Facebook name or email address. One thing
to note: their email address should be associated with their current Facebook
page. You can then find their profile, click on it, choose their permissions and
press “add.” To remove someone, find their name under “existing page roles,”
click on “edit” next to their name. Here you can change their role, or remove them
altogether. Click on “remove” in the bottom left corner, click “confirm” and you’re all
set! Well, that’s been a walkthrough of how to add and remove admins from
your Facebook page. Dive deeper with Whole Whale content at and use the code WWVIDEO to get 80% off all of our courses.

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