How to add an Admin to Your LinkedIn Company Page Advertising Account (Marketing Solutions)
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How to add an Admin to Your LinkedIn Company Page Advertising Account (Marketing Solutions)

Brenda Meller: Hi this is Brenda Meller with
Meller Marketing. Today’s Linkedin tip will walk you through
the steps on adding a second admin into your Linkedin advertising, or marketing solutions. Let’s walk through these steps. First what I’d like you to do is click on
the work icon, and underneath that you could either click on Advertise right here, or you
can scroll down and click on Advertise. Either one of those will take you to the right
page. Brenda Meller: Now it’s a little bit confusing
here. What we’re actually going to do is go ahead
and click on Create Ad, and this will allow us to access the marketing solutions area
of your Linkedin campaign manager. Now, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into
my Meller Marketing account, and I will do so by clicking on Brenda’s Ad Account here. Then, up at the top of the screen, you’re
gonna look for the gear icon and go ahead and click on that icon. Underneath, you’ll see a menu of options and
what I’d like you to do is click on Manage access, and here you’ll see all of the individuals
who currently have access to your Ad account. And you can see I have my name. I’m the billing admin and I also am set up
as an account manager. So, I can see everything that is accessible
within my account. Brenda Meller: Now, I’m gonna go ahead and
add a user to the account, and for the purposes of this exercise I’m gonna add my husband,
Christopher Meller. I use Chris a lot in my examples for my various
Linkedin activities, and I’m sure he doesn’t mind. So, you can see underneath here, right now
it says Campaign Manager, and it says that with that access, “User can create and edit
campaigns, status, bid, budget, and creative ad details.” Now, if I click on Account Manager you can
see it also says that it controls billing history, settings and user access. So, that’s that higher level that I currently
have. If I go under Creative Manager, you see here
that user can add and edit creative ad details like headline, image and copy, and finally
there’s an access level called Viewer where user can view campaigns, creative ad details
and download account reports. Brenda Meller: So, depending on the level
of access you need that individual to have, you can look at any one of those options. But for the purposes here I’m gonna go ahead
and click on Viewer access for Chris and I’m gonna go ahead and click on Give access, and
then Save changes. Now, the next time that Chris accesses his
Linkedin account, he’ll go through the same steps here. I’m gonna take you back to your Linkedin home
page here, show you those steps again. So, again, we’re gonna go under
and after you’ve logged in you’ll go under your work icon, click on Advertise, and then
click on Create Ad, scroll down to your section of your business and click on the Ad Account
there. Then he would now have access into this area
of the account. Brenda Meller: Hopefully that’s been helpful
for you. Again, this is Brenda Meller and today’s Linkedin
tip, again, was how to add access to give someone admin privileges to your advertising
section on Linkedin Marketing Solutions. I hope this has been helpful for you. You’re watching this in YouTube. Please do subscribe to my channel so you can
get regular updates like these in the future, and have a great day.

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