How To Add Action Buttons To Instagram Profile | Book, Buy, Sell Button on Instagram
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How To Add Action Buttons To Instagram Profile | Book, Buy, Sell Button on Instagram

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome
back to my youtube channel for another marketing tutorial. In this tutorial I’m
going to show you how to add more action buttons to your Instagram profile. Like
you can see I already have an action button called email on my profile.
Instagram has allowed us to have three of these buttons so far which was email,
call or address. But now you can add more options.
Firstly let’s make sure that you have a business profile because this option is
only available for business profiles on Instagram. To make a business profile you
can click on the Settings button here right beside edit profile and if you
don’t have a business account you will see something like switch to business
account here and you will need a Facebook page connected with your
Instagram account to make a business profile. But once you have a business
profile you’ll be able to add these options and to do that you will have to
go to edit profile which is right here. Once you’re editing the profile you will
see something called contact options under business information, click on that.
So currently I can add email id, phone number and address which will start
showing up on my profile. The other option now available to me is something
called add action button. If you don’t see it Instagram has just started
rolling it out so there’s a possibility that it hasn’t reached you yet. But once
it does you will see this button called add an action button and once you’re
here there is a whole lot of action buttons that you can add these are
basically integrations with third-party sites you can see the name of these
third party platforms right here like Yelp, SevenRooms, OpenTables, GrubHub and
so on so. The action button is going to be called book or buy tickets or start
order, get tickets. So let me quickly add in an Eventbrite – get tickets call to
action. Click on next thing and you will need an URL of your Eventbrite event so
I’ll paste URL here. Click on done and that’s it the
action button has gotten added. Now if I go back to my profile you will see an
option called get tickets and when anyone clicks here the Eventbrite page
opens where they can directly start buying the ticket. It’s as simple as this.
Go ahead and explore all the options available there and see what works for
you and and this is a great way to get more conversions from your Instagram
profile. That’s about it for this tutorial, I hope I was able to teach you
something new and add value to you. If I did please hit that thumbs up button
comment and let me know and subscribe to my channel for more marketing content. If
you’re looking to have a one-on-one session with me the best way to reach me
is through Instagram the link is right here thank you.

26 thoughts on “How To Add Action Buttons To Instagram Profile | Book, Buy, Sell Button on Instagram

  1. In My Instagram Business Account, Call to Action Doesn't accepting URL and it is showing that it is not supported to this feature. So what to do ?

  2. I was going to do this but don't see what the benefit is? Do we get free points or discounts for promoting the link?

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  6. i need to know how to show shop now button in insta. you have shown which action button was there previously given choosed.

  7. Why are they all "buy tickets" and "book". Why is there no "shop now" button? I saw an instagram with a hovering button that linked to their website. Where is that?

  8. HI! i need to know how to get that awesome template where customers with just one click (on instagram action button) can leave their (autofill) information such as name, phone and email. thantks!"

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