How to add a Facebook page widget to WordPress
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How to add a Facebook page widget to WordPress

14 thoughts on “How to add a Facebook page widget to WordPress

  1. you should have a video on how to make a very good a free version and a paid version. that would b so great. there isn't really no video on how to actually make or start one

  2. Hi, great tutorial and thanks for sharing.
    I have pasted my Facebook business URL in but unfortunately I am not getting the iFrame code to copy and paste into my website. Do I have to register?

  3. Superb tutorial. I have been going mad trying to get the facebook feed on my website but all the other tutorials kept pointing me to getting a api from facebook. This doesnt, (thank god)!! I followed the tut and it worked first time. Thank you so much – Your a legend

  4. Okay, that was simple. I first knew I need plugins and stuff, but now after your tutorial I made it in 2 minutes easy with no other plugins. Great!

  5. Hi Alex, I wanted have a look at the type of posts you were creating to promote your boots boutqiue page but the only fb group I could find was this: and I couldn't find a link to thel fb page from your website to confirm that was actually yours. Also, there hasn't been any posts to that facebook page so wondering if that was actually yours? On your zombiemerc site you haven't posted on it since October. I'm just thinking if you don't use facebook anymore for promotions do you not feel it's worth it?

  6. Great video! Do you know how to do this for a facebook group? It won't let you use the iframe code only the javascript SKK code.. I followed facebooks steps but im notdoing something right I get a error in wordpress 'no preview availible'

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