How the Media Challenge Initiative supports Uganda’s future journalists | DW Akademie
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How the Media Challenge Initiative supports Uganda’s future journalists | DW Akademie

I’m so excited to be hosted here. We are here at the youth program. Youth Radio participatory journalism is so important for our country Uganda because it’s a platform where the youth are able to bring out their voices to be heard. I learned how to edit the various audios we made with various people we interviewed. The Media Challenge Initiative is a youth driven nonprofit building the next generation of journalists who believe journalism can make the world a better place. Right now our focus is on the fellowship program which empowers the top 25 young journalists in Uganda. We’re working with DW Akademie to make sure that we get the fellows who are not only skilled but also they are very social justice oriented. Our hope is that in five years we can have 200 young journalists who are populated in the different media houses. The vision for MCI is really big. We want to create a space that can attract media enterpreneurs and journalists to have a work space. If people doing technology and producing software have spaces where they come together and develop new things, we also want to do the same thing with our young journalists. Because I believe there are very many journalists who are freelancing, but they don’t have a shelter. So MCI will become that home. And we will also continue to provide trainings within that space that space and we also continue to turn out our fellows. Because the fellowship is our flagship program that we know will change the journalism landscape in Uganda.

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