How Social Media Ruined Nuance – South Park Season 21 Episode 3 Breakdown – Wisecrack Quick Take
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How Social Media Ruined Nuance – South Park Season 21 Episode 3 Breakdown – Wisecrack Quick Take

Hey, Wisecrack! Live action Jared, here. These days social media means everything we
do ends up on permanent record. Just being on the internet is a minefield,
and there’s no survival guide for handling it. We’re not the only ones worrying about it either, as the newest episode of South Park
tackles these ideas head on, so let’s get into this quick take on
Season 21 Episode 3 Holiday Special. And as always, spoilers ahead. If you’ve been listening to our South Park
podcast, Respect Our Authoritah, you know we’ve been fascinated by the fact that this
season has been more focused on people’s REACTION to world events rather
than the events themselves. This has never been more clear than in this
past episode, Holiday Special. Randy’s quest for social justice hits a
lot of ideas right on the nose, YEEAAAHHH! TAKE IT DOWN!
COLUMBUS WAS A MASS MURDERER! but it also raises some really interesting questions. First, a quick recap. Randy, caught up in yet another wave of activism,
gets Columbus Day canceled, which means no more day off school. It ain’t right. But that’s still not enough for South Park’s
most vocal father. He sets off to tear down a statue of Columbus,
take a crap in columbus square, and berate the residents of Columbus, Ohio. You’re an intolerant pig. Oh, you’re not? You just choose to live in a city named for ethnic cleansing? His activism keeps escalating until the kids
discover a treasure trove of Instagram pictures depicting Randy in Columbus Cosplay. After that Randy goes to great lengths, including
falsifying a DNA test, in the randiest way possible, to inoculate himself against criticism
by presenting himself as a Native American, i.e, a descendent of Columbus’ victims. In the end, Randy finds out that he’s just
an average white dude of European descent, but with more than the average
amount of Neanderthal DNA. A fact he spins into his own story of victimhood, The Earth wasn’t big enough for Neanderthals, so your ancestors just got rid of them, HUH?! after all those brutal homo sapiens erased Neanderthals from the face of the earth. So, what does Randy’s quest tell us about
the world we live in? Well, more than you think, and to explain
why – we’re turning to something that we talked about in one of our Walking Dead videos,
the panopticon. The panopticon is an idea originally created
by philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It’s a prison where a single guard in a
tower can watch all the inmates at once. The prisoners can’t tell if they’re being watched so they have to always be on their best behavior. But postmodern theorist Michel Foucault thought it was a perfect metaphor for how society controls its citizens. Because we never know when our actions might
result in punishment, we try our best to follow the rules, which means we become controlled
by those rules even when no one can enforces them. We even internalize those rules and systems
so we don’t even know if we’re acting because of our beliefs or because of that
systemic control and fear of punishment. Unfortunately for Randy, social media has
become a kind of real life panopticon. Don’t post that. Everything we do exists on the internet FOREVER,
and because of that we all have to be careful with what we do and what we say online. Randy feels this in a very real way when the
kids discover his prior predilection for Columbus. Because he’s always being watched, Randy
has internalized his fear of punishment and his desire to live up to social ideals as
means of creating social capital. If you guys found those pictures online, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else does. People won’t care about what I do now. They’ll just see me as a thoughtless,
indigenous son of a bitch. In other words, as a perpetual bandwagoner,
Randy needs to be a guy who protests Columbus because that’s what he thinks society wants from him. But, with the advent of the internet, he’s
constantly terrified of what his peers might uncover about his past. What’s the point, Sharon?
Soon they’re gonna be coming after me. With social media our culture is evolving faster than ever, but it’s also becoming more judgemental. Mistakes made in the past are looked at through
the lens of the present. Just because he’s suddenly not cool now doesn’t mean I’m gonna be the effin scapegoat! This goes for both Columbus, who definitely
did horrible things, and Randy who is just kind of an idiot. It’s only now when everyone is being
so indigenous to me that I realize how indigenous I’ve been acting all along. Randy tries to explain that he’s changed. That what he did in the past shouldn’t matter. Look, I was younger. We were all younger. It was another time. You have to understand. It was 2013. Too bad for Randy there’s no codified statute
of limitations on bad behavior. Randy gets caught acting in the past in ways
not entirely kosher with the present. He can’t be an advocate for a cause if he’s
seen as disingenuous, and since Randy defines himself by his project of the week, he can’t
afford to let that happen. And, because social media judges all action,
we often fetishize purity when it comes to social issues. Yeeehaw! I’m from New York. I drive around a big circle that celebrates a guy who murdered Native Americans! Luckily for Randy, he stumbles across the
commercial for what appears to be a perfect solution: DNAandMe. Wouldn’t you like to know the story of you?
What makes you you? The DNA testing program lets people claim
affinity with marginalized groups, I’m also part Northern Asian and even some Kurdish.
I’m a victim of oppression. even if they aren’t apparently a part of them. DNA and me showed I was 8% Navajo. Nobody is making fun of me now, or my people
who were victims. The ability to claim victimhood enables people
to stake out a moral high ground and make themselves immune from criticism. Are you in? Hell fucking yes I’m in. The irony of this is, of course, that most
people who need a DNA test to find out if they’re a victim of oppression
probably are not oppressed. I’m 13% victim. I’m 21% victim. To protect himself from potential fallout,
Randy pays a Native American to make out with him in order to guarantee he’ll end up with
the DNA of an indigenous person. In doing this, Randy demonstrates an indifference
toward the feelings of the Native American man who ends up falling in love with him, I’ve never felt so alive until now. and even manages to recreate the misdeeds of Columbus all over again. Get off my land you piece of sh**! This all adds up to show that Randy’s political
aspirations are ultimately selfish. He’s so desperate to claim victimhood, and
so utterly ill-informed about pretty much everything, that he leans on his 2.8% Neanderthal
DNA to claim that his people were erased from history. Yeah, sure, everyone gang up on the Neanderthal!
Isn’t it funny?! Again, Randy’s bizarre behavior raises something
important. How do we decide when people can claim victimhood? That’s not to minimize the suffering of
anyone, but how do we distinguish between people who are legitimately affected by a
legacy of oppression and this guy I use to get in trouble for always using the n word. But with DNAandMe I found out that I’m 2.1% black! Morning Steve! Sup ******? Where’s the line? How close do you need to be on the family
tree for oppression to be passed down? Certainly 1000 years is too much, but what
about 100 years, or 50 years, even 5? It’s a complicated debate, but we know
exactly what Randy thinks. Even tens of thousands of years is fair game. All of these ideas add up to one compelling
twenty minute critique of how we approach politics in the age of social media. Questions of how we deal with our public lives
being saved online, how we treat past mistakes, and how we understand victimhood in our hyper-aware
era are ones that we need to answer and South Park knows that. Until we resolve all of that, there will be a whole lot of misguided Randys running around causing chaos. That’s what the show is ultimately saying. We need to figure out how we talk to each
other about history and complicated ideas of culture, or else we’ll just be crossing
wires, making messes, and shitting in public places. The 21st season of South Park wants us to
think about how we handle an increasingly complicated world that demands faster and
less nuanced reactions. You have to overdo it in today’s society, Stan. You can’t be nuanced and subtle anymore or
else critics go wow what was the point of that?! The show doesn’t have answers though, and
neither do we, but the first step is asking questions. If you want to hear these question explored further, check out our South Park podcast
“Respect our Authoritah!” Exploring every new episode of the show. You can find links to the podcast in the description below. And you can subscribe by searching for “South Park Wisecrack” where ever you get your podcasts. Thanks for watching guys! Peace!

100 thoughts on “How Social Media Ruined Nuance – South Park Season 21 Episode 3 Breakdown – Wisecrack Quick Take

  1. Well in America if your life sucks, it's on you to fix it. I'd buy this whole "systemic oppression" bullshit if there weren't millions of white people in virtually the same shitty boat as the supposedly "racial oppression"

  2. "Our society fetishizes purity"… amazingly put and totally right. in the world of social media it's difficult to be someone who is trying to be good whilst having done bad things. It's far easier to just be bad and enjoy. i.e trump.

  3. Is the joke about people taking a DNA test and claiming to be oppressed because thats what the right wing did for real.

  4. As long as we equate being a minority with being a victim, we'll always have a bunch of dumbasses running around and creating chaos.

  5. Actually, Homo Sapiens may have not exterminated the Neanderthals. Evidence has surfaced over the years that the two may have interred, and the Neanderthals eventually faded away and got absorbed into the Homo Sapien species.

  6. Setting a “time limit” on how far back you can claim victimhood status as well as the counterpart. Who you can blame as an oppressor is never going to happen in any political arena as your automatically going to alienate those groups that think like that and drive them further into the arms of those who will coddle them in exchange for votes.

    The alternative argument, that you alone are responsible for your past present and future, while certainly empowering, is just as guilty of ignoring reality, in that bad random shit happens that destroys lives that you can’t possibly anticipate, your not a god after all..

    Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to choose their poison and accept that regardless of their choice they’re going to piss people off.

    In Randy’s case, as well as many people, the idea of people in the community not liking them is pretty daunting especially when it can impact your livelihood, hence where you get virtue signaling, which is to show your part of the community and thus someone reputable enough to work with.

    Ultimately the problem with social media is that it has turned these sorts of things such as whose a victim and who is in oppressor into something that is fashionable and this “Vic-Opp” fashion often turns on the drop of a dime in order to remain trendy.

    Just like how Randy was a hard-core Columbus Day fan in a few short years ago and that was trendy he finds himself at risk of being pushed out of the trendy group for having an out of date wardrobe er I mean political views thus his answer to the problem is to destroy what he held important enough to identify with to keep those connections open.

    Ultimately I would say that the problem is that the Internet has allowed the court of public opinion to supersede the court of law in its capacity to destroy lives, in short the world as a whole, because of the internet, is operating with a small town everyone knows everyone outlook ang if you’ve lived in a small town you know exactly what I mean if your on the outs with the community, no one will do business with you in the open.

  7. Season 21 of South Park is all about this theme of being the victim Kyle getting Canadians nuked cartman and heidis relationship and this episode

  8. Dude, I hate Columbus, being Native American myself, but I don't blame all Caucasians for his actions. I mean, what Columbus did isn't even talked about in school. I myself thought he was a hero once. It's just ignorance. There are good people out there. My family is Christian, and they are the nicest people I know. They know what Columbus did, and they disagree with trump. We're all people. Sorry if I'm rambling.

  9. Wisecrack you're deluding yourself on this one. I get your pandering to a large audience, but c'mon. Your talking about systemic oppression like its a gene.

  10. I'm The World's Greatest Troll. I love the idea of all my classics in one place. is a GREAT idea. I learned long ago that the idiots controlling everything and everyone like a video game will literally block you from having something then mock you for not having it. You can't win against cowards like that. So, don't try. Do like I did, just give up. It's all a fake, made up alien simulation, and it's completely dumb and evil.

  11. Once it's on the internet, it's there forever? Hah, double-up, Hah Hah! If that were true, then it wouldn't be impossible to find the old Spoony Experiment videos. Things leave the internet all the time. There is no "forever".

  12. 1. Why are you on camera, just narrate.
    2. Had so much more respect before I saw what shirt you’re wearing
    3. That’s why you should stay off camera and just narrate

  13. We don’t allow anyone to claim victim hood we can go back thousands of years and everyone is a victim at some point! The smart thing to do is make everyone accountable and responsible for their own actions now. Personal responsibility all around, no hand outs, hard work and positive choices to better your situation. In time things will be better of most people are doing their part instead of telling everyone else to give them a pass.




    I have in my
    families history :


    3 Native American Indians







    Black from the 1800's


  15. I agree with this video. Social media is a panopticon. Even if you’re not on the overused social media platforms, you’re still paranoid about what is being said and done online.

  16. This episode makes Elizabeth Warren look absolutely ridiculous for embracing her being 1/1024th percent native american

  17. If someone needs to really shine a spotlight on their "victimhood", chances are they are not really a victim but a frustrated person that is more likely one enjoying privilege… especially if they scream about your privilege.

  18. It’s a complicated thing. Social media brings the world closer together. But when the world gets close together, it becomes painfully obvious that most people are stupid.

  19. Southpark is dumb, the only funny part is that it spawned so many ~eDgy~ dbags who use the southpark character creator on their profile pics when they say racist shit online. If those people weren't so easy to laugh at it wouldn't be worth it.

  20. Hey. Great content. So this reaction is basically nitpicking: please use delay compensation on your audio channels. They’re ever so slightly out of sync. 😉

  21. Gotta clean up my little corner of the panopticon ><. My new fav word for my bedroom because of all of the cameras and robots.

  22. ..Or just stop caring about "the rules" and do whatever you want. Its the American way. People respect that personality trait more anyway.

  23. I think if it was so long ago that your mother or father never met, or don't remember anything of that family member who dealt with extreme oppression, then you shouldn't be able to pull this "victim" card. I feel odd saying that because pretty much everyone who was an actual victim of something that someone can be considered a victim of wouldn't want to be considered or seen as a victim. My point however is that with each generation, the stories and empathy get muddied. If your great grandfather was, let's say, assaulted based on his skin color, then your grandfather/mother will get this information straight from the victim, possibly even saw it happen. That information gets passed on to your mother/father after many years of new information entering and old information leaving your grandparent's mind, and the same thing goes for when your parents tell this to you. While whatever happened is still horrible and clearly understood, certain details and facts are likely to be lost, making the image of the injustices your ancestors faced quite a bit less clear.

  24. It's not time-based, but impact-based. You're a victim if oppression has compromised your current living situation. For example, slums exist because black people were prevented from owning land, denying them accumulation of wealth, so anyone born in a slum is a victim, but not anyone whose parents made it out of the slum before they were born, barring emotional consequences from the parents and originating from slum life.

  25. I think from now on when there seems like theres a visible audible group in a zone I will repeatedly frequent I suspect can stress me out for allegedly being to cool to accept, the way my traumas keep repeating as early as I can remember trying to befriend college aged, instead of silently running through scenarios and expensive strategies of research and adaptation, I will just walk straight up to their leader and say, I'm getting the feeling that you are pretty cool people, as a matter of fact too cool, like to the point it might lead me to irrationally fear you and your group openly mocking and encouraging others to do so right to my face, tell me, is this the case? Checkmate, lifetime fear vanquished and outted for what it really was perceived hype to environmental arrangement and optics. And if they say anything less than no were not, I can say "Pshh, fuck you then lol, no really I mean it. I'm not wishing well for you at all in this life, because your are actively contributing to my personal emotional harm. People like you need to be traumatized back to understand the damaged you fucking caused me you entitled shitheads! Theres people out here trying their damnedest to be interesting and impressive counterintuively then they already were for people like u who don't ever appear grateful nor thankful for that kind of automatic concern from a complete stranger. The ones like me who see all that effort go to nothing will personally make sure your not known at all for reciprocating and you're going regret treating people like that. And if "society"or "upbringing" never accustomed you to not doing what other people do not like, well then I guess I'm doing it now! SAID WHILE GRITTING AND BEARING TEETH in a ferocious scowl

  26. Ha. and I was just saying elsewhere… Well the fairy tale isn't over but if there was a moral to that chapter it would probably be something along the lines of… Think once before you act, twice before you speak and three times before you post anything on social media. @

  27. I'm descended from the victims of the flying purple people eater. I don't care, the flying monster's gone, let God deal with said dead groups.

  28. Just be right wing. Everyone will call you racist anyway, so you can use the N worth without caring about it.

  29. Also, columbus didn't kill indians, you moron. He actualy wanted to help them, but the colonists were abusing them. Read his memoires, it's all written in them. And his letters too.

  30. "How do we decide when People can claim victimhood?"
    Unless they are recently freed slave or a person who got violently abused we don't decide and we should not let them claim victimhood since those who do are for selfish and manipulative reasons

  31. 2:33 "Those that only do what's right for a reward, scare me. Those that only behave for fear of punishment, terrify me."

  32. You have to understand it was 2013. Ha Ha i love Randy my Favorite character in Southpark since that Episode were he put his testicals into a microwave to get prescribed MJ

  33. This is kind of unfair…to the DNA companies. It’s doubtful that anyone uses the service to determine “marginalized” status. Not everyone is Elizabeth Warren.

  34. These videos seem more like a plug to encourage ppl to watch SP/get cable, than they do: an essay. They feel like spoon-fed "ideas" about the Satire that IS "South Park"; delivered w/o a trace of irony, as if their audience are morons. Either ppl get the show or they don't. Wisecrack doesn't need to "break down" every episode as "philosophy".

  35. I dont even know what network I need to join to watch south park. I haven't seen an entire episode in 15 years.
    Where can I binge watch the last 15 seasons?

  36. Holiday special was funny as hell, in fact I kinda agreed with randy on taking Down the Columbus statue

  37. The internet convinced me that democracy and universal suffrage has been a terrible mistake for western civilization.

  38. The debate around Elizabeth Warren is funny, its framed purely from the point of view that she tried to steal another groups heritage. My point of view on it is that it shows how dysfunctional and racist our society is that she felt the need to lie about her heritage so that she would not be discriminated against so that she could become a lawyer. The real discussion needs to be that. Why do white people like Rachel Dolezal for example, hate themselves so much and are so embarrassed and disgusted by their heritage that they have to pretend to be another ethnicity in order to get on in our supposedly colorblind society?

  39. "Morning Steve…What up my N#%%@" -LMFAO one of my favorite episodes and whats so awesome about the way its written people that get it and don't get it both will laugh at it

  40. Meh, society holding people accountable for their past "discrepancies" regardless of an individual's personal growth is the failing of society, not the individual as society ignores the triumph over the individuals past. This is a selective prejudice which is best illustrated by Hollywood's continued existence and unprecedented profits regardless of the fact that they only pretend to advance. (Unlike the individual who actually grows) Which is an entirely different problem.

    In reality society only reached "wokeness" through collective growth, but doesn't hold its self accountable for past transgressions. When they do they blame everyone else instead of owning their part. This is a blatant case of ignoring the past in favor of future idealism. As we all know, if you dont study history you are doomed to repeat it.

  41. YouTube is really the only social media type site I mess with. I love the way Trey and Matt live their lives not worrying about keeping themselves updated on Facebook or twitter. Only Treys wife posts stuff occasionally on instagram. They do it old school. Playing board games with family and friends. Putting social interaction first. I think society would be in a better state if more people lived more privately instead of airing out their whole lives and every thought out to the internet : making sure everyone knows what they're eating that day, what they're wearing, where they're going, what they bought, a rant about their political beliefs..ect ect. Social media and phones aren't the core problem..obviously not..but society has become so dependent on social media and just looking at it…the need for it to be there. People can't even sit down and watch a movie without checking their phones. I know people who have to pause games every few minutes to pull up Instagram just to have a scroll through. There are people that can't be at a bar or restaurant with their friends without gazing at their phones forgetting the conversation. Its why I aspire to be like Trey and Matt in that way. Matt is pretty much off the grid and we only see him with interviews come up. Trey only gets seen for interviews or when his wife posts something.

  42. It's weird to me that we vilify Columbus so much. He actually talked positively about natives and attempted to convince people of the time to treat them better. I mean he failed and a lot of people did a lot of bad things as a result but why do we put that all on Columbus. For example, I often hear people bring up the trail of tears when talking about columbus. But that had nothing to do with him. It happened much much later. Idek who is responsible for it but that probably just shows how ignorant the general population is when it come to the atrocities committed against the natives. If you ask me we didnt actually do anything that was out of the global social norm of the time, that is anything we can consider truly shameful until after we had defeated the natives. Our only crime until that point was just being better at war in a time where war was everywhere. The whites were already fighting the whites and the natives were already fighting the natives. We only see the whites fighting the natives as bad because of how well the whites did. I mean dont get me wrong. We then lied, cheated, and even murdered the conquered natives which is the part of our history that is truly shameful and for some reason we let Columbus over shadow it. It's like hes a scapegoat for the much worse stuff other people did.

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