How Social Media Caused Amazon Fires and Brexit | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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How Social Media Caused Amazon Fires and Brexit | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

100 thoughts on “How Social Media Caused Amazon Fires and Brexit | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

  1. 0:45 Brexit Propaganda
    3:39 WhatsApp University of Brazil
    6:29 Chinese Propaganda for Hong Kong
    8:33 Should you stop using Social Media?

    Since many of you are asking, Link to Chandrayan 2 Video:

  2. Hi dhruv, can you please make a video on how centre has sanctioned uranium mining projects and how it destroys 20,000 acres of nallamala forests in telengana and andhra

  3. Dhruv bhaiyya
    NASA,SpaceX and similar organizations are working to make human life interplanetary. Elon Musk is so into the idea of inhabiting Mars. When asked why, the reply is within few years the Earth will be uninhabitable and soHomo sapiens will be able to survive on Mars. Earth is going to uninhabitable because of environmental destruction. A lot of work,money and research is put into making Mars livable for humans.But can't we put the same effort into conserving our environment so that we can prolong the inhabitance on Earth? Morever it's easier when compared to going to Mars.

  4. Ye sham sharma ka YouTube channel dekho BJP IT CELL ka head hai shayad..itni professional jesi video banata hai ki sudhir Chaudhary bhi apko accha lagne lagega aur ravish bekar😂😂😂

  5. Dhruv brother make a video on traffic fines increase… A new way to cover and achieve 5 trillion economy instead on 5 trillion investment public will pay from their houses and pockets .. And more corruption opportunity for cops lol

  6. Dear dhruv rathee please let us know , are you sure that all the members of the dhruv rathee squad are highly educated . ?

  7. Dhruv rathee please check whether there are any Pakistanis, or members of Isis , are involved in the dhruv rathee squad.

    I urge you.
    Tell us the truth.

  8. Dear dhruv rathee what is the eligibility criteria for becoming a member of the dhruv rathee squad?

    Is it free entry for any one from any country?

  9. Dear dhruv rathee how about trusting a doctor who has no degree in medical sciences.

    How about trusting a journalist having no authorized degree in journalism ?

    Please make a video on this subject dude.

  10. Dear dhruv rathee is that true that your father was running a construction company which had huge losses following the reforms in real estate industry.

    And now you want to take a revenge .

    Then it is matter of my choice not to be a part of your revenge games.

  11. You used the words "" ek side BREED phaida huva hi, use called andh BHAKTH"" are you a educated.
    First you ask your mother which BREED YOU ARE??? HOW MANY BREED YOU HADIN YOU.

  12. Please, make video on KASHMIR how INDIAN media (govt propaganda)and intnl media(only human rights violation and not terroism)showing extremely different views

  13. Bhai kah ho ap dhk rhe ho na kya ho rha ha apne india Mein kyu nhi a rhi ha apki koi video Hamare Desh Ka PM Red Carpet per kachra faila kar use saaf kar raha hai batao asse chalega Desh vo kisko dhkna cha rhe h ye sub jhut jhut bss jhut

  14. BJP analytica ka scandal kab saamne ayega?
    Waise aa bhi gya to bhi bhakt BJP ko support karenge, kahenge ki ye scandal ko expose karne waala organization Pakistani ya deshdrohi hai. XD

  15. Cheap marketing agenda….. If u really think about India…. Start doing something for poor people's ……. Singapore, swizerland packages… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Twitter aur Facebook ne Chinese accounts ban kiye to kya isse ye saabit nahi hota ki US government HK ke protest ko support kar rahi hai kahi na kahi.

  17. Hi bro you are just amazing.your data fact your authority over voice and presentation always spectacular.i just want to see you as a leader.u are an inspiration for youth. India need you. Keep rocking.

  18. तू तो कांग्रेस का चापलूस है
    तेरी बात क्यों मानूगा

  19. Please click on the link and like my niece Samrah Salihah’s pic… thank you let’s make our fellow Indian win. Jai Hind.

  20. अगर आपने ये वीडियो नहीं देखा तो क्या देखा

  21. Hey Dhruv, don't you think now it's a good time to educate our countryman about how ISP and govt has full access to our browsing history how they are manipulating data to run the propaganda. Let's tell them quick solution to use Proxy to hide browsing history.. Indian govt doesn't have GDPR (general data protection Act) I mean very sure few startup companies defintly brraching our cobfidential data. If you make video, it can be reached to larger audience. I can provide step by step guide and u can present.. What you say?

  22. Vaise toh YouTube bhi ek social media hai aur aap bhi hume aapne matlab ke liye kar rahe hoge. So , why I trust your analysis and reports.

  23. Your work is fabulous. Can you please do something for Aarey forest Mumbai. Metro yards will be build in Aarey forest after cutting so many trees. People in Mumbai are apposing it every day. I request you to expose this matter so that arrey will get more support.
    These are some links you can refer :

  24. I liked this video very much. You should do such vlogs every Sunday analyzing the most important news topics of that week from around the world!


  26. Ye Jo Haanth ghumaa ghumaa Kar news present Karna Kaha se seekha hai? Mute the video and watch his body language specially his hands.

  27. Don't you think the world will think Kashmir is Hong Kong part 2? They may assure India is tyrant. No one reads the news, they only read the headlines. For example Hong Kong is a specially administered part of China and not directly in control.

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