How Social Media Affects Your Brain
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How Social Media Affects Your Brain

– [Woman] Social media has
become part of our nature. We post, we share, we like, we follow, we unfollow, we subscribe. But how is social media affecting us? A small study of 20 college
students found a correlation between students who
demonstrated higher levels of Facebook addiction in activity of the amygdala striatal
system while they interacted with Facebook signals. This activation was
the same scene in those with substance addiction. In a 2016 UCLA study, teens
were split into two groups. One were shown a photo with
a high number of likes, and the other group was
shown the same photo but with fewer likes. Those who viewed the
photo with more likes, were more likely to like
the photo themselves than the group who saw the
photo with fewer likes. Again, it was the same picture. This experiment found
activity in multiple parts of the brain when teens saw photos they took receive a lot of likes. In particular, this study
found significant activity in part of the brain’s reward circuitry known as the nucleus accumbens. Dopamine is released in
the brain after positive social stimuli, such as likes and positive comments on social media. That photo she just posted,
she got a bunch of likes, releasing dopamine into her brain and causing a feeling of satisfaction. (loud applause) (loud upbeat music) Psychologist B.F. Skinner
found that mice would respond to certain stimuli they
knew resulted in a reward more often when the reward
came at variable times. This theory can also be
applied to social media and the times we check
it looking for a reward in terms of a like, comment, or message. We habitually check our accounts, but we are not always rewarded. Maybe this photo didn’t get
the amount of likes you wanted. So you will try again and again and again looking for that reward. But wait, something else. Have you ever felt your phone vibrate when it really didn’t? According to Robert Rosenberger of the Georgia Institute of Technology, we’ve become so connected to our phones, that they’ve sort of
become part of our bodies. Any time something stimulates
and triggers sensation in any area where you keep your phone, you might believe it’s your phone. This is called phantom vibration syndrome. Studies show that nearly 90% of people report experiencing
these phantom vibrations. (machine hums) (playful instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “How Social Media Affects Your Brain

  1. I'm not affected, so I don't care. I rarely post photos on facebook. I don't have an instagram, or twitter, or twitch, or whatever else is trendy right now… Facebook is a thing I mostly use to stay in touch with friends. I use viber to call my parents and my closest friends and that's about it. Everything else I do via phone call. I don't want to broadcast my life to people all over the world. I don't want to post a photo of what I had for dinner, or the hotel I went to while on vacation. Especially not to strangers.

    Likes are not an achievement. Tho, sadly, the world tends to disagree on this… Likes can get you exposure, money, sponsorships and many other things you never really worked for, but just got, cause someone clicked "Like" and someone else put an advert next to the like button…

  2. I only use Twitter and Snapchat, but mostly Twitter. I took a break from both for a month and it was life changing. I highlight recommend it. Deactivate both accounts then delete them for an even better result. It felt nice waking up and not checking my phone right away, instead I started my day by making my bed, checking my e-mails, etc…

  3. Social media where made for entertaining and showin*news of the world travel to places and stuff
    Not for make mental issues on people
    It’s our fault not theirs

  4. This is a fantastic video – in the UK The Royal Society of Public Health have pursued 'scroll free september'. This video encompasses every reason why I have opted in to this challege.

  5. aside from youtube, I don’t use other social medias because… I mean its so lame? just looking at a few pics or reading a bunch of tweets? so boring

    Thanks a lot for providing full-fledged informative content in this Video.
    I have got some knowledge about social media marketing course, unable to gather full knowledge about that.

  7. I’m currently doing Scroll Free September (so no social media excluded WhatsApp + YT) And I honestly feel free. However a part of my creative live is on IG and I feel like I might miss opportunities because I’m not online

  8. I get the phantom vibrations but sometimes I feel like a water droplet got on my toes and hear it yet not water landed on my foot even when I’m wearing shoes I feel it does that mean i’m addicted to water?

  9. This video basically says “social media sometimes makes you happy and sometimes you think you feel ur phone but it’s just something else” wow my eyes have been opened

  10. I was too busy. But with what? I constantly obsessed over what other people—many of them complete strangers—were posting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or my fraternity group chat. My time was being eroded by a hundred little distractions every day. I was literally clicking my life away. I realized something else—I was depleting my sexual energy in a downward spiral of online porn consumption. I was investing my sexual passions and fantasies into digitized non-companionship. I was desensitized, enervated, lonely, weary, and way too young to feel all those things at the same time.

  11. Glad you made this video. Social media has turned people materialistic and image concious. Trends are just made to make money for those who set them. Nowadays beauty standards have turned so extreme, it is not like the past…It's sad what this world is turning into. Instead of caring about fashion beauty body and money people should learn values and morals and learn more about the world and build up skills to make the world a better place.

  12. People gravitate toward whats popular they end up looking at the same things, thinking of similar things etc. and it happens so fast it makes people boring and dull. Dont even get me started on the likes 👍🏼 its a false sense of doing something but psychologically it feels like you helped.

    There are obviously advantages but also the tracking and the government blah… bluh..bluhhhh

  13. It seems understanding the human mind will be at the forefront of research for the coming century. Psychology , Neuroscience and Spirituality will be the areas of research in the coming years.

  14. Yet, they are using a social media tool just as addicting if not more to explain how addicting social media is and how badly it is for you? How about you just delete your channel and lead by example BuzzFeed? Oh what's that, that's right you enjoy the money too much (chuckling), nevermind… carry on (cough–hypocrites)

  15. Whats so special on social sites? Is this your digital world of friends who you can barely interact with once met in real world? Seeing people texting to each other when they sit few feet across. Good for them.

  16. As a real person who has been affected by it you should go out and enjoy your life and use social media too but just avoid toxicness on it and bs

  17. I delete my comments sometimes when I don't get enough likes and it's true I only like the videos and comments already with more likes.

  18. It’s the feeling of wanting validation/attention that’ll forever keep social media alive. It’s all young people seem to want now

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