How Often Should I Post On Facebook Business Page
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How Often Should I Post On Facebook Business Page

How often should I post on facebook
business pages? If that’s your question I’m gonna help you get to an answer, but
if you’re looking for a specific number, like at some point in this video I’m
gonna go, “it’s 4.2,” that’s not the way this is gonna work so go ahead and move
on. The reason for that is the number is different for every business, every
person and every brand. What I am going to show you in this video is how to figure
it out for your business. So if you want to see that let’s get into it Hey busy people welcome to Five Minute
Social Media. Of you have had “figure out my social media” on your to do list for
who knows how long but you just keep shoving it down because you’re overwhelmed,
you don’t know where to start, you got too many other things going on, you’re in
a great place. Every week we put out one quick video to help you with a different
piece of your digital marketing and we try and do it all without wasting too
much of your time. My name is Jerry Potter and today we are gonna talk about
how often you should post on a facebook business page. Now there are a couple of
pieces to consider here. 1) How often does your audience want or need to hear
from you? There are some of us with Facebook pages that have these huge
Facebook egos, like, “Oh my audience needs to hear from me every single day,” or, “Oh
this celebrity just died I have to make sure to post about it. By the way I’m a
laundromat.” Really? Nobody out there is going, “Oh did you hear Aretha Franklin
just passed away? I gotta get on Facebook and find out what Royal
Laundromat on Second Avenue thinks about this! My day will not go on until I know!”
Also for the most part nobody’s life is unfulfilled because they’re not hearing
from your brand every single day. The second piece of this is figuring out, depending on how often I post, how many people will I reach? A lot
of people say the more I post, the more people I reach, and that might
have been true a few years ago. I did work with one company and they were
posting on their Facebook page 48 times a day minimum. That’s right every 30
minutes. Now that was a few years ago where you could reach more people if you
were posting more often, but that has slowed way down with the Facebook
algorithm the last few years Quality is everything.
Quality over quantity is very important to remember. I was talking with a
nonprofit organization the other day and their current plan
is to post six times a week, and on Monday they’re gonna post maybe this or
this, and then on Tuesday “we’re gonna post this and maybe this.” They’re just
kind of filling a void, checking off boxes. So let’s say that’s you you want
to post six times a week. Well at the end of the week you’re gonna have your six
posts If you look back at your six posts and you go, “Okay on Monday and Tuesday
and Friday we did really good, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday not so much.
So rather than reaching all the people that these six posts reached, wouldn’t it be
great to reach the same number of people, but they all saw your top three
posts, your best posts, the ones that are most on message for your brand? There’s a
good chance that if this same organization shared just the top three
posts on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, they would have reached the exact same
number of people but they all would have saw their best content, and they might
have even reached more people because the content got more organic engagement
and therefore more organic reach. And just because they didn’t post on Tuesday
doesn’t mean a good chunk of their audience won’t see their Monday content
that next day or even on Wednesday. So as you’re deciding how often you should
post to a Facebook business page, remember that 3 really great posts is
way better and will probably meet reach more people than 10 mediocre posts. So
what is your number of posts you should have? First figure out the number of
messages that you want to convey, then think about how much great content you
can come up with using those messages. I’ll tell you how many times a week I post
for most of my clients but real quick, how many times a week do you post
currently? I would love to know down in the comments of this video. So for most
of our clients I’ll go ahead and tell you we post an average of about three
times a week. I will say that we also put a little bit of boosting money behind
each post to make it last a little longer but not a lot for some clients.
You’re talking about three dollars a post, so about ten bucks a week. Last
thing to consider – how much is your time worth? Or if you’re paying somebody, how
much is their time worth? Let’s say you’re paying somebody 15 bucks to come
up with a week’s worth of Facebook posts and schedule them. What if instead you
only pay them five bucks (so it was only a third of an hour of their time or
whatever it might be) and you put the other ten dollars behind boosting that
one post and getting it in front of more people? Or maybe you spend five dollars
in labor and five dollars on boosting. Now you saved five dollars in the end and
you’re still reaching more people with a better message. If you’ve never boosted a
Facebook post I do have a tutorial. The link is right up here, or I’ll put it in
the description of this video. And the last thing to help you decide how often
you should post on your Facebook page – a few studies from some big companies. Buffer says you can post to Facebook up to two times a day before it starts to
feel spammy to consumers. Constant Contact and HubSpot suggests you post a
minimum of three times a week and no more than ten times in a week. So come up
with that number, figure out what you’re going to post and if you need help with
any contents ideas I’ve got a free guide: 24 Content Ideas for Small Businesses. You can grab that in the description of this video right now, completely free,
happy to share it with you. If this video was helpful to you give it a Like, hit
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you so much for watching Five Minute Social Media. Oh! Connect
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21 thoughts on “How Often Should I Post On Facebook Business Page

  1. Just used boost for the 1st time – should I invite the people ,who liked the post, to like our page? It was informational without asking for their business. Want to earn trust and present ourselves as human first.

  2. Very good concise info. I am a small time social media consultant and have been wondering how to now market client pages. This is great info that suggests that pages aren't dead.

  3. I post maybe once or twice a month for my business called Lamar's detailing. If you get a chance check it out tell me what I'm missing please. I want to reach more people and I want people to contact me wanting to get their cars done not just liking my page how do I go about doing that??

  4. Hi & Thanks for the video!
    Assuming I start boosting my posts and it works and I end up getting more interactions, can I eventually stop boosting my posts, since my page has gained popularity?

  5. Hi there I need some help! I have a 1 month conversion campaign with 4 Ads and 4 organic posts to schedule. What do you recommend? I have 800 EUR budget! I appreciate any comments!! =D

  6. Hi I was hoping you could answer a Facebook question for me! I was always able to post two or more videos at once, or a picture and video at the same time on my Facebook business page. Now it doesn’t seem to let me. Please help!

  7. About 8-10 per week
    Our Group has 6 presenters, so 6 posts there
    A photo album, 1 post
    Our birthday committee report, 1 post
    A Go-Live, 1 post
    Our calendar, 1-4 posts
    And 1-2 miscellaneous
    Event check-ins

  8. Hello Five minute Social Media. Wonderful clear video. I messed up with posting on FB to groups. I have a product which i decided to post in related FB groups. The first day i posted i got two orders for my product. I could not believe it, the response was fantastic. I got over exited & began to constantly post to related groups. I noticed that after about 3 to 4 days i was not getting much interest anymore. i did some research about facebook posting and learnt about the algorithm. realised then that my posts were not getting anymore reach as i was posting way too much & guess FB was blocking my posts. It was a learning curb, now i dont know the right direction to take regarding how often to post etc. After watching this great video i am beginning to learn…thanks so much FIVE MINUTE SOCIAL MEDIA.

  9. So, i have a question… I am loving your help! I don't think you have a video to answer this, if you, I apologize! My business FB page is neenee_kaboo4u and website I'm not throwing that in to make you look, but if you do it would be easier to explain. We design, knit and sell dolls with an education piece about FASD. through my personal FB page I am part of a few closed related groups… but I actually want the business page to be part of those closed groups. I am not meaning to create a new group… Does this make sense?

  10. I am these days statarting to learn how to set up and optimize to have a successful Facebook Ad campaign generating sale.Any suggestion or advice for me in this new road which I don't know yet?.Thank you.

  11. Is there a way to monitor how well the posts do ? Like a bar graph ? Also do you have a vid on how to use groups to advertise in? I use FB marketplace for my sales but I use a personal FB setting not a business site.I also tread lightly .I hit my limit often . How to I add to the limit ? And how does FB figure the limit ? Do you have a vid on FB market place advertising ?

  12. Hi Jerry, I need helps. I am posting 2 to 3 post per day and I am in furniture business. Is it a lot? I am afraid audience might unfriend a page just bcoz too many posts and on the other hands, I am worried that I post very less and people will not see it.

  13. Interesting video; Nice condensed discussion. I post 1/day for our small town restaurant. Content is our "daily Lunch special" – a verbal description and a graphic. I tie each one to a historical fact (this day in history), and try to put some humor into both the verbal and the graphic. We are generally getting between 1-2 hundred hits per day with 4-10 likes or shares.

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