how i take instagram pics by myself 📸
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how i take instagram pics by myself 📸

100 thoughts on “how i take instagram pics by myself 📸

  1. Thank you so much I know exactly how I'm going to take pics of myself for my Paris vlog alone. So nervous doing it in public though I guess ive got to find a nice discreet street to do it 😄

  2. yesterday i literally took 40 mins trying to take a selfie for insta. i used a filter and even after all that time i decided i was too ugly and gave up….

  3. You should watch Natalia Taylor’s video on this subject she has a clicker that takes her photos and everything. I found it helpful it might make your photo taking process easier.

  4. This is so my life haha. Especially when I saw all the spots you were putting your tripod. I was cracking up. Getting the right lighting is vital and it’s basically bad everywhere when I shoot lol.

  5. So you make a video and than screenshot the picture in your computer? Yelp me please, small YouTuber here😭

  6. You know. Actually, I can understand you perfectly when you talk 'cause where I'm from, we talk at the same speed, if not faster

  7. my problem is that i can’t take good pics by myself but i’m too self-conscious to ask my family for help soooo

  8. Maybe a dum question but once you have the film, how do you get individual pictures out of it? Where can you see every single frame?

  9. I will try this but if someone sees me I will low-key have a mental breakdown and abandon society and go live into the woods or something

  10. Does anyone know where to find the song at like 5:20ish? I know it's some sort of remix of "I like it" by debarge but I can't find the actual one she uses here and i love it so much !! plz help lol

  11. So for the shot on the stairs for example do you use a closed down aperture to make sure you are in focus? Or how do you focus your shots from afar? Thanks girl!

  12. LOVE the idea of using a video instead of taking pics! Do you just use screenshots from the video for your pics (I assume)?

  13. Well this is pretty bizarre. Right before you explain that youre running video and screenshotting the poses you like I had paused the video and started searching how to timer slow burst photo, like it was some sort of unique mode the GH5 had….. I gave up and hit play and LITERALLY the next thing that happens is showing it 0_0; Fantastic videos, subbed lightning fast!

  14. When I tell u I do the exact same thing u do for my instagram. I always was like “are people gonna say I’m like a crazy narcissistic bitch who takes 10 million pics of themselves”. But u gave me such a great tip on taking a video instead of using the timer. I flip between my phone and camera. On my phone I just use my Apple Watch. But the video gave me ideas on different poses and more creative poses.

  15. I tried filming instead of taking pictures once with a friend but by transfering the video from my camera to the computer the quality just sucked?

  16. I live in China and I always want to take pictures but I have no friends here😭 and I’m not brave enough to do this bc I think someone will take my phone and run lol so scary, it’s so frustrating

  17. i hope you see this and reply lol

    so you said you take videos, which i think will really help me, but how do you capture that one moment from the video? like how do you make it into a picture?

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