how i edit my instagram photos + plan my feed
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how i edit my instagram photos + plan my feed

So back in August, I made a video called “How I take Instagram pics” by myself And I asked at the end of that video would you guys like a video on how I edit my instagram photos? Everybody in the comments was like yes, that would be incredibly helpful I said that sounds great! let me forget to make this video for eight fucking months. So here it is Very overdue. How I edit my instagram photos. Before we get to the editing, I want to talk about how I take my instagram photos.

49 thoughts on “how i edit my instagram photos + plan my feed

  1. omg she is so good at explaining! She is simple and gets to the point. Can you please be my teacher for all my subjects and replace my shitty school teachers.??

  2. Where was this video a week ago. Youtube recommendations, get your shit together. If you're gonna listen in on me, make good usr of the info, at least! On another real, this was so helpful and well thought through. You explained the curve in detail(cause y'all done know you didn't know shit from jack-shit) and explained how to fix ugly photos (I was so shook when I saw this. I was like, she know some of us don't have iPhone gazillion XYZ Max. She's such a non-youtuber youtuber 😭) Thank you so much!

  3. This is super cool! I love your editing style Ashley! Also the earring and scrunchy combo is on point!… If anyone wants to know how to do this on VSCO I just made a video about it!

  4. Have you always had bangs? Or did you decide to get them? I really love how bangs look but idk how they will look on me. Any tips lol? Also I’m obsessed with your channel ❤️

  5. 5$ presets?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell me why most ig presets are 40-60 mf dollars. Homegirl really hooking us up 😭♥️

  6. So I've had lightroom on my phone for like a year and never really bothered to learn how to use it, but this 15 minute video literally changed my life oh my god

  7. This is so educational ashley! Ive been using LR CC but I only used downloaded presets. Now I can do my own. Thanks a lot internet mom.

  8. Omg! Just found out that ashley is half Burmese! I’m a full Burmese and not in my life that I’ve ever thought there would be such a cool youtuber who is Burmese ( I mean even half Burmese is )
    Been following you for almost two years and I only know it now !
    I’ve never felt so excited and proud because of my nationality (lolz)
    Love you so much ashley
    You’re officially my favorite big sister ( you’ve always been actually haha ❤️❤️❤️)

  9. I know this is a video from April but actually it was so helpful for someone who is very intimidated by adobe programs. Thank you so much Ashley ❤️

  10. ok, so I knew where all of these tools were, I just always used them in this really haphazard way with no structure to it and was like "guess I'm not a photo editor type". I'm really excited to do some editing after watching this video!

  11. The great thing about this is that apart from the geometry section you can use all of this on the app for free rather than having to pay for the full app

  12. Hey Ashley, U r so cool 🥰 Could you please give me an advice on my vlog?

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