How Facebook Started
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How Facebook Started

From a hobby in 2004 to over 1.8 billion monthly
active users, the story of Facebook is coming up. While he was at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg built
websites as a hobby. He built Facemash, which allowed his classmates
to rate students as attractive or not. He also helped friends with another site called
HarvardConnection. His friends eventually sued Zuckerberg, claiming
he stole their idea for the creation of Facebook. The Facebook, as it was originally called,
launched in January 2004 to Harvard students only. Four college roommates (Eduardo Saverin, Dustin
Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes) joined Zuckerberg to help promote the site. Within two months it had expanded to three
other universities and then eventually to most US and Canadian campuses. By June 2004, Peter Thiel, the founder of
PayPal had invested half a million dollars in exchange for just over 10% of the company. By the end of the year, they had over a million
registered users. Zuckerberg didn’t plan to start a business,
but by wanting to build the site, having it as a hobby and exciting people around him,
it evolved into a company. In September 2006, the site was opened to
everyone and the site’s growth was boosted accordingly. In 2012, Facebook went public. After the stock market launch it was valued
at $104 billion. It continues to be the most popular social
networking site in the world and the company is now worth $350 billion.

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    Here's video 9 of 10 in the How Companies Started series. Today I discuss Facebook. You can view the full series playlist here:

  2. I never knew he got sued by the guys from Harvardconnection.. Do you happen to know if they got anywhere with suing Mark?
    Either way, amazing company, great leader, great video!

  3. obtain eudaimonia I think you have a good and idea with this "how companies started" series. But I feel it is still rather factual. would love it if has more applicable and relevant information to your target audience.

    Anyway keep up the good work man. Cheers!

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