How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?
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How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?

>>Okay, we’re back to answer some questions
on video and you might notice something a little different about me. We record a whole
bunch of videos all at once and then we spool them out over the course of a few months.
And so, this is the first set of videos we are recording with basically no hair on my
head. And so, now, people don’t have to wonder about, did I grow my hair really fast? Did
it shave off? What happened? Let’s go ahead and dive in. Mani, from Delhi, asks a question
and says, “Links from relevant and important sites have always been a great way to get
traffic and acceptance for a website. How do you rate links from new platforms like
Twitter, and Facebook to a website?” Okay, so, my standard answer, and I’m talking about
web search rankings, has always been that Google basically treats links the same, you
know. We use the fact that you have PageRank. So, we know how reputable the site is, and
so, you don’t just look at the number of links to a site. You look at how reputable those
links are, and links don’t really matter whether they come from a .gov or an .edu. And then
applies to Twitter or Facebook as well. Now, one thing that’s kind of interesting that
you have to bear in mind with Twitter and Facebook, let’s start with Facebook. A lot
of those profiles are not public. And Google can only assign PageRank on the outgoing links
if we can fetch the page to see what the outgoing links are, and so, if you profile on Facebook
it’s completely public where Google can crawl it. Then those links might flow PageRank.
If we can’t fetch them then they probably cannot. Most links on Twitter tend to be no
followed. And that leads to a first approximation that’s probably a good answer for Twitter
not to have to worry quite so much about Spam and people trying to just like crowd them
up with all kinds of links. So while at least in our Web search, our organic rankings, we
treat links the same from Twitter or Facebook, or you know, pick your favorite platform or
website. Just like we treat links from WordPress or edus or gov like that. It’s not like a
link from an edu automatically carries more weight or a link from a gov automatically
carries more weight. But the specific platforms might have issues, whether it’s not being
crawled or whether it might be no follow that would keep those particular links from flowing
into PageRank.

60 thoughts on “How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?

  1. Thanks for the videos. However, if feel this really didn't address the question directly enough to be helpful in this instance… I understand there is a certain amount of secrecy behind the formula, but simply saying that nofollow links affect the way the spiders work isn't exactly a revelation. Any way you can clarify a bit?

  2. Right that's how I have come to understand it as well. Even though the PR doesn't follow through, does google still "add a point" to your website rank?

    I understand if you don't know the answer but hopefully someone here knows.

  3. I asked this on your blog but how do you get Twitter to do follow and no-follow links?

    Thanks for the vids – just getting started on them now.

  4. Thanks it is actually great news.
    I found that a ''young website'' with high traffic that mentioned regularly, like mine suddenly is up before many other big websites with endless backlinks.

    It is great thank you!

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  6. hi, I subitled this video at spanish, and is in my channel if u like I can send the subtitle, please let me know. 10x

  7. Some of the twitter feeds with links are syndicated on other sites. and if these sites are no follow does that help in improoving the rank of the site that is linked to?

  8. Hair cut looks goofy, like everyone else who who goes for the bald look, very few people look good that way and most people who have gone bald naturally wood give up their right arm to have the hair you cut off. Go for it though, goofy is a right you can really exploit if you want to.

  9. I've been doing a lot of baldlinks this week, oops, backlinks. Well, even if it that's Nofollow, most people got to have in mind that they make their SEO in order to attract more visitors, not more spyders.

  10. i have noticed a lot of sites have more then one link in there meta descriptions FAQs Main Product brand, Reviews, ect how can i implement this ???

  11. I agree…i have seen a number of websites gain rank over linking back to the "Trust Networks" Such as LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook. so im curious…as to what REALLY is happening with the new Google algorithms. More in-depth information is needed.

  12. I Like the haircut Matt!!! looks Great! and it does matter what domain extension your links come from. edu links do pass more "juice" its documented in Google and many SEO websites …. just a heads up…

  13. Interesting discussion about how much weight Google assigns to website links from social media sites. However, since this video was produces, social media has become an even more important element in SEO campaigns.

  14. i asked many questions while i was in delhi with my petname mani. not sure i asked that one or not 😛

  15. google bot is softwear which crawls your site when u submit it on google webmaster tool….if googlebot don`t have access it means possible something wrong with ur sitemap

  16. Hehe… I hope we are not the cause of your hair fallig out Matt. My fell out 5 years ago but it was called Chemo.

  17. Google can assign #PageRank only to the puplic pages to which Google can crawl and fetch. Since links from facebook profiles does not flow any page rank and most of the twitter links are no follow hence no PageRank follows from these type of links. Important to note that it is the link reputation that matters most. Hence the link from .edu and .gov doamin are very precious. Now the question is how to get them to get more PageRank?

  18. why do we want to get links from other websites can't we be independent ??? other   websites just don't want us to grow they deny to link it is very difficult to build links we want to be independent and rank only our content please google 

  19. Keep these useful Q+A's coming. 🙂 It is great to get info directly from the source and not filtered through this blog or that blog 🙂

  20. At first I hated you. I was like going nuts about these Google algorithms and stuff, read blogs that were saying Matt said this, he done that, who does he think he is … Now I see, is like I have had an epiphany, you realy is trying to build an A.I. that will help those that do stuff the right way – AND THAT TAKES TIME !!! cause first you need to know how things can be abused to be able to fix them – assuming you have people on your side that know this:

    "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

    I'm following you, many of us are, and this is just culmination – GOOD job – Google is good… but I still can't help thinking that Google needs a real competition to become the right thing…

  21. Most of the Facebook public profile links are no follow so will this link help for seo

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