How Do I Delete Conversations In Facebook Messenger (update link in bio)
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How Do I Delete Conversations In Facebook Messenger (update link in bio)

Hello and welcome to KahindoTech. In this video I’ll show you how to Delete messages and how to delete entire conversations on Facebook messenger. Let’s begin! Begin by opening up the Message app. First I’ll show you how to delete a specific message in a conversation. To do that, I’ll open my conversation I’ve been having with a user named Donald Campbell. If you see at the top of my screen. I’ll tap that to open the conversation Once the conversation is opened. I prepare a message that I’m going to delete, to show you how to do that whole process, okay? I’ll delete the message labelled “Message I’m going to delete”, so what you’re going to do, you tap it and then hold the Message bubble…until a new message menu pop up. And you see what I mean by that, so I’ll tap it and hold Okay, you see this new menu that kind of came up. If you see at the bottom of this screen there is “Forward”, “Copy” and “Delete”. Tap on the delete to delete this particular message, so tap that. And it will ask me to confirm whether or not I want to delete this particular message. And I’ll click “Delete”, to delete it or cancel if I didn’t mean to delete it. So tap “Delete” As you can see, that particular message disappeared. That’s how you delete a message on Facebook messenger. But if you want to delete the entire conversation… We’ll start again at the beginning. I’ll show you how to do that. So go on to “Home” and Again, I’ll delete my entire conversation that I have been having with Donald Campbell. Say if I have three or four exchanges with Donald Campbell. To delete the entire conversation, I will just go up. Slide my finger over Donald Campbell’s name all the way to the left I’ll slide my finger to the left. As you can see, a new menu comes up. Although on your right side there is a button labeled delete. You’re going to tap that Once you tap it, it’s going to give you three options First, the first cancel. The cancel means you’re just going to cancel. You don’t want to do anything And there is archived. Archive… the difference between “Archive” and “Delete” Archive means you’re just putting the message away like hiding a message, but you’re not really deleting it. And I can go over that in a different video So you Wanna know how…what archive means. Just leave me comments. But this video is…about the deleting conversations. So to delete the conversation, I’ll tap the first option called delete conversations Once you tape that, that whole conversation disappeared? That’s how easy it is to delete a conversation Messenger. If you liked this video Or you have any other questions. Leave me comments and please don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching

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  2. I have been able to delete some of my calls but there's a bunch on my phone that as I tap and hold it shuts down and says 'unfortunately messenger has stopped working'. Why does it do that and why can't I delete them?

  3. I have been able to clear some of the call history. BUT now when I tap and hold on a number a message window comes up that says 'unfortunately messenger has stopped working' and so I'll do it again and the same thing happens. Any suggestions? I have a Samsung S4…thanks

  4. Are they really deleted or they just not visible by us??cuz I try before with my brother but he still can see the message tat I deleted but on my phone it is not visible by me

  5. Hello mate is it deleted both sides..? I think this is only on your messenger messages page. Bot the point how to delete in both you and other guy…? Thanks

  6. Let's just say… it won't do anything if I just send it to the other person but it wasn't delivered yet and when the person turns online and read my message… it's still left appear on the person's inbox.. so does the person wouldn't see it after I sent the message he/she take…? I just sent two times in a row and I wan't to delete the first one that I've sent.

  7. How do you delete fb messenger conversations from fb using your desktop and laptop computer online? Thanx

  8. I am use Facebook lite before i am click message to open.After i am click to messenge to require messenger please help me

  9. I have a question what about i always lig out fb And messenger and i notice that some messages have been deleted in my account that i didnt earase ?

  10. How to delete a person that only one time i send him a message? The message ok I delete it but the person still visible when is active .help pls

  11. Thanks , in today’s upgrade I believe you need to press and hold …to see Delete option .. however your video still helped me to believe that that function is available 😁 Good Job 👍

  12. fb me agr delete conservation message kar diya to kese use par message kar sakte he mera mess nhe ja raha plzz Reply

  13. I want to delete a message but the word 'Remove' pops up ….is there a difference between 'Delete' and 'Remove'. I can't seem to get back to tapping on the message and seeing the word 'Delete'….only 'Remove.'

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