How can you beat social media distraction?
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How can you beat social media distraction?

– If you touch your phone
thousands of times a day, what does that mean for the conversations that you’re having? You may think you’re
good at multi-tasking, but let’s see how well
you do in this quick test. (upbeat music) – Amy,
(phone buzzes) so remember that interview
I was telling you about with the Senator for a summer internship? Turns out, I have to do it tomorrow from 11 to two.
(phone buzzes) So I actually need to
borrow your car after all. I also just found out that
my high school friend worked (phone buzzes)
on her campaign last cycle. And he offered to put
in a good word for me, which is great. I’m still really nervous,
(phone buzzes) though, so would you mind
reading over my writing sample? (upbeat music) – So how’d you do? Maybe not as well as you expected. It can be hard to fight the
urge to check with technology. Your job and social capital can depend on you always being connected, even when it diverts attention away from someone you’re sitting
right across the table from. Here are some useful tips
that may be more realistic than simply asking someone
to drop their technology. When you’re trying to be efficient and get many tasks accomplished,
choose budgeted presence. This choice lets you keep your phone out, but may not be so great
for your relationships. When you need people to stay
completely focused on you, choose entitled presence. Tell everyone to put
their technology away. But know that if you’re going to then communicate information that those people don’t think they need, you risk losing your credibility. When you need attention but don’t want to tell someone to put their device away, choose competitive presence. Here you’re trying to compete with the mobile devices around you, which means you need to be compelling to keep their attention. When you want to show
someone you value them, choose invitational presence. Invitational presence invites a person to enter into a conversation with you. You make a commitment
to put your phone away and focus completely on that other person. It is not the most
efficient, but it allows us to build our relationship
and be open to new ideas. Every moment of every
day requires a choice of where you want to be socially present. What choice are you going to make? (upbeat music)

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