How Blind People Use Instagram!
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How Blind People Use Instagram!

38 thoughts on “How Blind People Use Instagram!

  1. Well, I’m pretty sure you follow me on the good ole’ IG. I upload a lot hot wheels photos. I think I should start iseong alt text.

  2. I’ve gotten this question all the time & it’s easier using instagram vs some other apps !!! but I only use voiceover on some things but I still have a tiny amount of sight …..😂 blind people problem using voiceover and not catching misspelling

  3. just followed you on instagram. I'm on instagram too- tabbie93. I use magnification to read the text below the pictures/videos. Like to use color inversion, but that doesn't help when trying to view pictures and videos.

  4. It’s nice that I’ll have shorter descriptions below my posts yet still have my Image description available within the pics themselves.

  5. are there such things a whole websites which are entirely audio based? … also, you know what would be neat? when a screen reader reads certain things like comments, instead of computer rendered voices on screen readers, itd be super cool if it would play an actual audio clip from the person who is generating the comment. what you all think?

  6. I just upload from my desktop (I'd classify myself as partially sighted).
    There's a trick that allows you to upload from your computer using google chrome.

  7. Thank you for letting us know about the Instagram features, James. I was completely unaware of this. I have an Instagram for my rabbit @jaxsonminirex and he will now be following you & using these features.

  8. Right on brother! As a blind person myself, this gets a bit frustrating with images that contain text. Keep doing what you’re doing! So proud of you!

  9. I was wondering if you could show us how when you share the photos on Instagram to Facebook how to make sure that the image description that you add it on Instagram is also past to Facebook because I’ve been trying to do this for a while but I’m not able to do it I’m not sure if there’s a way

  10. I just added alt text to my 6 most recently instagram posts. I learned about alt text and image description for accessibility purposes through a computer training for my college work study and it really opened my eyes to the things I take for granted (like aimlessly scrolling through instagram). My instagram user name is @ pay.ton26 if you want to check it out and let me know how I did!

  11. hey there I am a constant a follower of your videos and I really like it

    I have a question can you tell me which kind of iPhone is better phone blind people?

    Hope for a video about this soon thank you

  12. This is really great, only just found it, thanks for the video, I will certainly be adding alt text from now on 😉

  13. "Paint a picture to show the deaf what it's like to listen… And speak the words and tell a blind man what he's missin'." – J. Cole | I love this feature!

  14. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I am always trying to be respectful and mindful and I am currently editing my pictures to include all texts. @queerblacktherapist on IG

  15. as a tv production guy, I see millions of people that try to engage people on youtube. I just wanted you to know that you are captivating and not only should you continue to make these videos…. you should do sports. the ref's have full sight and miss way more than you ever would commentating. I hope this message uplifts your day, because you sure as hell uplifted mine. and now I know how to type alt text. so I learned a lot without a lot of mumbo jumbo. I edit videos all the time and would most certainly help you with any project. with instagram, the world is tiny again.

  16. Hi James! I'm a 2D artist and illustrator, and apparently a slowpoke. Just now I stumbled upon this new feature and I was researching a bit about it. Thanks for your informative video!
    I really want to add some alt text on my artworks, it's the least I can do for people with such troubles and to image recognizing algorithms. Will try to do it on this week, feel free to check out later this week and say how bad/good I did it 😀 @nastixcreations

  17. Hey guys! I was checking it out the other day and I was curious and I did the description on some pictures on my Instagram and today when I was uploading another picture I was like mmm I wonder how it works or if I’m doing it right, so I searched and I think I’m doing it right I don’t know I hope so lol

  18. Do you know of many accounts that consistently use alt text? I can't find many. I tried it out on my last dozen or so pictures with talk back. Haven't tried it with voiceover yet. @atx_360

  19. Hey James! This is a really great video, it is cool that these features exist on Instagram now. I like how the audio description reads exactly what the photo is showing. That is very helpful for all of us. Thanks again for another awesome video. Mad

  20. Wow, I'll try to remember to do this for future photos on Instagram, what a great idea! I have no clue if this is an option from the UK, but I'll try…

  21. I have watched a couple of your videos this morning and I think I’m nearly ready to begin…maybe 😎 you have explain things very well I think I get it now xx

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