How Blind People Use Facebook on the iPhone 4S
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How Blind People Use Facebook on the iPhone 4S

♪ So let’s do Facebook then. [click, blip] [phone] Facebook button Alright, so we’re on the Blind Film Critic Facebook page now, I can just run my finger up and down the screen, like I’ve been doing all day, [phone] home link link g16 puts on- here’s the- g16 puts on-link See, and you have to touch just the right spot, or it’s gonna screw ya like that, see? You have to be very gentle. [phone] Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison link That’s me. [phone] here’s the second video reponse to our contest The Lovely Lady Boo g16 puts on makeup blind So, again with the three fingers, right? [phone] page 2 of 15 link new video By request, here’s my review of Reservoir dogs directed by Quentin Tarantino. So let’s try and watch it. [phone] new video link [blip] button web page loaded (Tommy) Right, so now we – we’ve gone somewhere here, so let’s see where we are, let’s have a look at the page, we’ll just go down here. [phone] HQ link (Tommy) Okay, alright. [phone] off link (Tommy) So let’s watch it in HQ. [phone] HQ link If there’s one thing I like, it’s high quality video. [phone] link [blip] web page loaded Time for another one off the… [phone] video (Tommy) Look at this! I know this guy! Reservoir Dogs [phone] double tap to show or hide video control See, so I can watch all the cool stuff on Facebook, and sorta use it just like you guys do. It’s inclusive, everybody. ♪

97 thoughts on “How Blind People Use Facebook on the iPhone 4S

  1. It must take ages to do all the things "sighted people" can do on an iPhone.

    Do have an iPad, Tommy. If so, is it easier to use with the larger screen real-estate?

  2. Hey that's a lot of fun! Does the phone have a camera too? You could take random pictures and tell people you're trying to see where you are. LOL

  3. How well do you think you understand what "sight is" I know you know that people can detect the exact position of things without hearing, but do you really "know" what sight is to us? I know that is an incredibly hard question. But I assume sight to you is as hard to understand as something like a sharks electrical 6th sense is to me, ill never get it.

  4. I never realized just how accessible smart devices like the iphone could be. Just seeing it in action is pretty impressive.

  5. I wonder, what do you actually see? I mean, i guess you do not know what colors look like but when I imagine how it is to be blind I just think it's like closing my eyes; just a black screen. Is that the deal? Do you actually see a black screen? or is it that you don't even see that?

    Thank you so much, you are great!

    P.S Sorry for my English, I'm from Europe.

  6. Lost my sight 2 years ago returned to work last year and the iPhone 4S is one of the best pieces of kit I have.

  7. What made Goodfellas your favourite film? I'm guessing you watched it with audio commentary? Have you seen Pulp Fiction or Train spotting?

  8. @sheldon francis his eyes are closed because he does not need his eye lids it would be a waste of energy and it could look weird to people

  9. They should make a mode for smartphones that allows you to not have the screen on, but the touch capabilities able to be used, that extend the battery life for those who don't need to visual!

  10. i just bought my iphone 4s and the accessibility is out if this world i love it so and your videos help a lot. thanks πŸ™‚

  11. When you watch movies is it kinda like listening in on a strangers conversation? You know, at first you don't know which voice belongs to who, but after awhile you can follow along and you know what's going on and what they're talking about? Oh, and I don't listen in on other people's conversations, I'm not a creeper, I just couldn't think of a better example.

  12. he dosent picture hes never seen colors so when u picture its… erm Nothin…… but he knows how it feels like and sonds like one sond ot of the but is pprpfprppf

  13. No, he watches them with his eyes, like any blind person would do!

  14. Sometimes my father just listens to the TV, too. It is different, like reading a book, because then it is possible to imagine how the people and other stuff looks like, while after watching a movie, you will always see the actors, if you hear the names.

  15. Are there any movies that you tried watching but were just too difficult for you to follow because of not being able to see the action?

  16. Have you ever thought to turn off the back-light since you don't use it? You could probably save a few hours of battery that way…

  17. You ought to turn your screen brightness down to min, it should save battery life. It would be nice if accessibility features allowed you to turn the screen off completely. That would save quite a lot of battery (theoretically).

  18. Yeah, I know a blind girl who also has a YouTube channel; she records and uploads the videos herself! But many professional channels like this have editors, it has nothing to do with the blindness.

  19. Tommy, don't you get annoyed by that computer voice?! If so, then I will try to come up with a solution, because I get very very annoyed!!

  20. Tommy, I must say; I have always wondered a lot of things about what blind people can and cannot do. I won't lie to you, I was amazed at everything that you can do. It's outstanding and so to top it all off, I am actually very impressed. Hopefully you don't take any of this as bad because it's not. It's me saying you are probably the most amazing person I have ever seen. Keep up the great work! πŸ˜€

  21. Man dude, I've been watching your videos for… what, two hours?! They're addictive! I can feel myself getting smarter and feeling happier. Much more so than school, I tell ya'!

  22. I am blind and trying to figure out how to answer and end a phone call…seems like Siri keeps it from working correctly.

  23. LOL. Didn't the people who designed the interface for blind people realize that the screen could be turned off to save battery life? You'd get like a week of battery if they did that.

  24. hey tommy if your girlfriend or someone that you dont want to talk with call you, how do you now if is her or him?

  25. Sorry about the late message. I been busy. I work for the radio station. Type in the serch bar WGXA story and I hope you like it.

  26. Great world. Blind people can use an iPhone and social media. But risk their lives trying to cross certain streets…

  27. I didn't see that coming, and neither did he ;p, jk I'm addicted to watching these videos now, but who edits these videos lol

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