how 2 facebook (MLG)
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how 2 facebook (MLG)

hello guys xd this is xXxHdHaxinGtuTorieLzzXxx and today I’m gonna show you how to hack facebook for fun all u need to do is open up internet explorer and go to the url I’ll leave in the description click on download and then install it, it doesn’t have virus, trust me mate Are you kidding me mate What the fuck! What does that even mean? well, I guess I’ll have to finish the tutorial what the fuck was that Holy shit. Got to go fast mate.

100 thoughts on “how 2 facebook (MLG)

  1. I typed in
    It lead me to a false site.

    Disliked and reported.
    Y0uTube will get you m8!111!11!!!11!1

  2. Fuck yer mlg scooter shrt fuck ur damn son m8 I r8 ur faxkin vid fuck u

  3. I miss this, back when I was in 6th grade and still believed this stuff worked now I'm returning to the age 9 in order to help Pewdiepie beat t-series.

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