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Hopi Origin Story | Native America | Sacred Stories | PBS

(fire crackling) (singing in native language) WOMAN (speaking Hopi): (singing continues) (singing continues) WOMAN (speaking Hopi): WOMAN (speaking Hopi): (fire bursts) ♪ ♪ WOMAN (speaking Hopi): ♪ ♪ WOMAN (speaking Hopi): ♪ ♪ NARRATOR:
In their origin story, after they emerge
from the earth, the Pueblo are given
a sacred quest– find the Center Place. LEIGH KUWANWISIWMA:
So, some clans went clockwise and some clans
went counterclockwise. And as the clans migrated,
they placed an insignia where they were at that
particular time and place, which is a spiral. ♪ ♪ WOMAN (speaking Hopi): ♪ ♪ (men chanting, fire crackling) (scraping) ♪ ♪ NARRATOR: Chaco was a place
where people came together from vast distances. KUWANWISIWMA: Chaco was
a culmination of many years of learning and knowledge, and perfecting their ceremonies. NARRATOR: People share knowledge
and beliefs based on thousands of years
of observing their world. Ceremonies to influence
the very forces of nature. They are still practiced today.

59 thoughts on “Hopi Origin Story | Native America | Sacred Stories | PBS

  1. Kwo kwai Mother Earth and father sky for bestowing us with precious life and all it has to offer. And thank you PBS for sharing a brief insight into the Hopi belief. We are still here and be warned to those who have condemned, disrespected, raped, murdered, enslaved and exploited us, our culture, our beliefs, our ancestral lineage and our way of life and continue to ignore the forewarning signs that Mother Earth is giving us. Those who enact in war and suffrage of others thru systematic colonialism are the true disgusting corrupted purveyors of this world and those that pretend that war and massive genocide is justified for a greater cause are insanely drunk with power and have lost their right to humanity and to this world

  2. Kathleen Renee Jones who is a retired caltrans employee is a stalker. She moved from San Diego Ca to central valley to stalk a former co worker .

  3. The series uses some very well done artistic animation to convey worldview principles quite well,  but only the Hopi  people themselves can really be the judge on this ,, My only concern in recognition is the use if the term defining first peoples as Native "Americans" or Native "American" as label on ones identity. the origins of the word "Indian" can also be an example of this. The roots of The peoples cultural identity expression have there own names for the lands they live on so the act of defining ones people as "Americans" can be a sensitive subject.   thoughts on this ?

  4. It is interesting to see some similarities with the nahua legend of Chicomostoc, where the people emerged from a cave and wandered on the earth until they found their promised land. Nahua language is related with Hopi.

  5. “Sharing knowledge and beliefs… engaged in ceremonies that influenced the very forces of nature” – I interpret this (as they sip from cups and smoke from pipes) as experiencing spirituality and insight through psychedelic aka mind expanding experiences. I was an atheist before I did mushrooms or lsd- then I realized our mere 5 senses barley scrape the surface of reality. Example:The visible light spectrum is tiny- how would you describe smell to a person who has never smelled?
    If everyone was part of a group of people whom depended on each other for survival and held each other accountable for their actions (not today ;( ) then the world would be a better place. It seems to me that a people with so much care for the land and “oneness” with earth and lack of desire for material things must of been influenced by these paradigm
    Shifting psychedelic experiences.

  6. Just as Columbus and his crews were explores from Spain.. Indians were explores from Mongolia*.. there is *no such person in the past nor even today as a true NATIVE American, PERIOD!!!

  7. Maybe The center place..is Antarctica. That's the reason why govts around the world, prohibit us from going.

  8. So was Chaco their Timbuktu? Kind of sounds like it. Still not the Center Place but on the right track.

  9. Maybe the North and South poles are the reference in the Hopi creation story. As above so below❤💛💚💙💜

  10. This spirale could mean the simbol from our own galaxy, and the hopi has brought there , from another solar systems by this (ants people) in the past time with them huge star ship the blue kachina , it was a huge interstellar ship .This advanced alien civilization have brought us the mankind of earth, from more different planets ,that could the reason because we are different. Of earth exsist more people which know they was brought from another stars systems .The african dogon tribe them shamans claim them first ancesters has brought of earth, from the sirius B star system , by the ants people too .The australian arborigens has the same legend too ,they claim them ancesters was brought from the same stars systems, by the little star people, inside the stomach a huge rainbow serpent , i think this are very weird thing, because all this people claim the same story, may be this are not only some simple old legends, and this could be the true fact sfm writte !

  11. Since I was a child, I was always intrigued by spirals. I was cleaning a closet the other day and found an old notebook from elementary school. I had drawings of spirals all over the cover. Anyways, I just thought that was interesting. Peace

  12. 2:34 -This is similar to what I have been calling a dartboard that I see in the sky and on the Sun itself. The Center Thank you PBS O:)

  13. To Find Your Center Place Look at your Two Eyes in a mirror. Notice that you are looking deep to see Two so redirect your focus to the surface of the glass and you will see Three Eyes. Focus on the One in The Middle This is Your Center We Are One In The Middle O:)

  14. Hopi in korean means tiger skin. There is a study theory story that hopi people are a split off from ancient korea before called 조선 chosun. Tiger clan = hopi ( 호피 )

  15. Indians aren't Native Americans. The Europeans are the Native Americans they started the Country, settled it, and developed into the Country it is today.

  16. Interesting. Beautiful presentation.

    The concept of counter rotating circles also applies to the physical sign of Birkeland currents, which in Z pinch plasma displays resembles the images of Squatting Man and concentric circles marked in stone all about the world.

    The ancient knowledge thus may be speak of actual events, a knowledge we should regard with respect.

  17. The unwritten history of people from Atlantis who survived the great destruction. A place of spiritual development, energy, light, all elements have energy of divine nature, earth mother, balance and how the modern world goes against mother nature. The time has now come for change, it’s started in 2012 and will continue. Spiritual human development is key, without you will not survive the energy change. All life is eternal but some souls will go through more change in the spiritual world when they move away. Wake up, and feel the change happening now. The light is here.

  18. The bright light in the sky they spoke about is the Sun the creator of life consciousness and intelligence. Without its heat and light there would be nothing alive to be conscious or intelligent.

  19. Unfortunately these are not the original native descendants – The original native Americans have been wiped off this earth by the Europeans.

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