Hootsuite Tutorial -Optimize Your Social Media
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Hootsuite Tutorial -Optimize Your Social Media

Hello Paul here from PRwilson Media Here with another free social media
training video If you’re looking for a way to manage
your social media this is a brilliant tool.HootSuite.com What I’m showing you is the free
version you just need to register an account you can even log in with
Facebook You can see the dashboard there are
various “streams” they are called , you can see various different views all at the same time which
enables you to respond as things updates You refresh them and you can see the latest information. So in the home feed that would be the most busy. So you get unread messages and you can see the very latest activity. Okay so if you want to add another
stream for your reports obviously they can go right
across the page if I scroll along here there’s room to add additional ones. Just click add stream and then you select which account. You can have up to five
accounts on their on the free version. And let’s say where you’ve been retweeted and just click the plus button there. Okay Adding stream – stream added and there you go my tweets retweeted is there. So it’s up to you can customize it
however you wish there’s lots of things that I’m going to be going into unit produce a series of videos about
first HootSuite basic functionality and then I’ll look at
the HootSuite Pro Edition so you’ll get some insight to that.
If you want some more information about the social media services I can
provide go to www.prwilsonmedia.com my website our you can look at my youtube
channel @MagicdartsUK and there’s a playlist of over 25 videos now entirely free for you to use
step-by-step training like this one. If you’d like we saw today please
give me a thumbs up leave a comment below and I’ll speak to you very soon. Thanks!

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