Hogan Gidley echoes Trump: Media are pushing a recession
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Hogan Gidley echoes Trump: Media are pushing a recession

100 thoughts on “Hogan Gidley echoes Trump: Media are pushing a recession

  1. Wow this is the most unfit POTUS – EVER. How could the media be responsible for a rescission. Your thin skin quick brainless responses to world issues and your twitter temper tantrums are causing a recession. Blame anyone but yourself – that should be your new book title.

  2. the media is pushing a recession/..not all Americans are that stupid fool..the media lives of advertisers, advertisers drive consumers to buy. but is people can't sell their corn, soy, or buy affordable materials for their business, they can't give raises or bonuses to their workers, in fact they will have to fire some…Just like it's happening today…
    So, not the media….

    Only trump's sycophants are 'patriotic' enough to suffer while he takes three days a week to play golf another three days to spill crap on tweeter and one day to watch TV…

  3. FOX better get back in step with Trump or they will lose 90% of their viewers. At least Trump still loves Hannity, Tucker, Janine & Laura and kinda likes Gutfield.

  4. All that talk of an "inverted yield curve" for bonds has been spooking the marketplace. This yield curve is itself manipulable, and anti-Trump liberals may have been behind selectively pushing this data to manipulate the market for this narrative.

  5. I think that corporate stock buybacks should exploit the stock market plunge to recapitalize corporate America, for further investment in automation and productivity improvements.

  6. More of that "Personal Responsibility " conservatives constantly lecture every one else about. He's a terrible public relations,propaganda officer for this administration.

  7. I think I believe the financial experts [even on Fox] when they are all saying the economy is slowing down a bit plus the Dow is artificially inflated by the Fed. The world economy is slowing down so what makes America they are immune from the downturn?

  8. The democrats will never play fair. They are attempting to start both a race war and a recession in order to regain the White House. Disgusting party of traitors and criminals.

  9. In 2010, I ordered a Washing Machine and it was delivered the next day… now it takes 3 weeks for delivery due to back orders.
    (I checked 4 different sites and 3 different Models.)

  10. Forget the politics, simple economic indicators are pointing towards a recession. There is no propaganda to talk of when in next 12 months we all are in deep crap!

  11. Ackh ! It's that mutt howard kurtz….cnn transplant. I think Fox sucked Hed Henry and howie koortz from cnn around the same time. Then they hired donna brazile she is a known cheater for handing debate questions to hillary in advance. She's also a cnn transplant. Looks like Fox News would rather hire cnn goons than to give a new person a shot at the job. What's wrong with putting in fresh talent rather than slowly turning into far left extremist propaganda outlet, cnn. cnn is a dumpster fire, just let it burn itself out. Stop soaking up numbskulls from cnn they suck!! By Fox hiring cnn staff means you like them eh!

  12. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗Right about Scaramouchi…you want spotlight…instant or 10 minuyes celebrity….SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT TRUMP😀😀😀

  13. Corrupt career politicians hav used MSM as a tool of mind control techniques for over half a century. Mind control basically works by repertushously telling the same lies over & again until they hav convinced the masses of their lies. Those who hav awaken, R begaining to walk away & turn away from these mind control techniques. Here's a test to determine if U R a victim of mind control. If U set ur clock forward in the spring . Then U R a subject of mind control, they hav U believeing it's a hour later than it really is. It's just that subtle & just that simple. WAKE UP!!!!! the Matrix has U. If they can convince U it's a hour later than it really is. Then they can convince U of anything. Free thinking is far more important than free speech. The socialist party has hijacked education, & they R using their techniques to create mindless drones, who only echo they don't think.🙄 What' ya think ???? 🤔

  14. IIt has been said that they would love to see a recession to get rid of Trump . Can you believe they would want that for the AMERICAN PEOPLE "?

  15. How low can the political and media get?
    They will do anything to get power, even if people lose their livelihood in the process.

  16. The FAKE NEWS is talking about recession. (HUGH LIES)….. They are trying to gain a franchise in the minds of the people. Stay STRONG President TRUMP….we have your back. 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸

  17. Hilarious! The media is simply reporting that there was an inverted yield curve, and that this has predicted all of the past 9 recessions. Poor snowflakes at Fox.

  18. Perception IS Reality- especially these days. Imagine how well we would be doing if the MSM supported Trump. The “Polls” drive people to or away from Voting. The media drives people’s perceptions- sadly, a lot of people don’t think for themselves. The Media is negative all the time- especially vs Trump. Kurtz is disingenuous & has proved himself to be yet another Trump critic, despite the Presidents myriad successes.

  19. The Dems are attempting to scare people into vote President Trump out with there normal tactic of lies, the truth is if the Dems ever get back the white house, millions will lose their jobs, homes and in many cases breakup of the family if you want that VOTE FOR THE DEMONS PARTY. Scaramucci is a backstabber only for himself and no one else, I have said that the second I saw him for the first time, if that man? ever got the POTUS you can kiss the world goodbye, he's pure evil. That's the vibe I get from him, dark very dark.

  20. That only works with the stupid and uneducated left. A recession is what deep states wants. It won't make Americans vote for the radical left. Good economy means save money for recession. America is taking over world economy. America and Russia will keep work peace and control.

  21. A financial analyst told me over 10 years ago, inverted yield curve is the #1 Recession indicator. Has been true in last 4 recessions. It indicates big money investors shifting their money.

  22. Graham admitted to others that he did not want to lose his riches and all that he had to convert to any other faith. I thought that was interesting and all the other information just fits together, like many of the other's. Some of the personalities are so aggressive with twisting their nonsense they make a perfect con. More and more of it every day it seems.

  23. When tariffs are implemented oh, you are going to see a Slowdown in the Dow Jones, but it'll be short-lived, and if trade for fail oh, and we stop buying Chinese Goods, you going to see prices rise temporarily and when the US markets pick up the manufacturing jobs are going to increase a hundredfold

  24. There will be fluctuations in the market during the negotiations let the president make his case let him make the decisions, no matter how hard or scary they may appear to be they are positive step in the right direction of working to get China, to do the right thing in the world, selling the drugs, threatening its neighbors, threatening all trade in Pacific, building and militarizing, the South Pacific, this is the best leverage tool that he has to let him use it

  25. CNN's economy is crashing. rest of USA doing fine. media hopes that repetition will erode consumer confidence
    and inhibit investment. everything else they tried has failed. russia – he's unbalanced – he racist – impeachment – all
    failed. cant seem to slow down the Trump train. better stay off the tracks.

  26. The people need to rise up against fake news media demonstrate against them and demand they be taken off the air!

  27. FAKE NEWS is FOX NEWS. Are they discussing their own disillusion world view? Imagine starting to blame the NEWS for the next recession. In 1929 how was the JOBS report? the employment? the record rally in stocks? I do believe it crashed simply because we have analysts and propaganda machines like FOX. But FOX you better get your a ct together because TRUMP is starting to call YOU fake news. Oh my!

  28. Thank you Hogan Gidley. True words well spoken. ❤️ POTUS Mr President Donald J Trump and his team are doing amazing things for America and their economy. I’m so happy for you all. Mr Donald J Trump is a true leader among leaders. I salute you sir. ❤️ I hope America wakes up, unites and backs him. Trump 2020 ❤️🇺🇸🎺 In God We Trust ❤️ I believe President Donald J Trump is part of God’s Plan ❤️

  29. Why aren't you people going after Elisabeth for being a fake Indian and geting government funding for college how much dose she owe tax payers? Make the bith pay it back now

  30. Dementedly, Trump haters groundlessly kept saying a recession was coming! In case they missed it, there're reliable tools predicting a recession: Businesses cease to expand, the GDP diminishes for two consecutive quarters, housing prices decline and most importantly, the unemployment rate rises. Now, take a closer look at our economy! Our GDP of the second quarter of 2019 declined a little bit, but the businesses continue thriving, the housing prices are still higher than a year ago, and most importantly, the unemployment rate is still quite low. It doesn't sound like a recession coming, does it? Also, despite the fact that yield curve is NOT a reliable predictor of a recession, it's worth mentiong that Down Jones Index has gained almost 280 points today, surpassing the 26,000 mark! Trump haters are a bunch of economic idiots, really. By contrast, China has been affacted by a severe recession. China's GDP has diminished for more than consective 2 years. According to reports, “China slowdown persists as industrial economy posts worst growth for almost 20 years”. Worst of all, China's unemployment rate continued climbing because most of foreign comapnies moved their businesses out of China to avoid tariffs. Also, Huawei is facing crises due to US banning chip sales. All in all, the US treasury has collected about $68 billion from tariffs on Chinese goods, and after September 1st this year when an additional tariff goes into effect, the tariff money from Chinese goods could reach $100 billion mark! Some incomprehensibly ignorant Trump haters said Trump had lost the trade deal battle with China! Well, having extra $100 billion to spend is not a bad thing, is it? Now, what have the people of China had? They have had nothing in return-no soybean, no oilseed and no cotton, but they in fact got a serious slowdown economy with a high unemployment rate! The people of China are asking themselves: What was their president for life Xi Jinping thinking?


  32. No wonder OUR PRESIDENT got rid of SCAR👹AMUCH!!!! He will do anything for a dollar! I wonder how much he gets from CNN NOW! WHAT A SCUMBAG HE IS 💩👎 HE is FREDO!

  33. They don’t believe we are in the best economy since Trump became President, but they push a recession! Wonder why no one watches the news!

  34. It's things like this that makes the Lunatic Left disgusting. They would sacrifice their country just to damage President Trump. They hate him that much.

  35. I don't worry about a recession because I'm sure that the genius who bankrupted six casinos, turned a $400 million inheritance into a $1.2 billion loss and was so toxic that no US bank would lend money to him will know exactly how to handle the situation.

  36. Can see it now…….the FOX team , the MAGA's all screaming about the liberal media ruining the economy. When that occurs, which it will, the ignorance, stupidity, the simplistic mentality & the complete lack of understanding of the most basic facts of Economics will be on full display for the world to see and laugh at YOU!

  37. The US is raking in more money because all the big companies have to pay higher tariffs on imported goods and ultimately we the consumers are the ones that have to pay for those costs when product prices gets drastically inflated.

  38. Fox has been taken over by the Left. Can not be trusted now. Recession is not happening…fake news…remember that FOX HAS BEEN HI JACKED …

  39. Come on FOX Won Williams should go over to cnn. I think he would be much happier over there and so would your viewers.

  40. Trump supporters are so stupid. Trump says Mainstream Media would go out of business if he didn't win in 2020, but now they are plotting for him to lose. Makes no sense to any sane human being, but Trump supporters are not human. They are pigs.

  41. Trump is going to cause a recession with his boneheaded policies.
    And he will blame everybody but himself when it happens.
    Trump is incompetent.
    He thinks macroeconomics is something you make with pasta and cheese.

  42. Magaheads are in for some bad Karma. Votes are not 2fer coupons, lives depend on them . Trump took the carrot from wallstreet, trade wars are profitable for them, but cause recessions. happens everytime. Dumbass in charge got played again and we will pay.

  43. The Democrats will stop at nothing to try to ruin the president of the United States instead of praising Him for the good things that he has done, and be happy, and just spread positive energy throughout this country, but they continually try to bring down the morale of everyone who's stupid enough to believe it

  44. This so called anti-Semitism is nothing more than criticism of the policies that Israel has imposed unjustly upon its own people AND TO ITS NEIGHBORS. Are we not to criticize injustice? Are we not to rebuke the perpetrators of unjust laws, policies, military and human violations? As long as we SILENCE CRITICS and PUNISH Those who speak against EVIL, ONLY EVIL WILL PERSIST. If we cannot create a platform for discussion to those who have gripes against a state that takes away their liberty YOU ARE GOING TO GET PUSHBACK AND CRITICISM That can proliferate to extremes if not given the right to speak. Silencing, censorship, and laws preventing the freedom to criticize will only invoke a more dangerous and violent pushback. Banning anything only makes it PERSIST WITH A VENGEANCE.

  45. The media and democrats want to instill fear of a recession so people will be afraid to spend money…thus slowing the economy.

  46. This push for a recession only tells me as in 2008 a lot of us lost our homes, this time the message is either we agree with what the left wants or they will tank the markets and we will lose once again, that's their goal.

  47. I know it’s harder to make ends meet, groceries are outrageous and so is electric and ever other bill. Who is the world better for besides the filthy rich. I know it’s not better for the regular Americans.

  48. Of course he's running against the media just like he did the first time it's the people that speak not the media they're all propaganda bulshit for the Democrats anyone that watches that trash anymore are idiots

  49. Scana dimucci look at the name Mucci the Democrats are paying him he's easily bought and easily sold he's a moochie

  50. Exactly what he's saying they're paying him off he's got his 15 minutes of fame I hope in real life he gets a lifetime of displeasure

  51. GE is crumbling, The global interest rate are at negative zero, the fed just dropped the interest rates, wall street is volatile, inflation is at an all time high and Larry Kudlow who said in Dec 07 everthying is great is saying the same song and dance right now. Uh yeah. Recession is on its way. Say what you want but reality will speak last and loudest. The recession just grabbed its megaphone to announce its return. This is not looking good and the Trump administration knows it. So much for the tax break that only helped the rich who are Trump's real constituents. Not the working class. If your only listening to Fox news then you yourself are in a bubble on the economic reality. This up coming recession will be bad folks. I wish it wasn't

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